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Episode 97: The Layers of Leadership

If you’re reading this right now, you’re most likely a leader. Leaders have that incredible pioneering spirit of going first, right? Preparing the ground, opening up new ways for others to follow. I couldn’t be more excited about this new phase of leadership I’m in right now. As things grow and expand in amazing ways, I’ve carved out time to reflect back on the past 18 years of leading a company (alongside my husband, Jack). One thing that has stood out so clearly to me is how leadership is about building one layer after another.

That very first, most important layer is YOU. Before you can lead anyone else, you have to lead yourself out of whatever limiting beliefs you have about who you are and who you’ve been. The actions you take, the decisions you make, will be based on the story you tell yourself and will affect the trajectory of your life. Once we get ourselves together, we move on to leading our families. What values and mission do you want to accomplish together, and how will you do it? 

The next natural progression is to lead a team. Then we move on to leading a community and then a movement. Jack and I are primed and ready right now to lead a movement. We’re already doing it. We’re here to be the number one incubator of land flipping businesses in the world. We’re building, nurturing, and cultivating that next generation of leaders. What an exciting time!

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In this episode of the InFLOW podcast, I talk about:

  • The 5 qualities every leader absolutely must have
  • How to tell the difference between taking risks and being reckless
  • How to find the balance between innovation and stability
  • What sets leaders apart from everyone else

The journey of a leader can be lonely at the beginning as you go against the grain and forge your own path. But you’re not alone. I’ve got some super encouraging words for you today.

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