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Episode 80: Trusting Your Vision with Katerina Satori

Katerina Satori is an internationally-acclaimed spiritual teacher and thought leader who has dedicated her life to serving humanity, helping women activate our highest potential and create a rich legacy. 

She was a child growing up in the Soviet Union when it collapsed, and she knew that if she wanted a better life, she had to earn it and develop it through her own hard work. She’d need to take leaps of faith and trust her vision. So that’s exactly what she did.

Katerina loves helping women perceive their reality through what she calls five different eyes: your physical eye, the eye of the mind, the eye of the soul, the eye of the womb, and the eye of the heart. “The mind is not our master,” she says. “It’s here to be the servant of an awakened heart.”

She teaches women how to become leaders by embracing the idea that leadership is deeply connected to our relationship with our own power. The more we rise in 1.) realizing that our power has been hidden, suppressed, denied, then 2.) we begin to embrace and awaken that power within and 3.) we begin to wield that power wisely and progress in our leadership.

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Today on the InFLOW podcast, Katerina tells Michelle:

  • How to create an environment that sets you up for an inspired life.
  • How to lead with curiosity instead of anxiety.
  • Three simple, beautiful, and exciting steps for bringing your ideas to fruition.
  • How to ensure you’ll leave behind a meaningful and significant legacy.

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Katerina: When you’re connected to your why, it’s so much bigger than closing the deal. It’s like you are altering somebody’s life. Right? And that would drive you to show up and to continue to expand that service and more and more people could have this different quality of life, different quality of experience.

Michelle: Welcome to the “InFLOW” podcast. I am your host, Michelle Bosch. I see a gaping hole across society that focuses on the outer work and forgets about the inner work. And what we really need is to bridge the gap between prosperity and spirituality to live a life in flow with inflows of light, inflows of cash, inflows of creativity, inflows of grace in our lives. Each week join me for powerful messages and interviews that will leave you inspired and ready to step into flow in your higher work. So, now, let’s go.

Welcome to the “InFLOW” podcast. I’m your host, Michelle Bosch. And I am so, so excited I cannot contain my excitement today. I have an amazing guest with me. Her name is Katerina Satori and I will do a brief intro about her. But just know that I’ve been following this amazing leader for a little bit over 10 months, I believe, in and out and I am obsessed with her, her wisdom. She is also obsessed with wisdom with courage, with sovereignty. And so Katerina is an internationally acclaimed spiritual teacher. She’s a business and thought leader and entrepreneur. She dedicated her life, you know, to serving humanity, supporting her students, her clients, activating their highest potential, and helping us create a rich legacy. And that’s exactly where I think she has been helping me even though she might not know it, but now she will know after this conversation together. So, Katerina, welcome to “InFLOW.” We are excited to have you here. I know that you’re all about, you know, it doesn’t matter what cards life gave you to begin with. The rules are the same, but the skills of the players are different. So, let’s go ahead and master life that you’re all about mastery. So, welcome. Tell me, how are you feeling today?

Katerina: It’s so beautiful to be in your energy. I just love it. I love your passion and I’d love to share this moment with you.

Michelle: I am super excited to have you. Yeah. You don’t even know. So, Katerina, I think when I was… When you’re going through Facebook and all of a sudden you have a thumb-stopping moment, I think it was because I instantly recognized something in you and that is also in me. Since I can remember I have been this hard cash mystic. You know what I mean? I’m fascinated with everything, you know, mysticism, hidden truth, hidden wisdom. And how can I, you know, apply that to my very human, you know, mundane life. And so tell us a little bit about how you grew up. I know you’re an immigrant into the U.S. as well. And more specifically, how did you grow up around money?

Katerina: Yeah. Well, I was raised by a single mother who always…I always saw my mother working two jobs. And I’m always just, you know, really trying to make it into survive. And I grew up during the Soviet Union. And when I was just barely seven years old, the Soviet Union collapsed. So, what we experienced, you know, was the pandemic this year, just multiply that times 20 when the Soviet Union collapsed and people lost all of their savings and all of their sense of security. And you know, we get imprinted by the external reality in the first seven years so deeply. So, for me, I grew up with a deep sense of instability, seeing my mother just working so hard and using her body. Like the model that I saw for my mother, she would sacrifice her body, you know, working on the factory, washing this heavy metal bins constantly in the water, killing her thyroid, killing her adrenals.

