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Episode 38: Gene Keys and Frameworks For Your Life – Featuring Elitsa Stoichkova

From the moment Elitsa Stoichkova found the Gene Keys in 2011, she knew she had connected with her life’s purpose. Being a primary school teacher, she has always been interested in helping people experience their full potential. As a part of the Bulgarian Gene Keys team she is dedicated to make the teachings available in her native language, but also spread them world wide. She is passionate and inspired to support others in their process but also to discover new ways of playing and implementing the wisdom of the teachings.

Elitsa is also Michelle Bosch’s personal life coach, and in this episode they chat about the lessons Michelle has learned about herself and how the Gene Keys and other frameworks have brought In Flows of ease, grace and light into her life.

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  • Learn about the Gene Keys
  • Discover how the Gene Keys have impacted Michelle Bosch’s life
  • Find out how life coaching has improved Michelle’s life
  • Learn about Elitsa Stoichkova

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Michelle: Welcome to the “InFLOW” podcast. This is your host, Michelle Bosch. In today’s episode, I have brought on a very, very special guest and friend who has been instrumental for the last two-and-a-half years in guiding me to a deeper understanding of myself and my true potential. She is a master coach of what we call the Gene Keys. She was the first wave of Gene Keys ambassadors. And “The Gene Keys” is a book that was written by a gentleman by the name of Richard Rudd, and he kind of brings together a synthesis of practical, ancient wisdom from many parts of the world to help us find our true higher purpose in life. In 2019, actually, Richard was named on the Watkins List of the 100 Most Spiritually Influential Living People, which is a list that people like the Dalai Lama, Pope Francis, Eckhart Tolle, Deepak Chopra, Paulo Coelho, Oprah Winfrey, Dr. Wayne Dyer, just to name a few, are also a part of.

And I have the great pleasure of bringing to you today, my friend, Elitsa Stoichkova. She is a leader of the Bulgarian team for the Gene Keys and has been coaching people now from all over the world for the last seven to eight years on this beautiful work. And so, you might be asking, you know, why am I bringing Elitsa today to the “InFLOW” show? And, well, this show is not just about inflows of cash, but it’s also about inflows of ease as you embark in the journey of fulfilling your dreams. And so…because why not fulfill your dreams, financial or whatever dreams there are, with ease and grace and in the process, uncover something beautiful hidden inside of you and igniting that eternal spark of genius that is unique to you? And that’s exactly what Elitsa has done for me through this framework of the Gene Keys. She has been at the cornerstone of my complete and full recovery from burnout and the grand adventure of uncovering my genius, and therefore, living out my freedom of purpose with real gusto. So without further ado, welcome to the “InFLOW” podcast, Elitsa. It’s so wonderful to have you here.

Elitsa: Hello, everyone, and thank you, Michelle, for having me. It’s a great honor and pleasure to join your wonderful podcast.

Michelle: Yes. You know, I usually talk about, in my podcast and to my audience about four freedoms and the freedom of purpose, the freedom of relationships, the freedom of, you know, money, and freedom of time, and definitely, you know, today’s episode is geared towards that freedom of purpose that I think every entrepreneur goes to because deep down, every entrepreneur has an incredible desire to serve, you know, to become a better leader, to become a better investor, a better entrepreneur, a better boss, a better wife, you know, or husband if you’re a guy listening to this. And that deep desire I think is what kind of like helped me stumble, really, into Elitsa or maybe it wasn’t something, maybe it was meant to be.

And so, what I’m excited about discussing today is this ancient wisdom that, at the same time, is incredibly cutting-edge because science is quickly catching up and confirming a lot of the wisdom that has been known for years. And Elitsa is using the Gene Keys as a basis, and it’s almost like…it’s like coaching for your unique genetic profile. And so, can you imagine being coached for your unique genetic makeup? And that’s the kind of support that she has been giving me over the last two-and-a-half years. Just now, earlier, right now, I think in August, I was in Chicago and Dan Sullivan, which is the founder of, you know, a premier entrepreneurial program for entrepreneurs across the world called Strategic Coach and he just shared that he himself is looking to, basically, you know, start coaching based on people’s genes. And so, let’s start, Elitsa, at the beginning. What traditions do the Gene Keys transmission bring together or borrow from? Or, how did they come about? Let’s start there. How did they come about?

