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Episode 1 – What is In Flow All About?

Welcome to the In Flow Podcast! In this episode, Michelle Bosch talks about what inspires her and introduces the In Flow Podcast. You’ll find out what it means to be “In Flow”. You’ll get a deeper insight into what makes Michelle tick. If you want to be a woman who lives a financially free life, this is the show for you!

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What’s inside:

  • An introduction into the In Flow Podcast
  • Learn more about Michelle Bosch and what makes her tick

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So Nice to Meet You!!!
My hunch is someone you trust mentioned my name, or you stumbled upon one of my posts, videos, quotes or articles online. Whatever path you took, I’m really glad you’re here.I’m a first-generation immigrant into the US and for as long as I can remember I have been driven, ambitious, worked my butt off… but I also have been insatiably curious about consciousness, human potential, the state of flow, creativity, the LIGHT, and Finances. Yep, you read that right, my definition of life includes God, family, eastern mysticism, friends, yoga, green juice, entrepreneurship, hard cash, and real estate assets. Why real estate? Because it’s an investment class that you can actually touch, and you can use to pay for stuff and experiences…. And that, frankly stated gives you options reliably and predictably. I love the game of business and investing, I love surrendering to stillness, I love the Light on the other end of Transformation, I love my family and I LOVE being DEVOTED and in SERVICE to something larger than myself.I am the mother of a brave, kind, smart as a whip beautiful daughter and a precious little Yorkie named Daisy… and for the last two decades I have been in partnership, in life and in a business, with a phenomenal man.I stand for finding heart and making money in meaningful and transformational ways. I believe in integrity, transparency, excellence, generosity and unbounded possibilities. I believe everything you do including hard cash is a matter of the heart. I’m an introvert but also a lighthouse, a fire starter, and a beacon of courage that likes to get shit done in an unassuming, natural, humble kind of way. So my podcast and blog will be a mixture of inspiration and perspiration. I will be sharing my practical financial philosophy, actual investing strategies that will make you money but also, I’ll be sharing about matters of the heart like self love, peace, inspiration, surrender and how to keep your most sacred ambitions and deepest yearnings of the heart the MAIN THING.By being a committed hard cash mystic I’ll help you bridge the gap between prosperity and spirituality to create abundance with ease and Grace.

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