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Episode 77: An Abundance Mindset in Landflipping – Featuring Jantzen Young

Jantzen Young grew up believing she could do anything she set her mind to. But when her parents’ hustling and idealism didn’t translate into actual financial stability and abundance in their lives, she decided on a corporate path for herself and her future.

Twelve years later, she was climbing the ladder in financial services and racking up achievements and success, however she was bored and restless and wanted more. “There’s something out there waiting for me to claim it,” she told herself, “and if I don’t pursue it, I’ll go to my deathbed regretting it.”

She read a book, picked up the phone, made a call, and bought a four-plex. And the rest is history. She went on to take our Land Profit Generator Lab course, signed up for coaching, closed on tons of deals, and now she and her husband coach on our team as well.

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Today on the InFLOW podcast, Jantzen shares:

  • How she views the landflipping business as a co-opetition – not a competition.
  • How her cup is filled when she helps other people succeed.
  • How incorporating meditation into her daily practice has changed her life.

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Jantzen: When you put your desires out there and you stay faithful to that, if anybody tries it, you are going to find your path, and the universe will reveal herself/himself to you.

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Welcome to the “InFLOW” podcast. I’m your host, Michelle Bosch. So, welcome, everyone. I have today an amazing guest, her name is Jantzen Young. Jantzen has been part, I would say, of my circle of influence, in influence, not just us influencing her, but her and her amazing family also influencing us, and I would say since about 2017. She is a fourth-generation Floridian. You know, she is a mom of two small children, and most important, of course, not that that is not important, but that she is being a role model for both of them as a real estate diva, you know. I’m all about how can we, as women, not just talk about it, but actually walk the talk. You know what I mean. And so, she’s graduated from the University of Tampa with a degree in international business, and Spanish, which I didn’t know Jantzen spoke. And she also attained her MBA at Rollins College. I know that you worked really hard in corporate America in the financial services for almost 12 years, and at some point, you decide, “No, I’m doing something else.” So, I’ll probably ask you a little bit about that, but welcome, Jantzen. I’m so excited to have you here today.

Jantzen: Thank you so much, Michelle. I’m super thrilled to be here.

Michelle: Yes. I am excited to have you here as well because I want to hear about the journey, and even before corporate America, I want us to go back a little bit, you know, into the past, and just tell me, how did you grow up around money, Jantzen? Because a lot of the decisions that we make from the moment we wake up until the moment we go to sleep, you know, have to do with money. Like, I remember a time where, you know, I didn’t want to take showers for too long because my water bill is going to go up or let me turn off the lights because my electricity bill is going to be too high. And so…

Jantzen: We’re still working through that right now. That’s not me, but you should talk to my husband about the light thing. That’s just still a problem.

Michelle: So, yes, I’m just interested. How did you grow up around money? You know, I know you grew up in Florida, and how was it with your family when you were growing up?

Jantzen: So, it was always an interesting dynamic in my household. So, when my mother was growing up, she very much grew up with this idea of lack around her all of the time. Sorry. No, no, you know, I’ll take it back. It was a very different time. When she was growing up, she was born in the ’50s, raised in the ’60s and ’70s, so it was a very different world for her. My father, on the other hand, with him growing up, he was a son of a very prominent pastor in Jacksonville, Florida, so because of that, and their activities in the civil rights movement, my father was with his father traveling all over the place, so he, without a lot of money, was exposed to what is possible and was very active in shaping his community, and constantly filling the cups of other people, the people around him in his community. So, when the two of them got together, I was constantly raised with this idea of, “Baby girl, you can do whatever you want to do.” And you know what? When someone tells you that every single day…I mean, he would always tell me, and it’s funny because he tells my daughter now, “You are beautiful and you are intelligent,” and he makes you repeat that every single day.

Michelle: An incantation. Yeah, that’s empowering.

Jantzen: Oh, yes. Extremely. And so, you know, growing up in that, we always had this idea of abundance, even if that wasn’t actually reflected in what we were eating or where we were living. We went through two foreclosures growing up, you know, but my father always had a side business going on. I mean, I remember driving around with him.