And when I saw it… It was always struggle, always just, like, barely making it. When I saw it I remember giving myself this promise that I will never rely on my body alone to make it through life. And I was aware that I had some decent good looks by the age of 12 because in Russia, like, people objectify women like 10 times worse than in U.S. It’s very, like, out in the open there. So, I had this wisdom that was coming from beyond my mind of a child. It was kind of a mystical remembrance that you gotta start planning, you gotta start developing your intelligence, you gotta start thinking, if you want a different life, it’s not coming to you on a silver platter. It gets to be earned, it gets to be developed, and it gets to be built by taking lots of leap of faith and trusting your vision. It was there, but I grew up with very little, Michelle. So, very, very little.

Michelle: Now, you talk… Right now you said, you know, trusting your vision, and that is something that is a very… When I hear that, you know, it has spiritual aspects in it, but it has very tangible accessible, you know, aspects to it in that it’s something that is produced by your mind, by your imagination. You know what I mean? That’s what vision is. And it also has ingredients of you being able to connect with, you know, a higher, you know, bigger consciousness and the one that lives, you know, just in between your two ears. I always say that, you know, there’s genius out there and that we all have access to everyone else’s genius if we just don’t see each other as, you know, a competitor, but as more as collaborators and all of us being part of, like, you know, a little piece of the puzzle.

And so in that sense, let’s talk about the mind and how basically, what that is to you in how you cultivate it over the years, you know, because they can be a tool that either serves us or that also assaults us. I remember times when, you know, I suffer from incredible burnout back in 2011, and that’s when I think it was the result of a period of time in my life where I was using my mind, but also my body to be in constant generation and production mode and not recognizing that there was an easier way to that that I was basically following mental models of what success looked like. You know what I mean? And my mind was assaulting me and making me continue running faster and faster and faster instead of pausing to recognize to listen to hidden rhythms and signs that my body was giving me and so on and so forth. So, tell me a little bit about what do you think is the mind there or more than anything an awakened mind?

Katerina: Yes. You gave me so much gold there to work with. I will start…I will back up a little bit then I can bring this conversation to the mind. You know what helps me is this metaphor, I love sharing this metaphor, that we can see the world actually through three different eyes. So, we start becoming aware that we have a physical eye. We see everything through physical eye. And then we begin to open the eye of the mind. That’s where imagination and the genius and visualization comes to play. But then there is also a third eye which is the eye of the soul. And then the eye of the soul opens up. That’s where we tap into our most greatest vision. And then the mind is here to be the servant of the soul, the tool that we use, right? And then there is also when it comes to women since you and I both serve women, I love helping women to understand that they also have the womb eye. So, the wisdom of the womb is so powerful and the heart eye.

So, now we have five levels of awareness. But they start with a physical eye, then the mind eye, then the soul eye, then the mind connects with the heart and it opens the heart eye, and then we have the womb eye. So, then you begin to perceive your reality through these five different lenses. And then the burnout is not gonna serve you as you already experienced. I went through the burnout as well. We can start a whole other conversation on that. Because you begin to move slowly, much slower and you’re able to see so many things multidimensional at the same time. So, the mind is not our master. The mind is here to be the servant of an awakened heart. So, the heart always knows. The heart has this immediate sense of knowing. Just like you said, when you found me on Facebook, something deeper recognized your vibration. You read the familiarity. And this is…

When I share with my fellow entrepreneur women and I say we have this beautiful, powerful awareness called our intuition, instant sense of knowing. And then the mind when we train the mind always to bow down to our intuition. Our intuition knows first and is here to assess situation, to analyze, to really be used as a tool. Mind is also a fantastic…it’s a fantastic way to refine the vision that comes from the heart. Right? So, always the mind serves the heart. And that’s something, you know, I continually work on, Michelle, because my mind is so strong. If I’m not aware, it can begin to run the show, right? It’s so powerful and like, “Oh, here I am,” again, thinking that this is all… So, it takes that pauses, it takes… I just recently committed to a daily meditation of 10 minutes a day. And this is not a practice that I have a lot of consistency with. So, it’s really something that I recommit. I fall off the wagon, I’m like, “Okay. Time to recommit to this 10 minutes a day.” And what it does, it helps to take that very, very full active filled with rich ideas mind and kind of empty it out. Empty it out so there’s path of least resistance itself when you have space for it in your mind.

