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Hello Friends! EXCITED TO ANNOUNCE that I have decided it is time to step up by sharing more of myself more often with all of you about three categories that I deeply care about, which are: FAITH, FLOW and FINANCES. I know intimately about these three not just by studying them or reading or hearing about them but by deep and intimate experiences that have been the result of practices, habits or rituals (whatever you want to call them) that have allowed me to wake up from a state of forgetting.

You and I have connected as a result of my role as an entrepreneur, real estate investor, mentor, mother, wife, daughter, etc and as a friend and lover of life and FAMILY my hope is that in sharing how these experiences have enriched my life and those around me, new possibilities start to open up for you…to co-create new timelines, new paths, new destinies.

If from now on I am in your News Feed more often than just a handful of times per year which is what I’ve done in the past, and you don’t like what you read from me, simply hit the Unfriend or Unfollow button and back away swiftly…I use these techniques quite often myself when I feel out of energetic resonance with someone and not because what that someone is saying is wrong but simply because from my lens of awareness it feels outdated and it doesn’t feel of the highest vibration.

As we shift and evolve we must be open to letting go of past paradigms and models. What I will share will always be through the lens of an entrepreneur more specifically a real estate investor as this is what I have been DEVOTED to. It has been an honor and privilege and my greatest contribution to be a business owner and serve as a catalyst for growth to my business partner, team, and clients. I will try to post weekly and more regularly as I get better at this but for now, know that I will post when I am able and I will always look forward and welcome your kind and honest perspectives and experiences.

I have been listening, I know who I am and I am here to serve…EXCITED and shit scared…lol!!! But I have found that if you’re not excited and shit scared all at the same time, you’re not growing…so HERE WE GO! LET’S DO THIS!!!

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