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Episode 78: Fear & Grace in Business

There are two things that are a part of every human experience: fear and grace. And these two things are a very real part of the business experience as well.

Anyone who has gone through the journey of becoming an entrepreneur, committing to something bigger than yourself –  has known discomfort and fear. To succeed in business, you’ll have to muster up the courage to move through that fear and gain the capability and the confidence that comes from having done something and seen results.

Every entrepreneur has experienced grace as well. Those moments when you’ve faced considerable challenges and monumental obstacles, and at the very last second, grace steps in and everything works out. You go from breakdown to breakthrough. The impossible becomes possible.

Fear and grace can work in tandem, in beautiful harmony, if you choose to accept and embrace them both.

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Today on the InFLOW podcast, Michelle shares: 

  • The importance of having humility at every stage of your business.
  • How to invite the special magic of grace into your business at just the right moment.
  • How to get things done in the face of fear.

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Hi, I’m Michelle Bosch, real estate investor, mom, wife, and host of the “InFLOW” podcast. And I’m passionate about helping women invest in land and apartments. Join me each and every week for real estate investing strategies and interviews with thought leaders that will leave you inspired and ready to step into flow for inflows of cash, inflows of ease, and inflows of grace in your life. Now, here on YouTube are the video versions of my podcasts. And in order for you to get my latest information, please go ahead and subscribe. And now, let’s go.

Welcome to the “InFLOW” podcast. I’m your host, Michelle Bosch. I’m excited to be with you yet another week here on “InFLOW.” And today, I really felt called to talk to you guys a little bit about fear and grace in business. This is, you know, two things that I have experienced as part of my human experience. I don’t think I tapped earlier on in my business into grace as I do into it now intentionally. I think grace has always surrounded me, of course, and has been the reason why, you know, we have had incredible challenges where we’ve done everything we could, and at the last moment, you know, grace kind of like stepped in, you know, to make things happen. And fear, well, fear, you know, every single time you go through the journey of an entrepreneur of, you know, committing to something bigger than yourself, you’re gonna experience fear. You’re gonna experience discomfort and it’s up to you to muster the courage or the second C to go out there and do it anyways, gain the capability, which is the third C, and then eventually, you know, gain the confidence that comes from having done something and having seen results that, you know, in the land flipping world, for example, turn into cash and cash flow.

So, with that, yeah, I wanted to talk to you guys a little bit about both fear and grace today in today’s episode. You know, fear is something that I believe should be welcomed. It’s not easy to hear that. You know what I mean? But it has been the game-changer for me to really surrender to it and accept it. And instead of resisting it, kinda like work in tandem with it, you know, in harmony with it. And then grace is yet, you know, another element, like I said earlier, and these two together kind of like have a….you know, they bring a dynamic tension, you know, creative tension to everything that you do, whether it be business in the land flipping world, or apartment investing or single families or anything really for that matter that, you know, you set up to do and that you have never done before and that is absolutely common and normal to experience a little bit of both. And maybe, you know, like I said earlier, you may have not been tapping intentionally into either, but they’re both…they’re serving you. And that’s how I like to see it as they’re both serving me to step into higher and higher levels of growth and into a better version of myself every single time, you know?

And one distinction I wanted to make is that also fear can be confused in many times with excitement. And I think, in many cases, when we call something fear, it’s really excitement because they show up in our physical body. You know, fear and excitement show up in our physical body showing the same kind of symptoms, the same kind of physiological effects, you know, of having sweaty palms, of having a little bit of butterflies in your stomach, of your maybe mind being a little bit more overactive, and maybe even losing a little bit of sleep because of the fear or the excitement, you know? Maybe some tension in your muscles, in your neck, in your shoulder area. You know, these are all effects in our physiology that are exactly the same for both of these, you know, for both faith and fear. You know, they show up in our physical body in the same way. And also in our breath, you know? Our breath is usually shallow when we experienced both.

But in the world, like I said, of real estate investing, of land flipping, of leading, you know, our coaching company, both have shown up every single time we have been, you know, right there at the moment where we’re about to push boundaries of what is possible, you know, for us. And in those moments, you know, when we’re about to have those breakthroughs, I think it’s very important for any leader, you know? Whether you’re the leader of your family, the leader of yourself, the leader of your business, you know, if you have a team, I think it comes down to, in that moment of, you know, you’re about to push that boundary and you feel both fear and you want to step into grace, it’s incredibly important to have humility, you know, because yes, there is that element of you bringing in innovation and bringing in something new into your business and into your world into your reality. And because you have the confidence, because you have the capability, because you have a superior skill, because you have experience, but you know, that innovation needs to be met always with, I think, if you want to be a level five leader with humility as well. You have to be able to embrace both, you know?