Elitsa: So the Gene Keys are based on the ancient wisdom of the I Ching. It is the Chinese “Book of Changes.” And actually, the ancient Chinese people, they looked at life, and they described all these changes, all these developments that we see in life in the 64 so-called hexagrams. So they described everything we see around in the world, everything that we experience inside ourselves, and they created this “Book of Changes” that helped and supported people in the ancient times to orient themselves, to calm themselves down, to align themselves with the current of life. And actually, the Gene Keys wisdom and transmission is like the evolution of this ancient knowledge about life.

So, basically, the Gene Keys describe everything that we experience within ourself and we see in the world happening, so it’s an extremely rich body of wisdom that holds so many secrets to our prosperity. So the Gene Keys teach us actually how to achieve freedom on every level because it’s one thing to achieve wealth, but it’s completely another thing to be prosperous, to feel prosperous, which in the Gene Keys terms is to actually discover your genius and find your stability in it. Also, open your heart through healing your relationships, and then, the last part is bringing prosperity to the planet by serving the whole.

So, basically, the Gene Keys is a teaching that is so gracious. It is helping us on all these steps in our life. It help us to accept ourselves on a very deep level and to show us what are the very qualities which we are wired and which are imprinted in our genes, and when we discover and develop, then we truly are up for a very fulfilling life and a life of far more harmony. But they are one of the most precise and rich systems that I have discovered. It can truly help us at any level of life. They can show us our biggest challenges and also our biggest potential. So it’s absolutely astonishing the Gene Keys are in the world since 2002, and thousands of people already are experiencing the benefits of the Gene Keys, so I’m happy to share with all of you today the depth of this amazing transmission.

Michelle: Awesome. Thank you so much. So how many Gene Keys are there, and can you explain what each one is? Because each one has, like, three flavors to it, if we wanna call them flavors. But can you explain how many there are, and what are they, per se? What is the key, the Gene Key?

Elitsa: So, in our DNA, we have 64 codons, and there are 64 Gene Keys. So, each one of us has a specific, unique blueprint and some of these things are more active in us, and through the date and time of our birth, we can actually see our whole genetic profile, and we can see what makes us different than the rest of the world? What is our unique potential? And the Gene Keys give us this key, how can we release this genius from inside of us? And this is why they have these three flavors. So, if we are given a specific potential but we don’t trust in it, we are afraid of it, or we just don’t recognize it, that is something that is called a shadow frequency because it’s just a little out of us. We are somehow constricting in this place. But this is called the shadow. It’s a place in us which we don’t accept, which we struggle with, which is our challenge [inaudible 00:08:48]. And once we are aware, and this is what the Gene Keys are so helpful because they point to us, what are our shadows? What are our challenges? And they give us an idea of what is hidden within this place. If we heal this place, if we open up, then we have the gift coming through this shadow. And every Gene Key has a shadow gift.

And another layer, which is called the siddhi, and the siddhi is actually our highest potential. This is the quality of the life force itself. And everyone aspires to these qualities, but what is preventing us to experience them is these constrictions inside of us, these shadows. These places in us, which we don’t accept, which we don’t find useful that makes us actually suffer. It can be fear of change, fear of failure, and thinking insecure about life. All these actually human experiences that everyone has no matter what his job is, where he is heading his life. All of us have these places where we silently suffer. But Gene Keys come to support us, to show us that in every challenge, in every shadow, there is a gift. If we change our attitude towards the shadow, if we don’t deny this part of us, we will discover what huge potential is in us.

So you can remember from your own life, everything that you’ve achieved, you had to go through these challenges, right? And you had to face these fears that you have. So the Gene Keys are really supportive because they will show us through our whole genetic profile where we hesitate to express ourselves. And by this, we really serve our evolution because we can overcome them much more quickly and with much more support.

Michelle: Elitsa, I wanted to give our listeners an example, and I wanted to use myself as the example, you know. A Gene Key that is incredibly…I don’t know if “close to my heart” is the right word, but that I can definitely, completely say that has been incredibly revelatory is actually Gene Key number 64, where at the shadow state, we talk about confusion, at the gift, we talk about imagination, and at the siddhi, we talk about illumination. And I think self-doubt and lack of self-confidence is an epidemic around the world right now, and so I’m not the only one feeling confusion as a result of self-doubt, for example.

