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Episode 92: Get In Alignment and Get It Done – Reach Your Highest Potential in 2021

At the beginning of every year, Jack and I sit down and come up with a theme for the coming year. For a decade now, we’ve watched magic happen as the year progresses and our theme unfolds beautifully. Our 2020 theme was “Why Not Us, Why Not Now?” and we had one of our most amazing breakthrough years ever, even as the world collapsed around us.

By the end of 2020, it became clear that we had everything in place that we needed, and 2021 would be an opportunity to optimize everything, make it even better, and plug all the holes that you experience when you’re on a trajectory of hyper-growth. 

And we knew we had our theme: Get In Alignment and Get It Done.

This year I’m going to focus on getting in alignment with relationships, with a spirit of collaboration. I’m going to get in alignment with my most sacred ambitions and desires, with being undaunted by fear, change, and uncertainty. I’m going to get in alignment with ease and passion and abundance and being on fire.

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In this episode of the InFLOW podcast, I share:

  • How my year actually got off to a pretty rough start.
  • How we can create an alternate reality for ourselves in 2021 no matter what’s happening around us.
  • How the simple exercise of choosing a theme for the year can change everything.

I hope your theme carries you through the coming year and that you find beauty, magic, transformation, and aliveness in 2021.

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