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Episode 95: Expanding The Ring of Prosperity By Wholesaling Land

“What would you dare to dream if you weren’t scared?” 

One of my mentors asked me that question this week, and it hit me hard. I’ve been on this entrepreneurial journey with Jack in the real estate space, flipping land, for almost two decades now. We’ve been in the educational space for a few years as well. We’ve realized lately that we’ve been playing a small game with the educational side of our company, and it’s time to step it up.

I’ve been down this road before though. I know what happens when we take something to a new level. We’re slammed with resistance and struggle. We find ourselves smack in the middle of a ring of fire. It requires an uncomfortable amount of grit and courage. It’s not human nature to welcome hardship and challenge and change. Our reptilian brains are wired to protect us, to keep us safe. To avoid discomfort and pain.

But this time around, I’m going to embrace the struggle, the chaos, the fear. I’m going to be excited about it, grateful for it. I’m going to surrender to making mistakes, learning from them, and growing stronger in the process. The choice is mine, and I’m going to make it. I’m going to emerge from that fire a better version of myself than I’ve ever been. Join me?

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In this episode of the InFLOW podcast, I share vulnerably about:

  • My struggles with guilt, criticism, and self-doubt.
  • How the successes and failures of my team reflect back on me.
  • What scares and exhilarates me most of all.

How much bigger could you dream if you didn’t let fear get in the way? On the other side of that fire, a ring of prosperity awaits!

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