So, that’s the first one. And then the second one, a lot of times I share how powerful it is to choose your preferred reality. And that’s why the mind is such an incredible tool. You use your mind kind of like a telescope. Right? Like a mental telescope, you zero in on your preferred reality. And for us, women, it’s the reality that feels as the most juicy, the most filled with light, the most filled with delight and pleasure. It’s only a matter of time where a woman begins to feel disconnected living through masculine-driven values whereas it’s just goal after goal after goal after goal. Eventually, we climb all this mountain and we say, “You know what? It doesn’t fulfill me.” And that woman begins to remember. The whole magic is in the process. It’s in the journey, right? It’s creating these connections where you and I connect and nothing else exists for me, but the beauty of this moment, right? And we begin to feel rich within. And when we begin to feel rich within, our reality begins to mirror that, but with much more ease and flow without sacrifice and pain.

Michelle: Yeah, I can totally relate that. We always talk about, you know, in our coaching, you know, business, you know, with our clients and students, we always say that money is a matter of the heart that it is… There’s so many, you know, misconceptions in terms of like, you know, is it good, is it bad, and I’m like, “No, it’s neutral.” It’s neutral and you give it its charge, kind of like electricity. And if you connect it to something heart-base, you know what I mean, all of a sudden, that makes, you know, the money-making and the journey of creating a tangible physical world so much more easier, not that you’re not gonna have challenges, we’re all going to have them, you know, but that you’re able to meet them from a better place, and go through them or climb over them or do whatever needs to be done because of that connection to something that is much more heart-based much more than just $1 amount in your bank account. So, I totally relate to that.

Now, you talked about right now something about idea and ideas, you know, that come into your mind. And what I have noticed in my experience is that I have an idea and it’s possibly really… I’m being really modest here. And I entertain it for a little bit. And if I don’t take a tiny step towards it, I start second-guessing myself, you know, and doubting it. Actually, you know, from a gene keys perspective, you know, this is where my mind tends to go, you know, in doubt, increase, illumination. So, now I know that, but we can talk about that in a little bit, also a little bit more about jinkies.

So, with that, with ideas, with you sometimes, you know, having an idea or having a desire or having a request out there for the universe or having a prayer, you know, what is your experience in terms of how to bring those ideas to actual physical reality? What are some steps that you take that you know that, you know, from working with your clients, you know, that they’ve taken and that you see it now and now again that, “Wow. This is not a once in a blue moon thing. If your heart is in it, if you follow this…” I don’t want to say a recipe or… “But if you follow these steps, you know, in their entirety and you are fully immersed in the process, you know, that more than likely it will create the outcome in divine timing, but the outcome will come forward.” You know what I mean. So, what are the typical things that you, for example, struggle with when you have a new idea? And how do you still move forward through fear and through anything that might be creating doubt in you?

Katerina: Yeah. Well, there are some steps, Michelle. [inaudible 00:16:58] And it’s easy to remember and I love them. They’re so simple. So, the first step is follow your highest excitement because, you know, a lot of times as visionary women, we have several ideas and it’s like, which one just excites you the most. Like, I always say, if you never have to earn an income again, but would just create for the joy of it, which idea would you go after the first? Which one would delight you to create? Which one you’re just like, “I can’t wait to offer this to the world. This is my best work. This is my highest excitement. This is my most courageous work as well.”