Both of those things, in my opinion, come hand in hand in really allowing you to, you know, step into that new level of growth, you know? If you’re, right now, doing one deal and you want to, you know, step into the next level of growth of 5 or 10 deals a month, you know, you are basically pushing the boundaries of what is possible right now in your reality. And you’re doing it by, you know, bringing innovation by whether the innovation is yours personally, or whether it’s by modeling, you know, a coach or a mentor and, you know, integrating that into your reality into your business. You are going to not just have that innovation as a key ingredient, but also humility that, yes, somebody has replicated, yes, somebody has done it before. So, you have that…you know, you can rest in the strength of someone else’s experience, but at the same time, there’s gotta be a little bit of humility you know, even for your own mentor and your own coach when they’re walking you through this because there is an element of magic of things that I believe we need to work through sometimes, you know?

There’s been, you know, periods in our lives where, you know, we’ve set out to do something new and it’s been a big audacious goal or a big, hairy goal, and we stumble and we failed forward, you know, many, many times before breaking through and accomplishing that goal. And I believe that’s because, you know, in my frank opinion, we had to burn off through some karmic debts, you know, whether they were mine or generational and ancestral, from, you know, from other generations before me, are from the collective basically experience of humans in general. You know, sometimes there is the saying that everything in due timing and we can do everything we can, you know, to accelerate that and collapse time and so on and so forth. But sometimes there is I think this period of time where we kind of have to align ourselves with what the universe has in store for us, and some failures, some difficulties, some challenges may come, you know, in the way right before we’re about to have a breakthrough. So, don’t be surprised if sometimes there are tremendous breakdowns before a breakthrough.

And that’s why I always say that there’s gotta be this element of humility, you know, and you really acknowledging that and therefore, you know, inviting grace into your life, really cultivating grace into your life. And I see many times, you know, people coming into our Facebook group, we have an amazing community. If you’re listening to this for the very first time, we have an amazing community of land flippers over 12,000 land flippers now in our land profit generator group called Land Profit Generator Real Estate Investing. And it’s a free community. You know, we created that group as an opportunity for us to really create breakthroughs and provide 360-degree support for everyone that, you know, is coaching with us that is interested in land flipping, whether you do it with me or with someone else. And I’m a strong believer that, you know, if 360-degree support is something that is not out there that I didn’t find in the industry when I was looking for it, and that is a key ingredient if not one of the most ingredients to getting anyone that has not gone through, you know, this entrepreneurial journey to actually have success.

And so, yeah, I notice quite a bit of sometimes house flippers coming into this group and noticing how incredibly lacking humility, you know, some may be. And it could be because, you know, they’re a big-time house wholesaler, they’ve been doing it for a long time or, you know, they’re a successful business owner. And do not think that because land is simple, they think that it’s gonna be easy, that there’s not some specifics, some particulars about land that must be learned before you go out there and kill it on your first deal, you know? And so, yeah, you want to definitely always, when you’re about to embark on something new, my biggest recommendation will be to be a learner of life, to stay humble, to be coachable, and to, you know, learn a little bit from the successes of others and model them. And then, of course, some innovation of your own, but never, never, ever forget about the ingredient of grace, of that special magic. It’s definitely been helpful for me, for Jack in our businesses, like I said, in our land flipping business, in our rental property business, our apartment business, and our coaching business as well. It has been incredibly invaluable to always have those two ingredients. And so, yeah.

So, that’s mainly what I wanted to talk to you guys about today, you know? There’s always, you know, new and amazing things and projects that you might have in store, new strategies that you want to start, new promotions, whether you’re, you know, already a land flipper or you’re going to become one, you know, to sell more property, to buy more property quicker, and so on and so forth. And every time…I just want you to remember that every time you’re pushing the frontiers or, you know, pushing the boundaries of what’s possible that you will come to a point where you will have moved all the pieces. Like if we’re on a chessboard and, you know, we’re playing this strategy game, that you will have moved all the pieces and done all the right moves and put everything in the right spots and then the right pieces, the right people, the right, you know email sequence, the right funnel, the right, you know, direct marketing, that there always will be also an element of grace, of intentionality, of you wanting to invite grace into that moment, into that new decision, that new venture. And grace is really not nothing else than, you know, another word in my world for God. Inviting God into your every decision, into your every new thing that you are going to do.

And with that, if you are new to land flipping and want to learn a little bit about land flipping, we are actually having a free land flipping course. It’s not really a course because who needs another course? It’s really actionable steps during a five-day training that we host inside of our Facebook group. And if you would like to join us, you can go to We start September 14th. When you register, you get a workbook so that you can actually follow along, you know, the different steps or stages of flipping a piece of land. And we walk you basically from 0 to your 10,000 or even 20,000, you know, first land flip during the course of actually nine days. We say and advertise a five-day class, but it’s really nine days because we usually pack it with a ton of bonus sessions to make sure that you guys really walk out of there completely equipped. And we kind of like set, you know, the pathway or get you going into that momentum so you can, you know, very, very quickly within a matter of, you know, 30, 60, 90 days, start seeing real money in your bank account from, you know, from flipping land.

