Group 305

Why Not Us? Why Not Now?

For the last 9 years I have set a theme for the New Year to serve as the North Star for our family…for 2020 I have chosen as our theme more than just a word but actually 2 questions. Usually great questions yield great answers.

Our theme for this year of 2020 Vision is: Why not Us? Why not Now? WE are here NOW to raise the wealth and prosperity consciousness of our family and that of the planet.

This is a Bold statement but I am here in this particular point in time to CREATE what I have known for years WE deserve.

And we only Deserve what we Create with open hearts, not what we wish we could have …if we had more time, if we had more faith, if we were younger, if we weighed less, if we had more experience, if we had the right partner, if we had more money, if we were younger, if we were older, if we were stronger, etc etc

Being the CREATOR of a new Change …one that can really make a Difference can be Hard.

Time changes a person no doubt but I want to be instead a person that Changes Times and the trajectory of our family and of many families that I come in contact with.

Taking a leap of faith is hard, Trusting that after you jump your wings will show up is hard, not doubting yourself is hard, banking on yourself is hard, investing in yourself is hard, being courageous is hard, commiting is hard, creating a new destiny is hard, changing the course of generations is hard, creating and building a legacy is hard…but life is not just about you but about those around you.

Time Changes people, but there are people who change Times. May you be one of them… because Why not YOU? Why not NOW?

Wishing you Abundant Times in 2020 and beyond!!!

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