Michelle: He was a hustler and he always stayed positive.

Jantzen: Oh, 100%, 100%. So, for me, unfortunately, it kind of had the opposite effect. So, because I constantly saw him hustling but never actually attaining what we wanted, I grew up thinking, “You know what? I’m going to go to this school. I’m going to rock it, and I’m going to get a job because they pay me and I will always have a roof over my head.” And I grew up seeing his risk aversion or his lack of risk aversion, and I grew up saying, you know, “Look, it’s all great to think of these things, but when rubber hits the road, I need to pay my bills. I’m going to go corporate and do that.” So, it was this weird dynamic, you know. He would make a little bit of money and we’d go on these great trips to Denver, Colorado. We saw the Grand Canyon, Washington, D.C., Georgia, the mountains. So, he gave us a great life, and we have wonderful stories, but the stability is something that I always grew up thinking, “Why the heck are we going on this vacation and, like, the foreclosure is still pending?” You know. So, it was a really interesting balance.

Michelle: Yeah. That requires also…You must have been really mature, you know, as a young lady or as a young girl because…

Jantzen: You should tell that to my parents.

Michelle: …just even to think about it. You know what I mean? So then what makes you decide? Because you’re thinking, “Okay, I need to pay the bills.” Corporate America, is this your thing? You know, “I’m going to go for that,” and you’re in it for 12 years. I mean, you were climbing the corporate ladder, and what makes you decide to leave…? You know, what was missing in your life?

Jantzen: Yeah. So, I think for my husband and I…both of us entered the same field. Both of us were in financial services, and my career path was actually going quite well. And when I switched teams, I went to another group, and the lady that brought me in, you know, she sat me down and she said, “Jantzen, I don’t want you to run away from something. I want you to run to something.” So, she specifically created an environment that I was drawn to. I’m like, “Oh, my gosh. I get to work on these awesome projects and really contribute.” And that job aside, that thought, and that concept for me, I don’t know that she meant to do it, but she stuck a little seed in my head, and it just started to grow. And I just kept thinking, like, “What am I running towards now?”

Because my husband and I, you know, when we graduated from college, for whatever reason, I said this to Jack too, “I thought $100,000, for whatever reason, that is the number.” I was like, “If I make $100,000, like, we’re going to be living large. I can retire,” you know. And as you’re well aware, when those dollar amounts grows, your life kind of grows with it. And we hit $100,000 and it came and went, and we’re still like, “Why are we still broke?” You know. We still had great vacations. We had a great house, but I wasn’t concerned about the bills, but why did I still feel like I didn’t have enough? So, that was one thing. There was a money issue, like, “I think I’m hitting the right goals, but it’s not reflecting in my lifestyle.” That was one thing.

And the second thing is what was I running towards? It got to a point, and you’ve talked about this before, where you’re so good at what you do it starts to become boring, and I’m like, “Why am I still doing this?” And it’s not because my bosses didn’t try, weren’t pushing me. They were always looking for ways for me to excel, but at a certain point, it’s like, “There’s more I can be doing. I don’t know what it is, but there’s something else for me, and if I don’t pursue that or at least tune into that message, I’m going to go to my deathbed regretting something.”

Michelle: Yeah. Yeah.

Jantzen: And I was not going to let that happen.

Michelle: Wonderful. Yes. And so, you start in multifamily, Jantzen.

Jantzen: Yeah.

Michelle: So, you’re going about your business working on these amazing projects, and then somehow, you know, you’re driving that car and you look over, and what, the world of real estate, all of a sudden, showed up?

Jantzen: So, it’s funny. As many times as I tell this story, I have to go to my husband like, “What the heck was the actual trigger?” We forgot. I don’t know what it was.

Michelle: Okay. No worries. It doesn’t matter. But somehow [inaudible 00:10:05] you to start buying, you know, I think a fourplex or…?