And so, that starts on September 14th. Like I said, you can register at It would be wonderful to have you guys here. And one last thing, you know, when talking about, you know, fear and grace is that fear is not something… I just wanted to finish with this. It’s not something that you can get rid of. It is, like I said I think a little bit earlier, it’s part of the human experience. And the art comes with you using that emotion, that part of the human experience to your advantage, you know, to not rest in your laurels, to not get overly confident, to not be arrogant, but to fully experience it, to accept it sometimes because it can be a gift that humbles you when you are about to embark in something completely new and something that has the potential to really you know, change the trajectory of your life and really create a, you know, million-dollar opportunity that can really change, you know, your family tree forever. So, the key with fear is knowing that it is normal, that it is there, that we all feel it at different levels, that we need to acknowledge it, that we need to even thank it for being there because it’s doing what it’s meant to be doing, which is bringing you out of comfort into a little bit of discomfort so that you can have the opportunity to muster the courage, the grit, the resilience, to push through whatever obstacles or challenges, you know, might be coming your way and basically doing the things that need to be done in spite of it.

You know, like I said earlier, we’ve many, many times have used our intellect, have used our logic, you know, our strategy or experience or creativity. We’ve put all the pieces together, you know, for a new deal, for a new project, for a new promotion or for a new line of business, and you’ve done everything humanly possible that you can do to move that project, you know, and bring it to life. But really the ultimate success comes from you also incorporating that element of grace and allowing it into your reality, allowing it into your heart, allowing it into your spirit, and allowing it to really do its magic in aligning you with your higher purpose. Every single time that we do this, you know, and if we are not in alignment with, you know, a higher purpose, we’re gonna see challenges. Or maybe it’s the result of… Or we’re going to see, you know, challenges, like I said earlier because we are burning off, you know, some karmic that’s from the past. And it’s normal, and so when it happens and when you feel it, thank it, appreciate it. And once you’ve pushed through it and you come to success, don’t forget again, to bring that element of grace into your life, because what you appreciate appreciates even more.

So, gratitude is so, so, so incredibly important to keep in mind, to not just something that, you know, lives actually in your mind, but that lives in your heart every moment that you take a deep breath in, you know, it’s a moment to really express and feel in our hearts gratitude for one more breath, for one new choice with every single breath, with every new day, you know, that you’re allowed to walk this earth and really design and change, you know, the trajectory of your life and of those that you love the most is really an opportunity to be grateful. So, with that, I hope this episode you know, leaves you inspired, ready to go, ready to embrace both fear and grace into your life. Appreciate them both for what they are, and go get, you know, what you deserve, what you are after, what really, you know, is a yearning in your heart, whatever, you know, whispers in your heart, you’re hearing that will help you, you know, come to the level of success that you’ve been looking for, whether it be, you know, in the financial area, in relationships, in health. You know, I always say that a win in one category of our lives is a win in all.

So, with that, thank you so, so very much. Don’t forget, we start September 14th. If you’re interested in learning more about land flipping, or you’re wanting to revisit, you know, the fundamentals, because the fundamentals doesn’t mean that they’re the simple things, but that they’re the ones that create the strong foundation for an amazing trajectory in your land flipping career which, you know, could be just the doorway, the beginning to bigger and larger investing when it comes to real estate. And maybe eventually you move up to, you know, single-family homes or even large multi-family, like a lot of actually our students are doing right now. You know, they’re not just… Well, I wouldn’t say a lot, but there are more advanced and experienced ones, you know, are starting to…they’ve mastered one thing and they have that running because you want to focus on something until you have mastery, but they’re starting to look a little bit into, you know, other asset classes within real estate and we couldn’t be more thrilled. So, with that, thank you so much. And if you enjoy today’s episode, please make sure you leave me a review on iTunes or wherever you’re listening to this podcast. And I’d greatly appreciate it and share it with another, you know, special, amazing woman in your life that needs to hear or that, you know, appreciates, you know, not just inflows of cash in their life, but also inflows of grace and ease. Thank you so very much. Bye-bye. Until the next one.

I hope this episode left you feeling inspired and ready to get inflows of cash, inflows of light, and inflows of faith in your life. I welcome your reviews on iTunes. Please leave me a review and help me create an amazing community of women inflow. Thank you as always for sharing your voice by going to and joining the conversation about this show. And while you’re there, grab a copy of my “Ten Commandments to Living a Life Inflow.” You can also follow me on Facebook at Michelle Bosch and in Instagram @michelleboschofficial. Thank you very much. And until the next one.

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