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Last 90 Days Of The Decade

I was inspired by a friend to do a recap of the last 99 days of 2019 so here we go:

99 Days til the end of this Decade! 🤯

How are you going to close it out? 📈

The actions you take over the next 99 days will lay the foundation of how the 2020’s kick off for you.

Jack and I have a full and crazy 99 days ahead. Check it out. We are:

🔥 Selling 30 pieces of land to add to our cash profits and passive cash flow!
🔥Launching the land Investment career of over 200 action takers at our Denver Event on Oct 25-27th. Have you registered?
🔥Adding at least 2-3 new team members to our team.
🔥Hosting our 2 day Land Profit Maximizer ID session Sept 26-27
🔥Teaching our Land Profit Blitz Live on the FB Group “Land Profit Blitz”Sept 30-Oct.1…are YOU IN??

🔥Buying 262 apartments worth over $10.8M to turbocharge our passive cash flow while taking advantage of over $1.5M in tax advantages 🏢
🔥 Launching a new investment fund in Germany🏦
🔥Finalizing the manuscript for my new Book
🔥 Releasing my YouTube Channel Michelle Bosch
🔥Celebrating 1yr Anniversary of my InFLOW with Michelle Bosch Podcast
🔥 Launching and expanding our LPG educational courses overseas👨‍🏫

It’s not all business though. We are also:

☀️Traveling to Honduras to visit and see my mom perform in the City Theater🌴🏠
☀️Hosting Jack’s Brother, my sister law and nephew for Thanksgiving!😍
☀️ Pumping workouts with our awesome trainer Eva Martin 💪
☀️ Spending Family Days at home each week 🧡
☀️ Taking the whole family to Hawaii to a 5 star Resort for some R&R and to celebrate New Year’s👨‍👩‍👧‍👦

It’s going to be a big decade ahead!

Here are the steps to design any life you want:

1️⃣ Starting Point — Understand & be honest about where you are today 📍

2️⃣ Destination — Write down quantifiable goals 🏁and DECIDE: WHO do you want to be Hero To (this is a Purpose Driven Question-Your Big WHY)👨‍👩‍👧

3️⃣ Roadmap — Reverse-engineer the plan to get there through structured Rhythms of Success!🗺️🧭

4️⃣ And last but not least have God take first place and when you hear him whisper in your heart and present to you with Divine Opportunities…Go! — Take massive BOLD action 🚀

What are YOU doing in the last 99 days of 2019?

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