Jantzen: A fourplex. Yeah. So, I picked up “Rich Dad Poor Dad.” I read it in, like, a weekend. I forced my husband to read it before we had to return it to the library, and I’m like, “You have to do this.” So, that got me spinning down this rabbit hole of, like, “What do you mean? People just wake up and money comes to them.” Like, “This doesn’t make any sense to me.” So, I started, you know, joining…joined a Real Estate Investment Association, fell into YouTube, gobbled up any bit of information I could. And I told this story on Jack’s podcast, but the gist is I just started taking little steps, and what I noticed is that every time I would, like, for example, pick up the phone call, I went on Craigslist, found that this fourplex was available, I just dialed the number.

And my husband’s like, “You have no idea how to buy a fourplex.” I was like, “I don’t know, but the person on the other call does, I’m sure. I’m sure they do, so let’s call that person and he’ll tell me how to buy it,” you know. It’s like every time you make a little step, it was almost like it was easy. And I hesitate to use that word because I don’t want people to think like, oh, it could happen to this and cash will fall from the sky. Like, it’s not that. You have to be willing to pick up the phone. You have to be willing to be open to whatever the answer is on the other line, even if it’s not what you were expecting, right?

Michelle: Absolutely.

Jantzen: But if you keep making some steps forward, you’re going to look back and it’s almost like God was like, “Okay, you ready? Because I was waiting. I was waiting for you to take a couple. There’s your path. Go ahead. Go walk,” you know. And so, yeah we…

Michelle: The universe is waiting for us to show up. Absolutely.

Jantzen: Absolutely. Absolutely. And that’s why I would go back to the word easy. It’s like once you started making those steps, the path becomes clearer as you start walking.

Michelle: It’s almost, Jantzen, like you’re aligning with what’s out there for you, and you’re claiming it, and you’re going for it. Yeah.

Jantzen: Absolutely.

Michelle: I totally feel what you’re saying. Totally feel what you’re saying.

Jantzen: Yes.

Michelle: That’s like you’re in a different frequency, you know what I mean?

Jantzen: Yes.

Michelle: So then fast forward, you then somehow in 2017 come across, you know, Land Profit Generator. And what was your initial reaction? What did you think about this whole land flipping concept? Because you now are not new to real estate, but you’re used to the complications of, you know, dealing with tenants, of contractors, of repairs, of calls from your tenants when something breaks because it’s not big enough of a volume of [inaudible 00:12:54.552] in order for you to justify having someone take care of those things for you. You know what I mean? And so on and so forth. So, what did you think about this whole land flipping thing, and most importantly, the ability not just to create big cash profits, but cashflow?

Jantzen: Oh, yes. So, before we get there, my initial thought…So, we met you through our local Real Estate Investment Association, or REIA, and when I saw flipping, like land flipping, my initial reaction was, “Boring.” Like, “Where are the granite countertops?” Like, “What’s going on? It’s just a tree. No one is going to think a tree is sexy,” you know, but what was sexy were three things, in particular, that Jack did that are just his moneymakers, right? He talked about the fact that you can work remotely. And even at that time, I knew we had to create more cash because we couldn’t keep investing in these apartment buildings just on our income alone.

Michelle: Yeah. Bootstrapping. Yeah. Absolutely.

Jantzen: Yeah. And so, we were already interested in wholesaling to get that quick cash, but because of our corporate jobs, I’m never going to be the person to pick up the phone first or be able to meet you at your property first. So, that wasn’t really right for us. And we had two small children, so when he said that you could do it remotely, I was like, “Okay, I’m listening,” and I’m glad I did because, especially right now in the middle of the pandemic, where would we be? You know.

Michelle: I know, I know.

Jantzen: So, number one, that’s what drove me, the fact that it was remote. The second piece that was a really powerful demonstration, he asked the audience, there were about 300 people in attendance, how many are flipping houses, or renting houses, or storage units, or apartments? Literally, every hand goes up, and then he says, “How many of you are flipping land?” And I kid you not, three. And he turned around and he said, “That is your competition.” And I’m like, “Okay, well, that’s number two. I’m in. I’m in.” And a little point on this whole competition thing, for those of you that have not yet delved into real estate or business in general, it’s co-opetition. Like, we’re all out here doing our thing but there is space for everybody.