But for me, particularly, in my particular experience, I’m a very head person, meaning I spend a lot of time in a mental state, in thinking, in thoughts, and pretty much in my head. And whenever I am about to take an action, because I spend a lot of time in my head, I tend to overthink things and get into paralysis analysis, and self-doubt kicks in. When I’m in that state, I’m not in a very happy place, and I have to remember that, oh, based on my profile, that Gene Key, in particular, is actually something that I need to work with. That the shadow state of it, of confusion, and of self-doubt is something that I particularly need to be vigilant about and use the gift and the siddhi that I know are there to kind of, like, transcend that and overcome whatever fears and self-doubt I’m feeling whenever I’m about to make a decision on something that is incredibly important, whether in my business or in my personal life.

And so, do you have any other examples like that or in general? Like, I just wanted to give one of my particular experience, or if you wanna discuss a little bit more on that one and how, basically, people, for example, could, basically, look at the shadow, and nobody wants to, for the most part, look at the shadow or are even aware that they’re there.

Another one, if I can just continue on, which was incredibly instrumental to me, as a leader, I remember, at some point, coming across someone that we were doing business dealings with, and I remember thinking, “Wow. I’m not so sure if this is a good partnership, this is a good decision to continue working together,” because I could feel a shadow of greed, and then I remembered by chance me mentioning this to you and you saying, “Well, that’s only the precursor to a beautiful gift, which is the gift of aspiration and then really the siddhi of ascension.” And so, the Gene Keys really has shown me that for every negative state that there is a path to a lighter type of feeling in your body, in your soul, you know, to be able to confront any decisions or anything that is going on in your life right now.

Elitsa: Yes. Definitely. And the Gene Keys, we all have the 64 qualities within us, so confusion is something that you can experience, that somebody else can experience. We all can have confusion, you know, in our lives, and we all experience all of the other shadows in our lives. But the thing is that the Gene Keys gives us this way of working and accepting these shadows and not thinking about them as something completely negative because if life put something inside of us, if life put the confusion in us, it should have some purpose, right?

Michelle: Yeah. Absolutely.

Elitsa: And if you have confusion, it is there. There is nothing to do about it, but you can have a horrible time confronting it and feeling, you know, suffering because you are confused and having a hard time, or you can look at this confusion from a completely different perspective. So the Gene Keys help us to have this more expansive perspective. If you are confused, which means your mind is truly working and checking for different options, and it means you don’t know at the moment, you don’t have clarity at the moment, your imagination is working and coming up with different options. So with every shadow, it can be confusion, it can be inner conflict, also. Should I do that? Should I do something else? Should I invest in this real estate? Should I not invest in this real estate? We don’t know, right? And we have a horrible time just being in this state of confusion or inner conflict.

So the Gene Keys give us these big steps working with our shadows. The first one is allowing them. So anything that is a human experience, there is no use of resisting it or dishonoring it, and confronting it. It is just pops up in our awareness, and it comes in our life, so it’s up to our attitude. So the Gene Keys gives us this advice, why don’t you try and allow this thing in your life, for example, confusion? Why don’t you give some time to this process? Why don’t you allow it? But once we allow something that is natural is we are confused. We are in inner conflict. We are doubting. If we allow it, we are patient with it. We are not making a premature decision. We are just giving it time. And actually, when we allow it, our consciousness starts digesting it, and little by little, we come to a place of acceptance, acceptance to this pattern of ours. But with acceptance also comes this breakthrough of fully embracing. And if you look back now, the things that you were confused about, you found their resolution, right?

Michelle: Yeah. Absolutely.

Elitsa: But at the moment, you were not sure about it. So this is how the Gene Keys really empower us. They show us all these places in each of us that we have doubts about, that we have different fears about, that we have challenges, and they guide us by describing this quality for us. So if you have “The Gene Keys” book, it’s quite a big book because it describes all these human experience, and I completely recommend this book to everyone because it speaks to our DNA. It speaks to our DNA to actually relax and accept this manifestation of life. Confusion is natural. It’s not something to worry about, to have anxiety about, to have self-doubt about. It’s a natural human experience. So once we allow it, we will see it’s nothing to fear from. It’s a natural process, and when we accept it and embrace it, then we learn next time we have confusion, it’s not the end of the world. It’s just a part of the process.

So the Gene Keys reflects to us through our whole genetic profile all these places where we, somehow, are hard on ourselves and we, basically, don’t live well just because we try to fight with these completely natural qualities that we have built within us. And by allowing, accepting, and embracing them, actually, we can fully relax in life and we can see a miracle happening with these. Our gifts start pouring through because we’re still fighting with ourselves and with this natural, somehow phenomena that we experience.

