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Episode 99: How to Become the Top 1% in Land Investing

I attended a Mastermind last week with an amazing group of female 7-figure business owners founded by my former mentor, Ali Brown. One of the advisors who presented at the event was Kara Goldin, the founder and CEO of Hint, the largest private beverage company in the U.S. I can’t stop thinking about some of the powerful things she shared, and I don’t want to keep them to myself.

She talked about the things that separate us from the pack and elevate us to the top 1% in our industries. The first thing is an obsession with figuring things out. You might be trying something brand new, but you’re laser-focused on figuring out how it works, how to optimize it, how to make it BIG. You’re bringing something to the marketplace that you know helps other people reach their goals.

How does that translate in the land space? Being obsessed with triple wins — a win for the seller, the buyer, and yourself. You bring integrity to every deal, humanize the relationships with your sellers and buyers, and go above and beyond to serve them and their needs. You don’t leave money on the table, but when it’s all said and done, you want all parties involved to feel like they’ve won.

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In this episode of the InFLOW podcast, I’ll share:

  • Kara’s brilliant analogy of becoming time travelers
  • What it means to hire only “grown-ups” as part of our team
  • How to say “let’s go!” when your partner says “no”
  • The direct correlation between risk and respect

I’m excited for you to time travel with me today — to go into the future, grab onto a bold vision, bring it back to the present, and see it manifest in your current reality.

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