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ICONIC With Ali Brown

Wow! What a great 2 days at Ali Brown’s Iconic Event where I got to share my story with some of the top women entrepreneurs and forces of nature from all across the world.

I had the opportunity to meet and chat with Cindy Ekhert, creator of the “female viagra” who sold her company for $1Billion after seeing an amazing gap in the market where there were 26 similar products for men and zero for women even though the science supporting biological causes and not just psychological causes has been available for years.

I feel re-energized and my thinking over the last two days has been expanded, and once a mind and heart are expanded…they never go back to their original state.

So many takeaways but here are some:

-Embrace the Workhorse to Become the Unicorn

-Most problems come from thinking too small.

-Pain comes from trying to do business “normally” and being stuck in unconscious biases vs innovating and creating your own laws of nature within your industry.

-Stop following false metrics trying to keep up with the Jones’.

-We are the first generation of free, educated and wealthy women and we are here to lead at a much higher level but in order to do so we need to give ourselves permission to receive joy and believe there is more.

-The world does not need more followers, we need more leaders, that think for themselves, that break the rules, that challenge the norm and provide innovative solutions.

-The most courageous act is to think for yourself even if that means being a contrarian.

-Play a Bigger Game, which often means follow your higher calling, and the Energy will come.

-It is exhilarating to stand in the Power of what you came here to do and this requires “Delusional Confidence” or like my friend Eleanor Beaton calls it, Radical Conviction.

I hope one day, my own daughter stands on my shoulders of my “Delusional Confidence” and continues to raise the bar and redefine what success is, and what to be a courageous woman and a leader means especially when it comes to creating wealth and being transformational to others.

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