Michelle: Good one. Yeah.

Jantzen: So, be the best of you.

Michelle: Absolutely. Exactly. You know, shine, be of service to both your sellers and your buyers, you know. Just be a good human and give them a reason to do business with you versus anyone else.

Jantzen: Exactly.

Michelle: Absolutely.

Jantzen: No one can you do as well as you can do you, so just do you. Don’t worry about everybody else. Okay. So, the third thing that I love, so it was the remote work, the competition, but then what you said, cashflow. So, that’s something I talk to people about all the time, whether I’m coaching them or I’m meeting them on the street because I can’t stand in line with you at the grocery store without talking about real estate. I’m sorry, just get out of my way. It’s going to come up. It’s true.

Michelle: Like, you got a pulse and you’re going to talk to them about land flipping.

Jantzen: Oh, yes. I was at Goodwill the other day and this guy was so excited, one of the workers at Goodwill, because he just got approved for a loan to buy a house, and I was just celebrating with him like no other. And I was like, “Look, if you can get a loan for a house, honey, just think about buying a duplex. Just think about it and live in one side, you know, rent out the other,” and his eyes, just, like, the concept blew his mind. And I don’t know if he’s going to run with it or not, but that’s why God put me on this planet. I just want to throw seeds out there, you know? Because if it bears fruit for someone else and changes a life in a family, that’s it. Yeah.

Michelle: Now, Jantzen, you know, I know you mentioned, and I forgot to mention in the beginning when we were introducing you, so you start land flipping, and I think in the first year, you guys completely knocked the ball out of the park. You did 31 deals. You know, you [inaudible 00:17:06].

Jantzen: Oh, no, no, no. That was after we did coaching. So, we first…

Michelle: After you did coaching. Okay.

Jantzen: Yes. Yes.

Michelle: So, tell us about before…Yeah. Go ahead.

Jantzen: Okay. No, no, no. Yeah. So, let’s get the ramp-up here.

Michelle: Yeah. Let’s get the ramp-up. So, of course, you get some deals done.

Jantzen: Yeah. And that’s another thing too. A lot of people will sometimes ask me like, “Oh, you know, I need to invest $20,000, $50,000, $100,000 to get started.” I was like, “Look, you start with where you’re at,” you know. All we had was…I think at that time, the course was, like, $2,000 or something. I don’t know where it’s at now, but back then, you know, we’re like, “Okay, well, this is what we’ve got, so let’s start with what we’ve got.” So, we did the course and just based off of the information that was there, we were able to do our first deal in about 45 days, and it was $13,000, which is the fastest $13,000 I’ve ever made at that point in my life.

Michelle: Especially compared to, you know, having…

Jantzen: My $100,000…

Michelle: … [crosstalk 00:18:07.932] multifamily. Yeah. Absolutely. Absolutely.

Jantzen: Oh, yeah. Yeah. So, when I did that, I was like, “Okay, this works, and clearly, you know, I can do it on my own.” So, my husband and I spent the next year, and we did five more deals, which wasn’t terrible. And it’s funny because if I would just say that to a house flipper, they’d be like, “You are rocking it,” but in land, it’s like, “Oh, I only did five deals,” you know.

Michelle: I know. It’s like we don’t realize, you know, there is reality out there outside of this land flipping world, and then there’s, like, what I like to call our land profit normal, which, you know, is…And then you normalize that and then you realize, “Oh, you know, this is not how the rest of the world is operating. Like, my results here aren’t really typical compared to, you know, any other real estate strategy for sure.” And so then you guys do five deals and you decide to scale, and did you attend the Land Profit Maximizer workshop?

Jantzen: So, that came after we joined on board. So at the time we signed up for coaching, and I think it was very new, so, yeah, we…

Michelle: Okay, and it was part of coaching. Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Jantzen: That’s right. That’s right. So, back then it was part of coaching.