Michelle: And I think that relaxation…I think is like the biggest gift of this knowledge, of being aware and conscious, is that relaxation because what that relaxation means is that I’m now facing the world instead of in a constricted manner, you know, and stressed out and tense, not just physically but mentally and emotionally, I’m facing it in a relaxed manner, and that has been really, really transformational for me in my life and how I live for the last two-and-a-half years completely different than before, and I’m not saying that the work is done. This is a lifelong journey, and I feel like even with two-and-a-half years, I only have like a little bit of, like, knowledge and understanding. It’s still at the surface.

Elitsa, let me also try to bring in here, because it was also very, very beneficial to me, how you’ve incorporated another framework, which is called the framework of Human Design, and how, basically, these two come about. Can you tell us a little bit about what Human Design is, and how does it come about, or how does it correlate with Gene Keys, with the Gene Keys?

Elitsa: Yeah. The Human Design is another system, which is, again, based on your gene, and it is more popular than the Gene Keys for now. And the Human Design profile show us very specifically how our physical body is wired. So there we will see specific centers in our body, and it’s also very beneficial to look at how we are wired, which motors, and what is driving us to do things in life. But the Gene Keys take this on a completely new level. So basically, Richard Rudd, the founder of the Gene Keys, was a longtime student of Human Design, and he was actually a teacher of Human Design, and he incorporated, in a very inventive way, the information from the Human Design into the Gene Keys. And this is why I recommend people exploring the Gene Keys. But the Human Design also has its benefits because it will, again, give us a reflection back about our unique imprint.

Michelle: Yeah. Like, for me, it was such an incredibly jaw-dropping moment when you and I were talking about, and I recognized for the first time that since I can remember, you know, I had been working, you know, since I’m 19 years old, and I have been working as a generator, as someone that is designed physically to create results on a daily basis, you know, because they have this unending reservoir of energy that continuously gets built or produced. When, in fact, my design, my physical design is to be a projector, which is much more of a creator, so not so much of a generator. Not that I cannot do that, but that if I do it for long periods of time like 18, 20 years, you know, that I would experience and it was normal for me to experience burnout because I was designed to be much more of a creator of opportunities in my life, in my business, as a leader.

And just from that tiny, little understanding and shift for me in my mindset, and therefore, on my daily activities, I have been able to guide and lead together with my husband, Jack, our businesses and our investments and our ideas and our projects and really see an explosion of growth in revenues and profits and in freedom of time, a return of my vitality. I’ve never felt stronger than before because just to recognize that distinction that I’m meant much more to guide than to be or a constant generation of results every single day. That was incredible to see how, basically, the Gene Keys fit into these types of design, and yeah, it was really, really incredible. Now, if anyone wanted to work with the Gene Keys or work with Human Design, like, for example, I was able to get my own profile done, like, how does that work? Can you explain?

Elitsa: Yes. First of all, I want to mention that, really, Human Design and the Gene Keys extremely help us to get to know and get to know something that we already know inside of us deep. Because of our conditioning, because of what we see or hear about ourselves, we tend to distract ourselves from what is true for us, so both of these systems gives us a beautiful mirror to contemplate, is this true for me? So I want to just speak a little minute about how do we work with such systems. Nobody can tell us…because these are profiling systems, right? They give us a profile, but I want to make clear that this profile is not telling us who we are. Who we are, it’s an experience that we have, but they are like a mirror to us and help us discover what is truly healthy for us and good for us so we can learn immensely from them in this respect.

So how do we work with them? As I said, I will start with the Gene Keys. On the website, everybody can create his own unique whole genetic profile. And there we will see 11 spheres, so these are 11 spheres of our life. And here, I can say a difference between Gene Keys and Human Design, in the Human Design profile, we will see centers of our body. But in Human Design…

Michelle: Centers.

Elitsa: …we can see…yeah, we can see, are we a more mental kind of person? Are we more a emotional kind of person? How we are wired. And the Gene Keys lead us on this journey of discovering of…

Michelle: Sure.

Elitsa: …releasing our genius into the world. And the Gene Keys lead us on this journey, which is called the Golden Path. There is a program created so people can follow step by step, a program that can take them through their whole genetic profile and supporting them in contemplating and realizing all these truths that people have for sure explored in their life, but they give this affirmation, this thought for our minds to explore and see what resonates with us.

