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Learn How To Thrive As Real Estate Investor When The Markets Change

Learn how to thrive as a real estate investor when the markets change by listening to this week’s episode of the InFlow podcast, with Michelle Bosch.

We are all aware of the fact that the markets are changing at the moment.

Official Interest rates are up to a record-setting 8.6%, pushing the FED to raise interest rates by 75 basis points.

These shifts in market conditions will have a direct effect on the real estate market in the weeks and months ahead. However, if you are well prepared for the change and are willing to adopt an agile business approach, these changes have the potential to open new opportunities, especially in the land investing space.

Listen to this week’s episode of Inflow as I share some financial hacks that have seen Jack and me not only survive but thrive as land investors no matter what the markets are doing.

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Change is An Advantage When You Embrace It In Real Estate

I acknowledge that change can sometimes feel difficult. However, I find that behind our fear is simply the unknown. If you position yourself to acquire the knowledge you need to adapt to changing market conditions, you open yourself up to the opportunity to uncover the opportunity in adversity and thrive.

“Change demands that you innovate and actually welcome the change. When you embrace shifts in market conditions and remain agile as an investor, you are setting yourself to find the hidden opportunities in the noise.”

-Michelle Bosch

Fortunately, this is not the first major market disruption that Jack and I have weathered as real estate investors. Over more than 18 years as real estate investors, we have had to adjust to market booms and busts, including the 2008 financial crisis. It was in part thanks to the crash in traditional real estate markets during this time that Jack and I were able to perfect the recession-proof Land Profit Generator Method.

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