Michelle: It was part of coaching. Yeah.

Jantzen: So, yeah, we did. And if you are in the land business and you haven’t done that, you know, you can do this business without it. We certainly did, but I will tell you with the investment dominator, the maximizer class, it not only teaches you how to use the software, but really tips and tricks on how to grow your business the smart way, so with that, plus someone there to hold us accountable every 2 weeks, to check in with us, to point at the right direction, we did 31 deals.

Michelle: That is fantastic. That is pretty amazing. So, it was the accountability, it was the probably running into a problem or a specific situation and having the availability of someone there to kind of, like, guide you, navigate through, you know, just from experience on how to deal with it in the best possible way because there’s no way…I know you mentioned the word easy. It’s easy in comparison to other real estate strategies, but that doesn’t mean that we don’t meet roadblocks, that we don’t have challenges that we have to overcome, which, by the way, is now…I know, Jantzen, this is one of your superpowers because now we are very blessed, you know, in having both you and Steve be coaches inside of the Land Profit Generator family. And I know one of your superpowers is not just…you know. You guys are incredibly process-oriented and very data-driven when it comes to making your decisions, you know, within your land flipping business, but also, you excel in creativity, in breaking down mental barriers, and really getting to the finish line in a creative way and figuring out, “Okay, what’s it going to take for us to get money in the bank?”

Jantzen: Exactly. Exactly.

Michelle: Yeah. So, like I said, we are so blessed to have you guys. And now, what are you excited about right now for the future? Because now you guys…you know. Or let me phrase it this. So now you have gone through coaching, you know. You are now a coach yourself. What kinds of properties…where are you pivoting towards? In the beginning, you know, it’s glamorous and sexy to talk about volume, and there’s nothing wrong with volume, you know.

Jantzen: Oh, yeah.

Michelle: That’s exactly how basically we did our first seven-figure year, in land, is just focusing on volume. And then at some point, we were like, “Okay, we can do that, but we can also start looking at the quality of the deals as well.”

Jantzen: That’s right.

Michelle: You know, because our technique is not just…or our strategy, our method is not just low-priced dollar land, but it’s higher-priced, you know. We pretty much do all kinds of land. Like, we never say no to a $5,000 spread, you know, in profit, but if I can work the same amount of work for that $5,000 that I’m going to for a $50,000 spread, then why not go for the $50,000? Right?

Jantzen: Exactly.

Michelle: So, tell us, where are you guys at? Where are you pivoting towards?

Jantzen: Yeah. So, similar to you, after we did those 31 deals, there was a little rah-rah, but also that’s a lot of work. I just…”No, that’s not why I got into this business. I didn’t want a second job,” right. So, now as 2020…So, at the beginning of 2020…

Michelle: And Steven, has he retired from his corporate job as well?

Jantzen: Oh yeah. So, Steven went before I did, so yeah. He’s…

Michelle: And this is all on just land flipping.

Jantzen: All. Yes. Exclusively. Well, we do have our two apartment buildings as well, and now we’re stepping into transactional funding, which is at someplace I kind of thought we would get to in, like, 10 years, and we did it in 2, so…

Michelle: It’s about engineering the next level of growth, and then once you’re there you realize, “Oh, my God, there’s a whole new set level of possibilities out there,” right?

Jantzen: Yeah.

Michelle: Yeah. I totally see what you guys are seeing for sure.

Jantzen: So, it’s funny because…I’m going to go back and answer a different question because why not? And we’ll come back. So, Steven was asking…In the beginning of our business, like, he was very hesitant to outsource anything, and his rationale was, “Look, I’m doing this full time. If I don’t do the mail myself, what am I going to do all day?” And there is no shortage of greatness for you to achieve. There are people who need your help in every aspect, so if you give up this little piece that is not adding much value, printing, stuffing, putting a stamp, putting in the mail, let someone else do that for whom that is their genius. They’ve got processes, and factories, and wonderful things for that, and so now you can work on the next level challenge. Maybe work on automating the way that we select counties and get that in the line. Then you start working on, you know, other efficiencies.