So, that just starts there, is your excitement, is your commitment to it. The second key point is follow that excitement to the best of your ability. Right? Just asking, “What would be the next step? What would be the next step? What would be the next step?” And the third component is do not insist on any specific outcome. When I remember the real price is the journey and the growth that comes with the journey. Right? Then I playfully create with this idea. So, the idea always chooses us. It has come to us from the plane of ideas. It’s a fourth plane of existence. We have many dimensions of existence, but there is a fourth one where archetypes take this and where the ideas come, right? So, with any, you know, great minds would talk about and we use visiting them or that, you know, there’s genius or inspiration comes to them, right? You know how sometimes like you want to be inspired but nothing is happening? You can’t force it. Right?

You can’t force it. You gotta let go. Go into the nature. Go take a bath. Completely stop thinking about being inspired. And when you relax your body, inspiration comes, but if you force it, it’s like chasing a butterfly. You never gonna catch it. Right? That’s why it’s so much about creative process is creating an environment for it that is spontaneously and naturally and consistently comes. Right? So, that’s really powerful is, do you have an environment? Do you set yourself up for an inspired life? And then the inspiration is, to me, it’s a regular visitor. And sometimes I feel I go through with a certain time in my life where I’m like, “Huh.” It’s just a time where I did not feel connected to anything that deeply. And that’s okay. It’s just a period of time where I’m being given a creative gap.

Michelle: Yeah.

Katerina: Just the creative gap. Right? And then let go. And I trust that the inspiration always returns. So, I would say… Yeah.

Michelle: I wanted to add. I remember the moment that I started having like an hour of power in my calendar where it was completely unscheduled time where it wasn’t, “Okay. It doesn’t need to look like this. It doesn’t need to look like any 20-minute meditation. It doesn’t need to be in, you know, 20 minutes of breathwork.” But allowing myself some freedom, you know, within that hour of power, maybe it looks like just sitting outside in my garden with my dog listening to the birds. And in order to, you know, like you said, be able to then start my day from a much more creative and inspired space rather than because I have to do that, because then it feels like grind. You know what I mean? Versus coming from a completely different frequency and the quality of the work that I produce is completely different when it’s just, you know, so pre-scheduled and so tight. You know what I mean? And so I can totally relate to that, for sure.

I like also what you said about commitment. When you have a new idea, you know, in our kind of, like, our little land profit, you know, universe that we live in, you know, we always talk. And I actually learned this from another gentleman, his name is Dan Sullivan. He’s one of the incredible, brilliant minds, entrepreneurial minds out there. And he talks about, you know, as entrepreneurs and pretty much anyone in anything, you know, that the very first key of having faith in ourselves, he calls it confidence, but he doesn’t really… But what he’s really saying is faith in yourself. And he says the very first one is commitment. And you just talked about committing to it to. And then you talked about following, you know, and taking a few steps. And he calls it courage, you know, the second C of going through periods of uncertainty and you know that they’re temporary where something feels new to you and you’re shit scared, but you do it anyways.

And then you get to the third C, which is you start gaining capabilities. And with that comes confidence, you know, based on what you were able to, you know, make yourself and that confidence leads to your projects having faith in you being able to do bigger things or things that have a little bit much more visionary impact, you know, that extend beyond just you and your immediate family, but start thinking about the community and the world in a much larger scale. So, I love that you also start with commitment. It seems like a parallel across.

Katerina: Absolutely. Absolutely. Yeah. And then the commitment then transforms into devotion. That’s where you and I bring our mystical essences together, right? I always use this metaphor of, you know, when you look at the really devoted dancer or an artist or a painter or a gymnast, and they are so in the moment, the most enchanting flow, right? And I can only imagine years of discipline that have been put into the craft, but because they love their craft, they show up for the discipline and they show up for the hours of training. I see entrepreneurship is like that. If you love what you do whether it’s a real estate, helping people find their land, what an incredible, incredible work that you’re doing. It’s like you’re helping realize people their biggest dreams so they could create their oases of peace, right? And this is the why. I always say when you’re connected to your why, it’s so much bigger than closing the deal. It’s like you are altering somebody’s life. Right? And that’s what drives you to show up and to continue to expand that service. And more and more people could have this different quality of life, different quality of experience.

