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Episode 98: Life, Take Two with Sara Larkins

What do you do after a near-death experience? You embrace the gift of a second chance, and you squeeze the joy and potential out of every single moment. Sara Larkins worked in special education, then dabbled in technology, and then a car accident changed everything. She tells the harrowing story of knowing she was about to die, experiencing a miracle, then awakening to an insatiable need to embark on a spiritual quest. 

After five amazing years of pursuing every spiritual avenue within her reach, she began looking for a side hustle, her next steps in the final third of her life. She found our Land Profit Generator community and “fell into the well of possibility.” 

After a year of land investing, she did 8 deals and made $88k. “But I want $88 million,” she says. She has big dreams of starting a foundation to help women become more financially aware. She wants to scholarship underprivileged young women of color and LGBTQ young adults. And she’s already on that path.

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In this episode of the InFLOW podcast, Sara shares:

  • How a severe poverty mentality from childhood affected her as an adult
  • How she learned to stop caring what other people think
  • How she has embraced spirituality as a self-proclaimed science nerd
  • Her biggest piece of advice for female entrepreneurs

We don’t have to wait for a near-death experience to start living our lives to the fullest. We can start today!

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