And I was so excited when you and Jack asked us to join coaching because now we’re not only able to experience the deal flow in our own world, we’re able to see so many other scenarios from our students, and not only does that selfishly help us learn more as we’re working these different scenarios, we’re starting to now get our cup filled. I think it’s always happened, but we now get our cup filled when we see other people succeed. That is a totally different level of…

Michelle: But you have to have that mindset that they’re not my competition.

Jantzen: No, no, no.

Michelle: There’s enough for everyone. There’s enough…you know. You know, if I lift the tide for myself, we’re lifting it for all of us, you know what I mean?

Jantzen: Yes.

Michelle: It makes us all better, absolutely.

Jantzen: Sorry to interrupt, but going back to that whole point about transactional funding, because they’re doing deals, now we can help them do deals and everybody makes money. I’m like, “What?” If you had explained that to me two years ago, that just doesn’t make sense. Oh, I have to keep everything to myself because, you know, I don’t want anyone to steal my deal, you know. It’s crazy.

Michelle: It is. It is. It is. So now, if you had a piece of advice for someone that is new to the land flipping world and are considering either joining the Land Profit Maximizer or joining coaching, you know, what would you say now in hindsight?

Jantzen: In hindsight.

Michelle: Go for it, do it faster, do it sooner.

Jantzen: So, I think I needed to go at the pace that we went at because of my mindset, and I’m like, “I can figure everything out. Like, I don’t need this extra help.” So, I needed that year to be like, “Okay, I did five, but is that really my best?” And that’s when I…The situation convinced me, “No, we need someone else to take us to that next level.” So, the timing was okay. I think what I would tell people coming into this is don’t expect this to be additive for your business. This is going to be a multiplier for your business, which means if you come in and are willing to do nothing, don’t get mad when you get nothing, right? Zero times anything is still zero. But if you’re willing to come in and put in some work, you know, you’re putting in two times the work, three times the work, you’re going to have us here to give you those strategies to take you to the next level, you’re not going to come out with, you know, twice as much. You’re going to come out with 10 times as much. So, that’s what I would tell people.

Michelle: It is for sure. It is, you know, you come at it trying to kind of dip your toe in the water and then you realize, wow, what an amazing opportunity. Because it is a million-dollar opportunity. That’s why we always say, you know, we want to create 1,000 millionaires in the next couple of years because if you look at it from the get-go like that and then you experience, you know, you get the taste that it is actually true that it’s possible, you know, it’s like you’re on your way. There’s nothing stopping you, like hyper-growth, success, whatever it is that you’ve been dreaming of, you know, cannot elude you if you’re willing to put in the work for sure. If someone wanted to connect with you, Jantzen, you know, how can people find about you and find out more about you or connect with you?

Jantzen: Sure. So, you can find me on Facebook. That’s where I’m probably the most active in responding, so Jantzen Jazz Young on Facebook. Instagram, I’m Jantzen Land Flipper, and TikTok. Now I’m a TikTok star.

Michelle: I know. I need to start TikTok account now. I’ve seen some of your videos, you know, and I’m like, “Oh.” It looks like a lot of fun for sure.

Jantzen: It is a lot of fun.

Michelle: I’m starting one together with Sophia because I know she would want to be on it as well. She [crosstalk 00:29:12].

Jantzen: Yeah. That’ll be a lot of fun.

Michelle: We’re considering right now, you know, at her 13th birthday perhaps gifting her with one, even though she is a few dollars short of just doing it on her own from selling t-shirts and tooth fairy money and all kinds of…Do you know what I mean?

Jantzen: Yeah.

Michelle: I love her t-shirt business. That’s a killer.

