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How To Create Environments That Foster Growth As An Entrepreneur

Your environment plays a direct role in your ability to grow as an entrepreneur and a person.

Join me in this week’s episode of InFlow, to learn how to take charge of your environment to foster 10x growth in your land business and your life.

How to create environments that foster growth as an entrepreneur

The space you occupy in the world directly affects your ability to operate in the world.

And because we are multidimensional beings, we occupy more than simply the physical environment. We also create mental and emotional environments in which we have to operate.

The most important attribute that separates people from other living beings on earth is that while we can adapt to just about any environment (a superpower in itself), we can adapt the environment to our needs.

This means that you have the power to take inspired action to create the physical, mental, and emotional environment that is most likely to support your life goals.

At the foundation of my life journey is an unshakable belief that my future is going to be better than my past. I consciously take action to ensure that I create the physical, mental and emotional environments that support that belief.

Spend a little time reflecting on what belief drives your passions, and then start structuring your environment to produce results that are in line with that belief and will support your growth as an entrepreneur.

Clean up your environment to make space for growth

One of the first rules of growth is that it requires SPACE.

A small fish will only grow to it’s full potential once it is in the deep blue ocean.

Michelle Bosch

Here are a few tips to help you create space for growth as an entrepreneur:

Physical space:

If your workspace is full of clutter and feels uncomfortable, you are likely to feel overwhelmed and disorganized. Take time to declutter your workspace. Your work is valuable and deserves respect, so make sure that you work in an environment that reflects that truth.

Mental space

The thoughts and ideas that you hold in your mind create the mental environment in which you operate. In addition to your own thoughts, your mental environment is hugely affected by the thoughts and ideas of the people you allow into your mental space.

You have the same ability to order and purge your mental space as you have in your physical environment. Invite influences that aid your growth as an entrepreneurand and a person. Don’t be afraid to purge the limiting beliefs and toxic influences that might be holding you back.

Emotional Space

Your emotional environment is critical to your ability to focus and get things done. When I find myself procrastinating on a task, it’s often because I am afraid or confused and not emotionally committed to moving forward. In this situation, something that works for me is the “Do, Delegate, Delete” principle.

If it’s important, find your courage and simply get on with doing the task. If it’s something that you can delegate, assign the task to somebody that you trust. And if it is just taking up space, delete it and move on. Removing emotional baggage from your environment will create space for you to find your courage and step into the future that you deserve.

Creating a holistic environment for growth

Once you have created the physical, mental, and emotional space for growth, you are in the ideal position to invite new opportunities into your life.

I always try to be the smallest fish in whatever pond I occupy. As soon as I feel that I am running out of bigger fish in my environment, I seek out bigger pools filled with mentors that have already accomplished the goals that I am trying to achieve.

If you are simply comfortable in your environment, hitting the same goals every day, you are not going to reach your full potential.

If you have made the space to grow in your life, but are looking for the physical, mental and emotional environment to spread your wings, join us for our upcoming Land Flipping Masterclass, starting on March 21st. This 5-day real estate business development deep dive will provide you with the opportunity to uncover your deepest and most urgent “why” and provide you with the tools needed to build a life rich in entrepreneurial freedom.


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