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Episode 2 – My Story

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Michelle Bosch has lead a very interesting life, and has had many experiences that have shaped her as an entrepreneur. In this episode of the In Flow Podcast, Michelle discusses her “badass bio” – i.e. her career achievements. But, perhaps more importantly, you’ll learn about Michelle’s journey to get to that point. It hasn’t always been easy, and there have been times when Michelle completely burnt out. Listen to this episode of the In Flow Podcast and find out how Michelle rediscovered her sense of self love and got motivated to get back on track to being a leader in the world of Real Estate investing.

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What’s inside:

  • Find out about Michelle Bosch’s “badass bio”
  • Learn about Michelle’s journey up until now
  • Discover how Michelle got through being burnt out and rediscovered self love

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Hi! I’m Michelle
I am the Co-founder and CFO for Orbit Investments, LLC and a full-time real estate investor since 2002. My team and I have bought and sold over 4000 pieces of real estate and built the 3rd largest land investment and auction company in the United States bringing that company successfully into the 8 figure revenues in a matter of 18 months.
In 2008, together with my partner, I started a real estate education company focusing on teaching others how to invest in Land and took this company from zero to the mid-7- figures in revenue in a matter of 1 year and have created over 145,000 followers via the,, social media channels, and the Forever Cash Podcast/Radio Show. In 2016, I founded and launched The Ultimate Boardroom for high achieving real estate investors.
With my love for numbers, process and operational efficiencies, as well as an MBA in Finance from Thunderbird Global School of International Management, (the #1 Graduate school in International Management in the world), and my 16 years of real estate investing experience, I was the force that made our companies profitable since 2003 – through the big recession of the late 2000s – positioning Orbit Investments for rapid growth in the Single Family and Multi-Family Investing space with over $40 Million in assets under management.
The journey to get here was not easy and was the result of an innate hunger that now I have come to understand is built into all human beings for progress. True progress however, does not only involve physical wealth and if you try to satiate your hunger with outer wealth it will never be enough.
Hunger and impatience fueled me and were part of the reason why anything I touched with my partner after a few months turned into a 7 figure business or was a total success. I was a complete workaholic and wanted to see any idea manifested into physical reality NOW. I was attached and addicted to success, movement and manifesting more financial wealth into our life using grit, determination and a constant pushing and what felt as going against gravity resulting in complete exhaustion and depletion of my health and radiance.
I was in such a state of exhaustion and burnout the only reason to get out of bed was to get my daughter ready for school and then… I would crawl back into bed and lay there till it was time to pick her up again and be functional for a couple of hours to assist her with homework. After that I was wiped out mentally, physically, emotionally.
My body forced me to break the hunger barrier and break into the heart. Although I was insanely financially successful, I was bankrupt on self-love. Love is the only force that can bring an end to the hunger… and for the first time progress for me turned inward instead of outward and everything I did became a beautiful adventure…. because to live with an open heart especially towards yourself… is a perpetual state of adventure. And so for me it started with self-love and embarking on a discovery process of who I was and what unique gifts and purpose I embodied.
I nursed myself back to health through meditation, yoga, chanting, reading ancient eastern philosophy texts and the bible, fasting, traditional exercise, reiki, energy medicine, Rolfing, acupuncture, human design, gene keys, flow hacks, immersing myself in creative processes, dance, and being in the company of masters that exude love at a completely different level than most people ever get to experience…all of this to be able recreate myself from the inside out.
Over the process of a couple of years my journey of self-love has filled me and I have been able to extend this love unconditionally to my family, my team, my clients, my investors, my partners etc…and what I have found is that whenever consciousness or my awareness penetrates anything or anyone with deep caring, love and peace, all laws of matter seemed to bend and the game of investing and the game of business and life become easy and effortless because there is this deep trust in myself, in the goodness of others and a deep trust in the unknown. I have a strong conviction that life is an adventure and that it is here to support me and this infuses my existence with peace in my mind and my heart.
I owe the freedom of money and time I had to heal… to the unconditional support of my family but also to hard assets such as real estate. I will be forever grateful to my past for this. You see, when I was very young my father passed away and that was the single most life changing and bitter sweet event for both my mother and I. I say bitter sweet because his absence has been a loss in my life as big as the sky… but also through his example of investing in real estate, I was able to experience what it means to take care of someone financially even if you are physically not there.
If you’ve heard about passive cash flow that comes in whether you are there or not…well this was it. That single piece of real estate he purchased… put me through private school back home, paid for university here in the US, was responsible for my drive and ambition to build what we have and will take care of my mother into her old age.. and might even stay in the family for my daughter to enjoy the fruits some day. Now that is generational wealth and legacy and the reason why I think everyone should have real estate as part of their investment portfolio.
I didn’t really understand back when my father passed how impactful his loss and his investing decision would become in my life. His investment laid the financial philosophy and foundation that allowed us to build what we have built. His legacy along with the burnout and my journey back to vitality through self-love made me realize that there is a gapping hole across our society that focuses on the Outer world and forgets about the Inner world and my SERVICE to you is to help you tap into prosperity by aligning your unique gifts and step into your Higher Work to live a life infused with ease, Grace and the deep conviction that life is here to support you always with Flow, Faith and Cash Flow.
As a lover of life and family, through my blog and the “In Flow” Podcast, I am DEVOTED to sharing ideas, tools, resources and experiences in Faith, Flow and Finances that have enriched my life and those around me. My hope is to light up your way for new possibilities to open up for you… to co-create new timelines, new paths, and a new abundant destiny.

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