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Episode 88: The Power of Personal Development with Margy Feldhuhn

Margy Feldhuhn isn’t in real estate (at least not yet), but she’s an investor and entrepreneur we can all learn from. She is co-owner of the first and leading podcast agency, Interview Connections, helping entrepreneurs get booked on podcasts to generate more profit in their businesses.

“I didn’t sign up for easy” is one of Margy’s mantras. She’s all about meeting challenges head-on and recognizes that everything incredible she’s ever gotten in her life came out of some of the worst things that have ever happened to her. 

Margy is obsessed with personal development and getting to new levels of who she can become. And she loves money and thinks women should be talking about it more openly. “Money is energy,” she says, not about being greedy. “Money just amplifies what you’re already doing, who you already are.”

She and her business partner have built an incredible business over the past few years. Jack and I have gotten some great podcast interviews with their expert help.

Listen Here:

  • How to overcome faulty childhood beliefs and fears about money.
  • How she and her partner have formed such a strong and unbeatable team.
  • The most important piece of advice she gives women entrepreneurs.

She also shares something really big that she has never before shared publicly until this podcast episode. What an honor!

Find out more!

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If you want to learn more about their strategies first, join their incredible Facebook community, the Guest Expert Profit Lab HERE (it’s FREE!).


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