So the Golden Path consists of three sequences. It’s a deep three-steps journey. The first one is called the Activation Sequence, and it’s about discovering our unique opinions, our four prime gifts that each of us have and makes us different than everyone else, and this is our genius on a physical level. By unlocking this potential within us, we feel a deep sense of core stability in our life. So no matter what we do in life, if we have the qualities of our four prime gifts, we will feel very stable and fulfilled on a physical level. So through the Activation Sequence, everybody can discover, what is the quality that when I put into whatever I do will make me very fulfilled, very stable?

Michelle: Very stable, basically…

Elitsa: So basically in…

Michelle: …in your body, yeah?

Elitsa: In your body, yes. So what makes me more radiant? So what makes me more stable? And also, what is my higher purpose? We can see in our profile. What is the quality that when I’m living in my body will make me feel like I’m living my higher purpose? So I’ve never seen something so precise as the Gene Key profile and also the Human Design chart. So after we unveil the secrets on a physical level, then we are invited on the emotional realm, and this is the second part of the Golden Path. It is called the Venus Sequence, and this is a journey that is leading us through our emotions and in our partnerships.

So, you know, Michelle, in your work to a prosperous life, you had to do a lot of work in your relationships, right? In order to create a nice team, in order to have a good partnership, you had to work on yourself on an emotional level so that you are tolerant and recognizing what is healthy for you, what are the patterns that make you very, for example, reactive in your relationships. The Venus Sequence is leading us to unveil all these inner wounds that we have that makes us feel separate from others, that makes us unable to create fulfilling partnerships, not only with our husbands, wives, and children but also with our people that we work with. So the Venus Sequence is touching to these very important lessons that leads us to prosperity. In order to be prosperous, we have to have an open heart and good relationships.

And then the third part of the Golden Path of the Gene Keys is about prosperity, which is actually to think our genius into the world through our, also, open heart, and it’s called the Pearl Sequence. And there, we can see what is our vocation in life, how we are best suited to work. Is it entrepreneur? Is it a partnership? Is it in a small team? It’s very, very deep information that we can achieve for ourselves. And usually, when I work with people one-on-one, I start with the Human Design because it’s about the more, for me at least, about the physical body and how we are wired and getting to know ourselves and contemplating, how do we use our energy into our daily life? So both of these systems, they look very spiritual, but they are actually very practical to go about…

Michelle: Now…

Elitsa: …our daily life and how do we operate.

Michelle: And I think you just touched up on…That was gonna be one of my questions, was, how can the Gene Keys and Human Designs really help us in figuring out, can you be highly successful in whatever it is, business, in my case, and highly spiritual, at the same time? Or a more direct question would be, is there a relationship between your spirituality and great success? And the answer is absolutely, yes. And these two frameworks, if we wanna call them like that, can really help you see the connection between those two by addressing the thing that is most physical, the thing that is most gross, that is more obvious, which is, first of all, your body and your vitality and the energy that comes as a result of, what is your constitution, you know what I mean, physically? And then what is your constitution emotionally? And then, eventually, what is that unique flavor of your genius that is here to serve and really make this world a better place than how you found it? So, why do you think this kind of work and understanding it is so important as a whole for us?

Elitsa: Yeah. It is so important because, first of all, it can give us fulfillment on a personal level. So through these two systems, everyone can somehow recognize himself. They help us, you know, recognize ourselves. They release our genius, and feel content and in integrity with who we are. Without us feeling somehow that we are living our higher purpose, that we are stable on a physical level can only have prosperity. Even if we have a lot of money, even if we do a lot of good deals, we can have a lot of stress, we can have a miserable life, but the Gene Keys teach us how to live well. How to live well in our own bodies, how to live well with others, and how to live well with the rest of the world. So the Gene Keys are guiding us to first find fulfillment and peace within us in this life and feel our stability in our body, release our health, release our stability. Just feeling okay with where we are in our daily life. And then they lead us to this next step, feeling well with others. So creating these opportunities for deep fulfilling friendships, deep fulfilling…

Michelle: It’s almost like an extension of faith. You know, I’ve talked about in a prior episode about an extension of faith, which means starting with having faith in yourself and then moving outward to having faith in the goodness of others. So, basically, first, your inner world, then how you relate to the outside and so on, and then extending your faith to having faith in the unknown, you know, in that progression…

Elitsa: Absolutely.

