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Episode 96: A Mindset of Financial Abundance with Jonna Cohen

Jonna Cohen grew up as a child of hippies who taught her that money was a necessary evil. You kept what you needed and shared the rest. The giving part of that equation has played a huge role in Jonna’s life. But it took longer for her to expand her vision and see money as a powerful tool to create both personal success and opportunities for others. Part of her internal work has been allowing herself to feel deserving of the wealth that has come her way.

She worked in education and with nonprofits for 20 years, with no experience in real estate before she discovered land flipping. She credits her dad with taking her along to a Land Profit Generator event, and the rest is history. Last year she closed 30 deals (almost $150k in profits) and is on track to 4x her income this year. All while outsourcing 85-90% of the work to others. She has big, exciting plans for her family in 2021 and beyond.

For the first time in her life, she is completely debt-free. And she made more money during her first six months of hiring a coach than she’d made in her entire life. Her coach has taught her to see that there is financial abundance everywhere. When she went all-in with land flipping, she says it transformed everything, creating an opening in the universe for her to step through.

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In this episode of the InFLOW podcast, Jonna shares:

  • A time she decided to put on her big girl pants and be brave
  • How she went from doing it all herself to the quantum leap of hiring help
  • What she plans to do with her financial abundance this year

Jonna says a whole new world lies in front of her now. She encourages other women to be curious, and keep going, even if they feel like giving up. “Something beautiful is coming!”

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