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Episode 91: Realizing Your Dreams by Leveraging Technology with Myoshia Boykin-Anderson

Myoshia Boykin-Anderson made big money in the corporate space for two decades, but she left all that behind to launch her own business. Why? Because she has big goals to follow her heart and soul by partnering with small businesses. More specifically, she wants to help them leverage technology (her genius) to achieve success.

Myoshia grew up in inner-city Houston, became a mom at a very early age, and went on to start her own company in 1998 with no college degree. In 2009, she started another company, AndTech Solutions, which is now one of the leading consulting companies in the country. “How your story starts doesn’t matter,” she says. “What matters is the story you start telling yourself.”

Now more than ever, it’s vital that entrepreneurs prepare for a digital transformation inside their businesses. It’s no longer a question of if it needs to be done; it’s a question of how quickly you can do it. Setting up systems and automation is non-negotiable if you want your business to succeed.

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In this episode of the InFLOW podcast, Myoshia shares:

  • What she learned recently from a disappointing launch.
  • The 3 E’s she’s committed to in the coming year and beyond.
  • How her company’s monthly tech partnership helps businesses grow, scale, and thrive.

Myoshia’s team is committed to walking alongside small businesses as their needs change, their clients’ needs change, and the world changes.

Find out more!

Learn more about AndTech’s monthly tech partnership HERE. And request to join Myoshia’s private Facebook community, Business Empowerment Through Technology (BETT), HERE.

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