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Experience Is The New Faith

Faith and a more spiritual side is something Jack and I have kept sacred, private and personal but for the last several years I have felt much more compelled to share with others more openly and others in turn have shared more of themselves with me… which I really admire.

I think the reason more and more of us are sharing these sacred experiences is the result of a shift in consciousness and awareness around what I like to call the hierarchy of reliability. For hundreds of years people relied on scripture and logic through the structure of a church to bring faith into their lives.


But more and more of us are using actual experiences to bring faith into our hearts and lives and we are more willing to share our experiences with others of this new level of communion with God we are having. For some of us the level of scripture, or logic works and for others, stepping into faith every day through experiences is much more accessible.

By experiences, I mean getting to faith through creativity or any creative process for that matter, through a walk in nature, through silence during a meditation, active breathing, body awareness, through prayer, through active listening to your intuition, through surrender, through forgiveness, through self-love. From my experience all of these are opportunities to step into soul certainty (which is a certainty that is beyond our personality and our ego self) and step into unshakable faith in our daily lives.

Some practical uses of this soul certainty or unshakable faith through experiences have helped me redefine interactions with others. For example, when facing obstacles and or finding solutions to problems with either our team, clients or at home… I am able to meet them with a sense of wonder and as opportunities to imagine new possibilities.

Or when I’m about to lose it…and get angry… they have also helped to remind myself that when interacting with others what is really happening is an exchange of light and energy and even though I might not like what the person is saying in reality this is what is happening and life is here to support me through what may seem as an “unpleasant interaction.”

The most practical use of experiences to bring God into my life is when self doubt creeps into my head and I am able to remind myself that life is here to support me always with something as simple as active breathing or body awareness. Then, I find reasons to have faith in myself, that faith then extends to faith in the goodness of others, and that faith then expands to include faith in the unknown and in God.

If you are reading this, I invite you to go out there and experiment and find experiences that bring Faith into your life every day so that you always Go with God or like my favorite country song says “Vaya con Dios.”

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