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I am always surrendering to my highest path and my highest destiny

I’m sitting at the Phoenix airport on my way to the Bay Area for a 5 day Silence Retreat and feeling extremely grateful to Joachim Jack Bosch for all his support at home and at work.

You might be thinking “Wow 5 days of silence…I don’t think I could handle that.” These were my exact words 2 years ago when for the first time I received the invitation from a gentleman that has become a dear friend and who I met at one of our Land Seminars.

Well let me tell you…yes it’s hard to go through 5 days of silence and by silence I mean quieting your mouth and your mind…no input and no output from books or technology, on the street, on the hallways, at the bathroom, in your bedroom…I mean complete silence and stillness except for the meditation instructions during the retreat.

As a leader and business owner, I have come to understand the benefits of structured rhythms of success not just for linear implementation and execution of goals in my business, but also for rediscovering who I am as a person and this in turn enables me to tune in to other hidden rhythms that are only accessible when I am free of stress. For this reason I make sure I schedule experiences like this one every quarter.

As I sit here at the airport with several of these under my belt, I still feel the jitters in my body and the anticipation of the difficulty of the next 5 days. I do know the payoff will be immense and well worth it, especially when my mind starts throwing tantrums on Day 2 or Day 3 of silence, because by Day 4 and 5 gratitude for the silence will set in as well as a deep state of relaxation.

In my experience, a relaxed mind thinks more clearly and with thinking more clearly come healthier choices and better decisions that end up bringing more prosperity and abundance into my life.

The BIGGEST PAYOFF though: Experiences like this one ensure that I am always surrendering to my highest path and my highest destiny.

Wondering if you are reading this what are some of the tools you use to live in FLOW, CLARITY, FAITH?

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