Michelle: Yeah. I see. You hit it right on the nail. Yes. It’s being of service to both your sellers to your buyers. And for us also, we always, you know, tell our students what we’re teaching how to buy and sell land that when you put that servant heart first, that people can feel it. You know what? Because everyone’s always worried. “Oh, my goodness. What if there’s competition and there’s other people, you know, trying to buy and sell land in the market and I’m trying to do it?” I mean, if you differentiate yourself with that heart of service, you know, yeah, maybe others can be faster, more aggressive, but at the end of the day, the one that is gonna be enjoying the journey is gonna be long-standing long after. You know what I mean? It’s gonna be you because you’re in it for the good reasons. And at the same time, you’re also meeting your own personal goals and there’s nothing wrong with doing well while doing well. You know what I mean?

Katerina: Yeah. So, that’s always been my philosophy, Michelle. Exactly the same. Before I entered this thought leadership arena, I would always find myself in the highly competitive industries and it never bothered me because I was like, “That’s okay. A thousand people can do what I do, but nobody has my essence. Nobody has my frequency.” Right? And I always maintain that mindset. And it’s so true. It’s so true because people remember your vibration like, “Whoa. It was just so good to be with that person.” Yeah.

Michelle: Absolutely.

Katerina: And that’s the mind and the heart. Right? That’s the mind and the heart.

Michelle: Absolutely. You just talked about leadership. So, in leadership, I always think about, you know, in my particular experience, it has been, you know, one of the first women, you know, in my family to go to university, one of my first women, you know, or family members to create X amount of, you know, wealth to measure it with a number. You know what I mean? The first one to have done X. The first, the first, the first. I always believe that leadership is not something that is a trait that you are born with. I always feel that that is something that, you know, you can just build the muscle of being scared, do it anyways, being scared, do it anyways. And every time, you know, I do it anyways, like, I feel like this incredible rush.

And in one of the courses that I’m actually taking from you “The Awakened Mind,” you talk about how you are also addicted to this…you’re freedom junkie. You call yourself a freedom junkie. And that whenever we take steps as leaders as first in our families or as first or as the only one, you know, in our ecosystem doing things, that we create this wave of energy out there into the universe that all of a sudden, you know, lifts us all. And I was like almost in tears when I was listening to you, you know, say that, I’m like, “Oh, my God. So, it’s not been all just, you know, for my family, for my community, for my echo system, you know, but I’m doing it for so many more. And it gives me… It kind of, like, anchors me to, oh, my goodness, in spite of being shit scared, let me do it again, and again and again,” because I keep… Can you talk a little bit about these waves and what a sense of responsibility that comes with that? In a way I felt an incredible sense of responsibility, but also incredible joy and juice, like you said, in going out there and doing that, you know, as leaders, as women leaders.

Katerina: Yeah, yeah. I keep coming back to this a really potent idea that leadership is so deeply connected to our relationship with our own power. Right? So, the more we rise in, first of all, realizing that our power has been hidden or suppressed or denied. Second, we begin to embrace and kind of awaken that power within. And then third, we begin to willed out power, we begin to really use our power wisely. And then you can seek and you can see that’s how we progress in our leadership. We begin to become more and more confident and full of faith to actually trust that we can go into the uncharted territory, and then we can trust our capacity. Leadership to me, Michelle, is so much about willingness to trust my capacity. Right? And that’s my favorite mantra that I offer to your incredible communities. Like when you find that trembling within you and those butterflies in the stomach, which is to be expected when you’re stretching and growing. If you don’t feel that, you’re not going off to bold vision, right? But if you’re going off to bold vision, you will tremble in your boots. You will be like, “I am trembling in my boots.” Right?

And that’s the moment where I chant within my mind. That’s how I train my mind. And I say, “I trust my capacity fully. I trust the next moment. I’ve been trained for this. I trust my capacity. I wonder what will happen next.” And I go, I lead with curiosity instead of on anxiety. It’s the same feeling, but I tell my mind, “It’s curiosity. You’re just so excited to discover what’s on the other side of this risk because you’re not gonna be the same. You’re not gonna be the same when you take that journey.” So, it’s such a beautiful process. So, leadership is a relationship with our own power. And when I see somebody who struggles with leadership, they really struggle with their power. They either don’t know how to step into it or they have a lot of power leaks. A lot of times for us women it’s weak boundaries, difficulty of saying, “No.” Really, this addiction to the Superwoman complex is not healthy and it doesn’t serve us. And I noticed the more spaciousness I create, the more I’m able to receive, the more I begin to bring my most brilliant work into the world, the more I begin to lead in a way that empowers others, and the way that calls out leadership and others simply by walking your path.

