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Episode 86: Mindset For Closing More Land Deals in 2021

It’s that time of year again! Michelle has been hard at work mapping out her and Jack’s plans and goals for 2021. Would you like a behind the scenes look at how a top landflipper is making decisions for the new year? She’ll give you a hint: it’s more than mechanics; there’s a lot of mindset involved.

On the tactical, practical side of things, Michelle and Jack’s calendar has things like: events, goals of passive income/cash flow from land/rentals, key investments, new team members, new technology, new mentors they’re going to invest in, etc. But, in this episode of the podcast, she takes us deeper into the underlying mindset of setting those goals.

We humans make our decisions based on pleasure and pain. We’re wired to move away from pain and our innate fear of loss and move toward pleasure and the possibility of gain. As Michelle plans, she’s had to mentally override certain decisions she hadn’t wanted to make because of fear.

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Today on the InFLOW podcast, Michelle gives us the inside scoop on:

  • Her decision whether or not to renew with her mentor for $45,000.
  • Investments that will help you meet goals faster with bigger impact.
  • How to move beyond visualization to action, even when you’re afraid.
  • How to rewire your brain to override fear.

Jack and Michelle’s results speak for themselves, and now they’re committed to sharing what they’ve learned with others, so you can experience the same success and freedom in the new year and beyond.

Find out more!

Do you need some guidance as you make plans and set goals for the upcoming year? On December 8-9, Michelle and Jack are hosting a FREE Livenar: “How to Close More Land Deals in 2021.” Head over to to register TODAY. It will be happening LIVE in their Land Profit Generator Facebook group. Join us there today if you’re not already a part of our community!


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