Michelle: Yes, yes, yes. Now, also before we wrap up, I always like asking my guests because it is about inflows of cash, you know, a win in that category of your life translates to a win for the most part in other categories, but that’s not our full, our entirety of our lives. So, how do you incorporate faith, you know, ease, grace to your every day to meet challenges? You know, I’m very curious, especially because you said that your father was a pastor, so…

Jantzen: Oh, yeah. For other PKs out there, you know who you are, that’s a preacher’s kid…

Michelle: Okay.

Jantzen: …your life is in a fishbowl, right? If you do anything, like, everybody knows about it. So, I did grow up very much on the straight and narrow, and faith has been a pillar of my youth and into adulthood as well. It’s something we instill in our children constantly because it…you know, I understand some people can get jaded, like, “Oh,” you know, with religion, and organized religion. I understand, but the idea that we are floating around in this universe by ourselves and everything is chance is just my personal life has proven to me that’s not true. You know, when you put your desires out there and you stay faithful to that, if anybody tries it, you are going to find your path and the universe will reveal herself/himself to you.

So, anyway, I’ll leave that where it is, but I will say what I started doing, incorporating into my faith is daily meditation, and when I started this, it was such, like, a little frou-frou thing. Like, I don’t know about those people, like the beards and the yoga, I don’t know. By the way, yoga is amazing, with that said. Love it. But I did start meditating and, at first, it was just 5 minutes a day, 10 minutes a day, 15 minutes a day, but particularly for entrepreneurs like us, your brain is constantly thinking about solving the next problem, like tackling the next opportunity, so sometimes it’s more difficult for us to take that moment to step away and just be in a moment, just celebrate where you are, just enjoy the air around you, you know, just these moments. So, if anyone has not tried that, I certainly recommend it. And there’s apps that will help you get started. It’s not weird or scary at all, but it does introduce a lot of ease into your day, the same stressful situation, you just don’t feel the same way.

Michelle: Yeah. You start getting a little bit of more distance because you’re starting to realize, “Okay, you know, a purple squirrel [inaudible 00:32:48]” and that all of those are just thoughts, kind of like clouds in the sky floating by. And so, you start recognizing a little bit more distance between you and your thoughts, which, in my opinion, whenever you are in a stressful situation and your mind is going absolutely wild, you can recognize, “Yeah, those are also clouds in the sky.” You know, this is not…” you know. Just because this is the story I’m telling myself right now, and I’m painting this horrific, you know, possibility that that is just a cloud passing by in the sky. That that is not what’s real, you know.

Jantzen: Exactly.

Michelle: So, yeah, at least that’s my experience of it, you know, and so…

Jantzen: Yeah. And I’m not trying to convince someone to do something they don’t already know or experience, all I can do is share my truth.

Michelle: Yeah. And it’s not sitting five minutes. You can find that, you know, those moments of integration, working out, going on a walk, hiking. I mean, it’s that pretty much, moments of integration when you’re fully there with your body present with your mind and not, you know, frightening about the future or being upset about the past, for sure. So, Jantzen, thank you so, so very much. It was such a pleasure having you today, and I am excited about the future. I’m excited about, you know, you guys being part of the Harvard of land flipping. I like to call it that way because we, I mean, the group…you know, our community really is constantly…or it’s being built by 1% of the top of land flippers in the country, you know, in terms of expertise, knowledge, approach, just from being in the trenches day in and day out. And, you know, we couldn’t be more blessed to have you both, you know, now be part of being on the other end and, you know, wanting others to find the rainbow that you guys have found and bless others with just your guidance, your expertise, your insights, and your support at every step of the way. So, thank you so, so very much.

Jantzen: Thank you for the opportunity. I really appreciate it.

Michelle: I hope this episode left you feeling inspired and ready to get inflows of cash, inflows of light, and inflows of faith in your life. I welcome your reviews on iTunes. Please leave me a review and help me create an amazing community of women in flow. Thank you, as always, for sharing your voice by going to and joining the conversation about this show. And while you’re there, grab a copy of my “10 Commandments to Living a Life Inflow.” You can also follow me on Facebook at Michelle Bosch and on Instagram @michelleboschofficial. Thank you very much, and until the next one.

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