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Episode 102: Recreating Your Financial Life with Land Flipping with Lauri Maines

Lauri Maines worked for the same manufacturing company for 32 years. As the industry changed, she and the owner began to butt heads, and Lauri was let go. Her shock and fear quickly turned to excitement. For the first time ever, she thought, “Wow, what do I want to do?” This was her chance to follow her joy, take a different path, and reinvent herself.

The next morning, the universe whispered in her ear via a radio ad about wholesaling houses. She and her husband jumped on the real estate bandwagon, did a few house flips (which she doesn’t recommend), and explored several other areas of real estate as well, none of which felt like a perfect fit. And then a guy named Jack Bosch came to Las Vegas and talked about land flipping. She told her husband, “This is it. This will work. I know it.” And it did.

Her daughter initially expressed hesitation at this new plan. “You’ve invested so much time and energy already,” she said. “Yes,” Lauri said, “and all of that brought me here, to land flipping. It was my education, and education costs money.” All that trial and error laid the groundwork for their new land flipping business to take off and soar.

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In this episode of the InFLOW podcast, Lauri tells us:

  • How she pushed past impostor syndrome and faked it ‘til she made it.
  • What it’s like being in a business partnership with her life partner.
  • How they managed to start a successful land flipping company mid-pandemic.
  • The three biggest pieces of advice she would give women entrepreneurs.

Lauri spent most of her life just being satisfied and never reached outside her comfort zone to chase her dreams. And, now, at a time in life when most people retire, Lauri is just getting started with no plans to stop.

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