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Episode 87: 3 Ways to Prepare to Thrive in Real Estate in 2021

We all look forward to a new year—especially this year. It’s exciting to look ahead to a fresh start, a clean slate full of hope and promise. But so often, people miss using November and December to their fullest potential. They just focus on the holidays and don’t seize the perfect opportunity to create momentum and get a running head start on their goals for the coming year.

Michelle doesn’t want you to fall into that trap. She wants to see you step up your game and get ahead of the curve. She wants you to capitalize on the excitement of these last few weeks of the year to propel you forward into the new one. And she’s got three great ways you can prepare to thrive in real estate in 2021.

Don’t throw in the towel and coast to the end of 2020. Use this time wisely. Make every minute count. Don’t wait until January 1 when everyone else is starting. Go NOW. Learn to trust yourself, your capabilities, your commitments, and go BIG.

Listen Here:

Today on the InFLOW podcast, Michelle shares:

  • How she and Jack strategically plan for the year ahead.
  • How to overcome a fear of imperfection and learn to fail forward.
  • Who you need on your team and in your circle in order to have an amazing year.

December is the new January, friends. The time to start preparing for an amazing 2021 is NOW!

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