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Episode 107: A Little-Known Secret to Getting 6-Figure Land Deals

There’s a lot of conversation and hoopla around bigger land deals right now, and with good reason. They’re the fastest, most potent way to turbo-charge your land profits. And, yes, there’s an actual blueprint to finding the right market, the right offer, the right way to talk to more sophisticated buyers and sellers. But before all of that, there’s something most investors don’t talk about, an important ingredient that will give you the power to get those big deals.

That ingredient is confidence. Confidence is 100% power. It’s about finding an unwavering connection and trust in yourself—or trust in the experience and expertise of a mentor that you’re going to lean on. I’m not talking about a mentor who will be your hero. I’m talking about a mentor who will guide you to become your own hero, your family’s hero.

If you find yourself stuck in small deals, there is something inside of you that needs to be activated. Your soul is craving that higher level of confidence. I’m truly a believer in the fact that, when our soul wants to expand and grow, there will be people who cross our paths or things we hear that will inspire us to push through and move forward into that bigger, bolder reality we were made for. You can expect your ego to fight you as you embark on this new journey, but this just means you’re so close to an amazing breakthrough.

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In this episode of the InFLOW podcast, I share:

  • Ways to push through the resistance of your ego saying no
  • Why you need to put yourself in situations you can’t back out of
  • How to become the hero of your own storyline

This is bigger than just 6-figure land deals. This is about you seeing the sacred in what you’re doing and being attracted to a growth beyond a bank balance. You’re expanding your consciousness, finding your courage, and becoming who you were meant to be all along.

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