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A Journey To Financial Freedom With Megan Autrey

In this episode of InFlow, we celebrate one of our most inspirational land investors, Megan Autrey, who discovered financial freedom with the power of the Land Profit Coaching program.

If you have heard Jack and I speak about why land investing could change your life, you will know it can create freedom of cash, time, relationship, and purpose – just like it has for us. You also may have thought that this is simply too good to be true, right?

In 2019, when Megan Autrey’s mother, Martina Johnson, brought her along to one of our pre-Covid live events in Denver, she had similar reservations.

However, despite her initial skepticism, she made a decision that would change her life forever.

Tune into this week’s episode of the InFlow Podcast to witness Megan’s inspirational journey from a “poverty mindset” to living a life of abundance.

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A Leap Of Faith to Financial Freedom

In 2019, Megan was a busy mother of two, raising her young daughters together with her firefighter husband. She worked as a white water rafting coach in Colorado in the summer but was facing the prospect of returning to work full-time to meet her financial obligations.

After attending the Land Profit Live Event, Megan started to dive into the self-learning program but made a few critical errors that seriously hindered her progress.

After much trial and error, Megan and her mother realized that they needed a mentor and enrolled in the Land Profit Coaching program in 2020.

“We knew that the system could work. However, there were some subtleties and nuances that I just could not figure out for myself. Within three weeks of having Mike Smyre as our coach, we closed our first deal and made $17K. It was just deal after heal in the weeks that followed, and we closed out 2020 with $171k in net profits!”

Megan Autrey – 2020

Taking on the Land Profit Coaching program was not an easy decision for Megan, who has always been taught to spend very frugally. Still, Megan found her courage. Despite having no prior real estate experience, she has built a land investing business that has allowed her to experience financial freedom for the first time in her life.

Finding Financial Freedom

Megan went from losing sleep over how she was going to cover her bills every month to having the freedom of cash and time needed to reach her true potential as a business leader, wife, and mother.

Megan has now turned her attention to mentoring others as a Land Profit Master Coach. She is committed to sharing the transformational power of the Land Profit Coaching program with women who are in the position she was in three years ago and guiding them to a better, more meaningful life. I am profoundly privileged to have her join me in my mission to transform women’s lives with land investing.

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