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Iconic Work

The last couple of weeks I have been working on the most creative work since the launching of the Ultimate Boardroom. I have been giving birth so to speak to my “Iconic Work”( in the words of a business mentor). Even though there is zero intention of monetizing my “Iconic Work,” I’ve been creating a new Brand, logos, website design, podcast design, blog design etc. and in doing all this, I’ve had to remind myself that my intellectual mind can only bring me so far and that I have to remember to make pauses during my day so that I can tune into Grace and bring back that sense of Trust and Wonder to the task at hand. Why? Because I want to LEAD from my heart with this new work.


If you have worked on purpose-driven projects in the past, you have probably found out like I have… that you’ll be required to find a lot of courage to fully own your freedom of purpose and brave the wilderness of not blending in but standing out. You may have also found out that courage can only come after commitment. In my experience, without commitment you’ll be tossed around by your thoughts and feelings. When you doubt yourself, you will most likely fall in a state of confusion, stress, pressure and it will present itself in your physical body or what I like to call your RADIANCE which is a subtler energetic level than your physical body. You might be aware of the connection between mind and body but not of the mechanics of what’s happening… so for me it goes something like this: With distrust and doubt my energy goes down, and I can literally feel not growing in Love and Abundance with myself or in any relationship with those around me for that matter. In Sophia’s words when I’m feeling this way…she reminds me without any filters… “mama, you are grouchy today!”


So the moment I feel tightening or resistance or I am gently reminded by my 10 year old that my radiance is off… I take a break and reconnect with my breath, my physical body, and connect to an energy of trust. What I mean by this is…I go away from whatever I am working on and take some time off (usually 20-30 mins does the trick) to get back to feeling grounded and in trust. You might be thinking…well how do I know I’m grounded? My response would be to think of a time where you felt 100% yourself, natural, without stress and try to remember how that felt in your body and go do what you love to do to get back into that state. It could be playing with your puppy, dancing, meditating, going for a walk in nature, taking a nap….YES taking a power nap is amazing too, what a revelation! You will know when your body becomes and feels comfortable again being 100% just YOU, and not YOU PLUS the stress, doubt or pressure. Once you become you again, go ahead and go back to doing what needs to get done. Just try it and see what happens. I’m curious to know if you know how if feels to be 100% just you.


The best part of this Flow hack is that because you feel great, you will be in a state of inspired action and things will get done in half the time and with half the effort…vs trying to grind and hussle your way through it so that you can THEN feel great! This is a huge distinction that has taken me years to figure out.


So bottom-line, Love yourself, honor yourself with sacred pauses during your day, your puppy will Love <3 you for it!

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