Michelle: I am totally there. And I love that you equate anxiety and curiosity. I’m like, “But they feel the same in your body.” But I never equate it with the word curiosity. I love that. And that, yeah, excitement and fear are almost the same thing too. You know what I mean? So, I totally get it. And I totally understand what you mean about power. In the U.S. specifically, this money thing for women is about 40 years old. It was in the 1970s and we still needed, you know, our spouse to co-sign in order to open a bank account and so on. And when that ended, so, it’s a new thing relatively, you know, to us.

And in the context of what we do I feel that a lot of women, I think, second guess themselves because of that because they’re like, “Well, I haven’t had the experience of having dealt with either bigger numbers or to really believe that I can create, you know, six figures and make incredible quantum leaps, you know, using this real estate vehicle in a matter of a quarter of three months.” You know what I mean? Because it’s not something that, you know, has been common to us to begin with. Which leads me down an incredibly interesting rabbit hole of God and infinite spirit. And I know you have because I have taken the course, you know, The Goddess. And it’s basically walking, you know, a student or a seeker of truth and a wisdom through the eyes and through millennia of civilizations that have, at some point, you know, really been devoted to God, but God from the point of view of God if God was a woman.

Katerina: [inaudible 00:33:54] Yes.

Michelle: Which, for me, is incredible because, I mean, we’re… I don’t know how old you are. I think you’re much younger. I’m in my 40s. And God has always been… And I was raised Catholic, you know, very conservative. I was brought to church every single weekend whether I felt like it or not, you know, and so on and so forth. My daughter we actually, you know, waited almost three years to baptize her and it was on the request of both of our parents. My husband is also raised, you know, Catholic. But not because we felt the need to do so, but we’re like, “Okay. We need to appease our parents.” And because that’s not, you know, what being in communion with God to me is all about, but in any case, at that ritual has its place and it’s wonderful.

But now, if I was to give people an idea or if we were to give people an idea of… And I think you’ve already expressed this a bit in terms of how would God create if God was a woman. You know what I mean? If we’re goddess, if we’re all goddesses, and we are creating maybe, you know, a certain amount of income or we’re creating the opportunities, you know, for our children to go to private school or the opportunities for us to travel, you know, how would we if we were…if God was a woman doing these and birthing all these things, which are traditionally, you know, that creative process, you know, is feminine, but even in men it’s never seen as feminine, but… You know what I mean? So, how would we do this differently?

Katerina: I’m so glad you gave me opportunity to speak about this. Well, I was always fascinated by this topic, Michelle, because for the last 5,000 years, we really see a major imbalance between the masculine and the feminine. And when people find themself back into remembering that there is this Great Divine Mother, this female creatricks of everything we see, they naturally begin this journey of balancing their inner feminine and their inner masculine. So, they begin to create the abundance and they expansion more harmoniously. They realize you don’t need to kill yourself on the way to success. You can create three seasons. So, how does the… If the God is a female deity, how would the goddess create?

Michelle: Or with support. You know what I mean? Because we are so trained, like, we see men saying, “I can do this. I can do this better than anyone else or…” You know what I mean? And not seeking support even though there’s support everywhere for all of us all the time.

Katerina: Exactly. Exactly. Well, that relates to sense of worthiness.

Michelle: Yeah.

