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What is imposter syndrome, and how to overcome it with Michelle Bosch?

In this episode of the InFlow Podcast, I explore the two types of imposter syndrome I have experienced during my career as a real estate investor and business owner and provide some personal insight into how I overcome them.

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What Is Imposter Syndrome?

Have you ever felt that you are not the person others believe you to be?

Do you sometimes feel that your internal reality is at odds with where you are in your relationships, career, or community? This feeling is common and is often a side effect of growth.

There are two major types of imposter syndrome that I have dealt with in my life. The first is when my environment has grown, and I am trying to catch up. The second is when I have grown, but my environment has not, and I am afraid to make the changes I need to be my true, genuine self.

Self-doubt is a normal response to change. When you find yourself in a new and challenging environment, it’s normal to question your ability to succeed. At the same time, when you outgrow your environment, it’s not unusual to find yourself questioning your life’s purpose and feeling like you have to ‘fake’ your way to happiness.

The best solution for both situations is to take the necessary action to foster a balance between your environment and your capabilities, dreams, and true purpose.

Dealing With Imposter Syndrome When You Are In A New Environment   

One of the most exciting things that you can do in life is seizing an opportunity that will allow you to realize your full potential. At the same time, one of the most frightening things you can do is push out of your comfort zone and take on something great that you don’t necessarily feel equipped to handle.

Feeling afraid that you are not as competent as you need to be to succeed is normal when you step up to a new challenge. You can either give in to your fear and walk away from your dreams, or you can push yourself to become the person that your dreams need you to be.

In my experience, the best way to overcome this kind of imposter syndrome is to find a mentor and push through your fear by doing the work. Doing is the best way to learn, and the more you do, the more competent will become.

Dealing With Imposter Syndrome When You Have Outgrown Your Environment

The second kind of imposter syndrome I have experienced is when I find myself in an environment that no longer suits my needs or potential.

Have you ever found yourself in a relationship, job, or community that used to be a good fit, but somehow no longer fulfills your needs? When you have grown, professionally, emotionally, and spiritually, but your environment stays the same, you may start to feel discouraged, disengaged, and despondent. You might spend a lot of time trying to convince yourself and those around you that everything is okay, but you still feel like a fraud.

When this happens, the best way to change your situation is to walk out on whatever is holding you back and keeping you ‘comfortably miserable’. Find a new environment that will allow you to achieve your dreams and vision for the future that you want to live.

It might be frightening to walk away from the job, people, or place that you have associated with comfort, but if you don’t, you may spend the rest of your life faking happiness while your dreams pass you by.

Michelle Bosch

Overcome Imposter Syndrome By Building The Life You Know You Deserve 

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