Michelle: …from self to others to the unknown, and it’s pretty much…

Elitsa: So we…

Michelle: …almost like the same path, of course…

Elitsa: Absolutely.

Michelle: …in different terminology.

Elitsa: It’s about feeling free and peaceful within ourselves, within our purpose, and feeling free and peaceful in our partnerships. And then, naturally, comes the prosperity, which is actually having simplicity in all these other areas, you know, because many people…And through the people that I have worked with through the years…I have worked with some very successful people in business. But if the relationships are suffering, they don’t feel happy in their lives or if…And it’s amazing how many of them are not, so to say, very aware of their gifts and they don’t have inner peace. So the Gene Keys really helps us, and Human Design really help us to find this place of peace and simplicity in our life, where ourselves, our partnerships, and our work beautifully harmonize in a beautiful life.

So this is where we are going with the Gene Keys, and I have to tell you, I cannot imagine my life without these two systems because they really brought for me this freedom in my daily life and to live my life as myself, you know, not to be somehow a victim…

Michelle: And that is the ultimate freedom, you know, the freedom to live life as yourself.

Ellitsa: Yeah. To live life as yourself and to feel just amazing every second, and even if you don’t feel amazing, just to be okay for you. So this is the richness of the Gene Keys, that it’s not, of course, a quick path. It’s a long, [inaudible 00:36:22] path like everything in our life. We have to put our contemplation, we have to pay our attention to this, but it will definitely lead us to a much more fulfilling life, and this is my experience.

Michelle: I remember us having even a conversation, you know, about life purpose and how important it is that surroundings, not just of the physical space, but of the people around us and how important it is also to find others that are in that same wave of energy as we are, you know, so that we can bring ease into our great work and into fulfilling our dreams. And that’s something else that has been brought to my awareness, you know, as a result of working with these two frameworks, you know.

And then, so Elitsa, we all have incredible contributions to make, you know, to our families, to our local communities, to the whole world, and these two frameworks really uncover abilities that we don’t know sometimes are with us, and they help support in helping us being more purposeful, profitable, empowered, instead of feeling scattered or poor or undervalued. If somebody wanted to start their journey using these two frameworks, where could they go?

Elitsa: So people can go to the website, and they can start their journey from there. The Gene Keys are so created that they can, you know, people can…through the Gene Keys courses and “The Gene Keys” book, they can contemplate their profile from every other place, from everywhere on the planet. So what I find very valuable with the Gene Keys is that they are created for self-contemplation, so you don’t need teachers. You don’t really need mentors, of course, they can help you speed up a little bit your process to orient you.

Michelle: I am all about mentors and helping me collapse time. Yes. I’m a true believer in that for sure.

Elitsa: [inaudible 00:38:20]

Michelle: But, yeah, I’m not sure…

Elitsa: And I agree.

Michelle: …anyone that wants to go and go through this journey of contemplation on their own, of course, this is possible. I just such a believer in having a mentor and having someone guide you because sometimes, I think, you get to certain recognitions and aha moments and breakthroughs much, much quicker.

Elitsa: Of course.

Michelle: Now, Elitsa, what would you consider your superpower?

Elitsa: My superpower is actually helping, very clearly, where the person feels constricted and what is stopping him from his growth. I think this was my natural power, not only that it’s in my whole genetic profile, I’ve always done that. I’ve always been a seeker of how things develop. What is stopping them from developing healthily and beautifully? So this is my superpower, to see why someone is not evolving, is not developing. So my superpower is to support people in their development. This is what I feel.

Michelle: Now, shifting gears here a little bit, what do you do on a daily basis…whether in the context of the Gene Keys or anything else that you do, what do you do on a daily basis to bring ease and find your path to joy, like in your work, on your daily basis?

Elitsa: On a daily…

Michelle: Any rituals?

Elitsa: …basis, on a daily basis, every day, I give time for connection with nature, so I do pauses in my day and just look at something that is from nature. It may be a tree. It may be a bird. It can be the sky, but I give myself the gift of this moment where I connect with the wider world because in the nature, there is always this peace. Things are happening with ease, without effort. So I make this every day to just connect with nature and calm down my energy. Calm down this rush of doing by just give myself a moment of being. This is what I do, and…

Michelle: That…

Elitsa: …every day is different, you know, every day I’ll do it in a different way, but this is my ritual. Every day…

Michelle: That’s beautiful.

Elitsa: …connect with nature.