Katerina: When the woman realizes her divine goddess within and her worthiness, I am so worthy to receive support, I’m so worth, and I love being supportive. I remember when I was rewiring that belief system going from, “I am a lone wolf going through the jungle of life,” to, “Wow. I am the divine expression of the goddess energy and I love feeling supported. I love creating with ease. And I choose to create harmoniously.” Then every time I would hire a mentor for myself. I would bring a team member. I would do it with so much joy. And the more I did it, the more abundance would multiply for me. It’s really interesting. You become… When you create with the feminine, you begin to honor the fluidity of your resources. You don’t need to stash the security stash under the mattress, you know, like feeling so secure based on what’s in your… You realize, I gotta let the resources flow. I gotta let them flow. And the more it flow, the more it relaxed my nervous system around that the more that comes to me. Right? I am, like, so afraid and so financially constipated that there is not any flow in my life. Right? So, there’s so much about on constipating yourself financially and trying…

Michelle: I’m gonna write that down. I’m like financial constipation. That, my friends, is a thing.

Katerina: Yeah. So, like, you go get yourself a massage, like, give a good tip to the massage person and just feel how good it feels to just give to yourself. And the universe is a giant magnifying mirror of your relationship with yourself, your relationship with life. Right? So, that’s how feminine creates. And also feminine creates was a rhythm. There is a season in our creativity. And if we allow the creative gaps, we rejuvenate, we restore, and then we bring, like, the most beautiful creativity. We create from the place of wholeness. That’s the big distinction that I would say. When the woman creates from the goddess energy, she creates from the place of wholeness. And she sees other women as her allies, other women as sisters. Right? The more she heals that inner feminine within, she creates from the place of ease and wholeness and unconditional trust, unconditional trust.

Michelle: Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful. Yeah. I’m learning so much. I’m learning so much. You just mentioned about, you know, when we talked about supporting investments. Would you say that investing in yourself has been the best investments ever, like, return in spades because…

Katerina: I just hired two female mentors in one week. Last week, I was like, “Oh, yes.” And for me, it’s such an intuitive process, Michelle. It’s such a… With some, I just know immediately because this is what I have noticed. Every time I would approach a threshold of next expansion, I feel within my balls, I know it’s here. And then I begin to listen. I begin to listen to who shows up on my path. And sometimes I just know immediately, and that’s with one person. And when another mentor, she came to me in a vision. I’ve been aware of her work. I’m not even on her email. Oh, no, I think I’m on her email list. But I’m just tapping and just being aware of her work. And then immediate awareness. Okay. This is your guide for this next expansion. And I do not doubt. Immediately I go apply, immediately I go take action. And it’s such a beautiful unfolding because if we trust our intuition, everything will show up, resources, everything. To me, it’s been such a… This year, we were talking about how this has been such a powerful year for us, right? The same thing for me. My business just, like, blossomed. I don’t use the masculine word of blew off. I just say my business blossomed.

Michelle: I love it.

Katerina: Right? And there was a specific actions that I took. I never hoard it, I never believed in lacked, and I never stopped investing. I kept resources circulated, kept them circulating, and the universe says, “I see how you walk and I’m gonna give you even more resources to circulate because you’re not afraid of lack.”

Michelle: Yeah. Very, very similar, you know, experiences right now during the last five to six months for me as well in terms of, you know, hiring, investing, like, you know, big dollar amounts and you’re like, “Oh, my gosh, I’m banking on myself. I’m doing this out of just this pure, you know, intuition following it and, you know, it has paid off in spades.” I cannot, yeah, begin to… I think I’m only starting to see, you know, what that is that in moments of incredible uncertainty like you said when you’re not financially constipated, but on the contrary you look for support and you find it and you go and you invest in yourself, but it’s been incredibly invaluable because it’s been women that have been teaching me about how to think about my thinking. And that’s something that very few people are doing right now. Everyone’s trying to figure out either, you know, what this historically in an economic downturn, you know, what can we expect, and trying to look for data when it’s so unprecedented. You know what I mean? That data is no bueno anyways. You might as well just, you know, follow your God, follow your intuition and keep moving forward. Anyways, I know that I have been taking a lot of your time. I could talk to you for hours. I could talk to you for hours.

Anyway. So, let’s talk about maybe, you know, a little bit about what do you do Katerina and, you know, a little bit about your… I know you just started a podcast. You also coach. And what are you curious about? What is the next level of expansion? Where are you gonna be serving, you know, women?

Katerina: The next level of expansion. I have this deep sense of calling and the vision that is so beyond my comfort zone. That’s what I know it’s the right vision. And it’s to bring 12 mystical women together for the leadership, really visionary, mystical leadership mastermind. And to activate this powerful number 13, which is a very mystical number. And it’s through the chemistry of the group that something really, really beautiful will be formed that will be possible to birth if it’s only been the individual journey alone. And part of this experience is a little bit selfish because I wanna create this group for myself. I’m like leadership can be really lonely, really lonely, and I wanted to create a container where women can discover the power of where you birthing a powerful vision and you are supported by your true peers and your true allies. So, this is what’s coming forth in January of 2021.

Michelle: So, how can someone connect with you if anyone listening was interested, because this recording maybe is actually going to be published already next week?

Katerina: Yeah. Well, I have my website, and it’s just my name. It’s And there is these tabs like About Me, Programs, and there’s a tab called Mastermind, and it’s right there. And I’ve been obsessed about thought leadership, really helping women to see themselves as thought leaders. Thought leaders are people who spread ideas that create change, they codify their wisdom, and they create the union body of work. So, really, just taking all of these experiences and lessons of how do you leave your legacy now? Like, Michelle, if I’m gone tomorrow and we don’t know when we’re gonna go, I already will leave behind a pretty significant library of my programs and my teachings, you know, that can be passed on and can be leave after I am gone. I desire for every woman the same. It’s so fulfilling. It’s like your digital babies, right? You package your wisdom and you’re sharing and they spread the word. So, I love helping women with that. And that it doesn’t have to be perfect. It can be really, really you with your labor and your magic. Yes. So, this is the biggest baby. And then also, Michelle, I am writing a book. That makes all of my courses. It’s the book that is… When I was… One of my mentors said, “Katerina, what book are you scared to write?”

Michelle: Oh, boy.

Katerina: “Tell me the book that is very…” You’re like 15 principles of success to blueprints.” She’s like, “I don’t wanna hear any of that. What book are you scared to write?” I’m like, “I know exactly which one.” And Michelle, I am in the birth canal of birthing that book right now. So, I hired a book midwife to go through it. So, I’m birthing that one as well. And then my podcast called “Satori Moments” that can found on Spotify or in Anchor. And it’s like, seven minutes…

Michelle: I know. It’s like full pack of just true gems and wisdom, like essence and every single word. I’m like, “Wait, let me rewind. What did she just say?” Oh, my gosh. Yes. So, totally anyone listening to this, you guys need to tune in for sure. Now, if you were to leave a woman, you know, whether that is starting their entrepreneurial journey or ready in the trenches with three pieces of advice, what would those be?

Katerina: Trust yourself. Don’t wait, create. And the more joy you allow yourself to experience every single day, the more easier you manifest your biggest dreams.

Michelle: Oh, my God. I love those three. Yeah.

Katerina: Yes. The joy I always feel the hummingbird. Sometimes I call in the spirit of the hummingbirds and I just say, “Where can I appreciate and find beauty?” because the beauty opens the heart and the beauty guides you to the most incredible opportunities. So, find beauty, trust yourself, create, don’t wait for the perfect conditions. You just say, “I’m gonna create for the joy of it.” And when you’re guided by joy, you will always be guided to where you truly belong.

Michelle: Yeah, absolutely. Amen to that, for sure. Thank you so, so very much, Katerina. It’s been such an honor. And thank you, everyone that is listening. I am always excited to come to you and share space with you and bring you these amazing women, you know, thought leaders and just real trailblazers, you know, in their area of expertise and I hope we get to spend some time together in the next episode of “InFLOW.” Thank you so much.

Katerina: Thank you.

Michelle: I hope this episode left you feeling inspired and ready to get inflows of cash, inflows of light, and inflows of faith in your life. I welcome your reviews on iTunes. Please leave me a review and help me create an amazing community of women inflow. Thank you, as always, for sharing your voice by going to and joining the conversation about this show. And while you’re there, grab a copy of my “10 Commandments to Living a Life Inflow.” You can also follow me on Facebook at Michelle Bosch and on Instagram @michelleboschofficial. Thank you very much, and until the next one.

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