Michelle: Beautiful. Beautiful. Yeah. It’s starting to cool down here in Phoenix, and I’m gonna be able to do that much more often and go up the hill here and hike for 20, 30 minutes and come back. But it is incredible to…whatever, you know, crazy rushness that is happening in your mind and in your body, when you get out there into nature, it’s almost like you slow down and you kind of like align with the rhythm of the earth of nature and everything around you.

Elitsa: Yes. And I also try to open up my mind and myself to receive this inspiration from life and from nature and giving myself time to just realize that there is so much more out there. And if I just open myself, I can let it pour in me before I try to reconnect with the universe every day in different ways.

Michelle: Beautiful. Now, what are your top three pieces of advice for an entrepreneurial person that might be listening to us right now?

Elitsa: My top three advice would be everything in life has its own time or happening, so relax, you know. Relax about your dreams. Relax about your endeavors. In relaxing, we can see what is essential and not forget the essential. The essential is to just realize we live an amazing life and all these goals that we have, all these aspirations that we have, if we are not present, even if they come right now, we will not be able to appreciate them and be happy about them. So the first one is whatever you are doing, whatever you are aspiring, take your time to relax and just enjoy your present moment. This will be the first one.

The second one would be try to be more present in your relationships. Many times, in achieving our goals and looking forward to our goals, we miss to see the richness that we have in the people around us, the love that is surrounding us all the time, the little gestures that people do to us in our daily life. So the second will be appreciate the beings around you, your husband, wife, children, animals. Life is loving us and sending us these gifts on a daily basis. Let’s not be in a rush and miss them. This would be the second one.

And the third one would be just remembrance that we are bigger and more beautiful and powerful than we can imagine. So wherever we feel down or insecure or not worthy or guilty for, this is just our opinion, this is just our theory. So the third one would be open your imagination and know that you are something just more beautiful than you can ever imagine and that life and your purpose and your destiny is beautiful and only beautiful things await you. If you are just willing to open and look at life with a big curiosity, every day can change our perspective, every moment. So relaxation, love, and openness to the universe will be my three ideas.

Michelle: Oh, my God, I even had to, like, take notes because those were beautiful. They serve me well. Absolutely. What a wonderful conversation, Elitsa. It’s been such a pleasure having you here on “InFLOW.” If anyone listening wants to learn more about you, specifically, and your work, how can they get ahold of you?

Elitsa: So people can look for me on Facebook, Elitsa Stoichkova from Bulgaria. We have a website, which is just in Bulgarian. It’s, and because we are in a close connection with you, I think whoever wants to connect with me can directly write to you.

Michelle: Absolutely. Yeah.

Elitsa: And I’ll be very…

Michelle: Yes. Absolutely.

Elitsa: …happy…I’ll be very happy to support anyone and orient them in these amazing teachings and wisdoms that I have been working with in the last eight years. Thank you so much, Michelle, for…

Michelle: Oh, no…

Elitsa: …inviting me, and I am…

Michelle: Thank you so much…

Elitsa: …so happy.

Michelle: …for coming on board and really giving us a little bit of, like, a snippet, a little, like, teaser into what…Because everyone sees outside, a projection of success, and there is behind the scenes, more than just the actual work of producing those results and, you know, and building a team and so on and so forth. But there’s a lot of personal, deep work as well, and…

Elitsa: But…

Michelle: …we only see the surface of the iceberg but not everything below. And I am so, so grateful that you were able to agree to come here and talk about the frameworks that you use and how you’ve supported me and perhaps how you could support some others.

Elitsa: Thank you. Really, the Gene Keys can support anyone no matter what he does and what his business or aspirations is. It can really support everyone in their growth and in their purpose, in their prosperity, so I truly recommend people checking them out.

Michelle: Yeah. And you can just get the book on Amazon. There’s audio versions of each of the Gene Keys as well, so if you just go to the website, yeah, that should be a great beginning. Thank you, Elitsa. Have a wonderful rest of your evening. Thank you for being up for me even though we are like 9 or 10-hour difference. Thank you so much. I greatly appreciate it, and I’m certain that you will be here with us in a future episode, talking more in-depth. I could see that.

Elitsa: I would love to do that, and my love goes to everyone who is listening to the “InFLOW” podcast, and thank you, Michelle, for doing your best to bring more love, more understanding, and more prosperity to the people and our planet. Thank you so much.

Michelle: Thank you so much, Elitsa.

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