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Episode 69: Cash Confidence From Land

Life is definitely better—and you have many more options available to you—when you have cash confidence. What is cash confidence? Cash confidence is having a business that doesn’t depend on you exclusively to produce revenue and growth.

I see a lot of people teaching and selling the idea of getting you started with real estate investment and land flipping, but it really ends there. There’s nothing in the marketplace right now that addresses the evolution of an investor who wants to become the CEO of their own business and wants to create a long-lasting cash flow machine that doesn’t depend on them.

Land flipping is great but it requires constant work in order to create cash. If someone tries to convince you to buy a course to help you get started in land flipping, that’s not enough.

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Today on the InFLOW podcast, Michelle walks you through what sets their Land Profit Coaching Program apart from the rest: This program will help you:

  • Develop as a true leader and CEO of your own business.
  • Put efficient automated systems in place.
  • Build the perfect team.
  • Enjoy a quality life with freedom of time, money, relationships, and purpose.

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It takes time to build a self-managing land-investment business, and the time to start is NOW.



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Welcome to the “InFLOW” podcast. I’m your host, Michelle Bosch, excited to have you guys here today on another episode of “InFLOW.” If you have been tuning in, I am immensely grateful for you guys you know, really making the time to create space to letting me into, you know, your world, into your life. And if you have been enjoying the podcast, give me a five-star review. Please go to iTunes and subscribe and do a written review. Because the five stars is awesome, but if there’s written reviews, it really helps me, you know increase my rankings and really get many more people and many more women to actually start listening and start, you know, their journey into real estate investing and a journey really not just into real estate and inflows of cash, but also influence of ease and inflows of grace in your life.

And part of that grace, you know, comes from something that I think it’s not very much spoken in the real estate industry, at least not in the education space when it comes to real estate. And that is cash confidence that can come from having an actual business that doesn’t depend on you exclusively to actually produce revenue and growth. So, today, I wanna talk to you guys about cash confidence that can come from land and what it requires for you to really have true cash confidence using this asset class as a cornerstone, as the, you know, beginning stages, and also the end game of your entrepreneurial freedom or your financial freedom.

So, you know, life, I have found is definitely, definitely better and full of many more options when you have cash confidence, you know. We were at a point in our lives back in 2000, 1999, 2000, 2001, where we did not have such cash confidence. We had a job and we had a good paycheck. But in spite of having a good paycheck, you know, our entire paycheck was going towards making payments on our car, on our house, on insurance, on our couch, on our bed frames, on our laundry machines, you know, because we were having all of these things and they were all on payments. We were in the rat race big time. And so, I know back then that I had zero cash confidence, that I needed to wake up every morning, go to work, actually, Jack had to travel 100%.

And we needed to keep on running and keep on running in order for us to, you know, therefore have a paycheck at the end of the month and be able to make all of these payments and have some extra for food and you know, maybe one time a year, go on vacation and so on and so forth. But really for nothing more than that. So, life I know now, you know, and I’m telling you now with hindsight of almost 20 years, that definitely life is better when you have cash confidence. And I know I’ve talked about cash confidence in our Land Profit Labs, which are mini-trainings or you know, that we do inside our boot camps I should say, that we do inside of our Facebook groups.

So, if you haven’t joined our Land Profit Generator Facebook group, head on over there, it’s called the Land Profit Generator Real Estate Investing Group. That’s our main group. It’s got about 11,000 people in there, a very wonderful, generous community where you can get all the support when it comes to land flipping.

But anyways, let me go back to, you know, the cash confidence part and what I see a lot of, you know, especially from the point of view of now, you know, part of our legacy being educators and being, you know, catalysts for growth for, you know, 1000 families that we want to you know, transform into millionaires using land investing. What I see out there, you know, that most people are teaching and just selling is selling this idea of like, “Okay, let me get you started with real estate investing, with real estate flipping, with house flipping, with land flipping, whatever you know, you want to call it, anything that has to do with real estate. And I’m going to get you started.”

And it really ends there when it comes to, you know, what they have in terms of offerings. That there’s nothing really that is out there in the marketplace right now that really addresses, yes, those needs of a beginning investor, but also that really addresses the evolution of the investor that wants to become eventually a CEO of their business and that wants to create a long-lasting cash flow machine that doesn’t depend on them, you know.

So, land flipping for cash is perfect. We have you know, the Land Profit Generator Method that does exclusively that, it is a proven format that puts family first. But nevertheless, requires that you constantly work, that you’re constantly sending out mailings, that you’re constantly engaging with sellers, that you’re constantly engaging with buyers in order to create these cash profits from one-time flips, you know.

When you flip for cash, if you do not have any more deal flow coming in to flip, you know, it’s really the equivalent of, if you stop there, it’s gonna be a really good, hey, you know, paydays that are gonna meet your level of energy and effort that you’re putting into. But it is still in my opinion, very short-term thinking from the point of view, that to me, that sounds still like a busy job, and it’s definitely a better job than perhaps the one that we had where we had to travel 100% and where we had very good pay, but it wasn’t pay that was really translating into those 60 and 80-hour weeks that we were putting into.

And so, I think that anyone that is trying to just, you know, get you into you know, buying a course that is only focused on helping you become, you know, free from your job through land flipping is making a really a disservice because that is a very beginning stage of it is, yes, replacing your job. Yes, you know, being able to buy that second home. Yes, being able to retire a spouse, you know, from all the cash profits that come from flipping land for cash, you know, meaning you don’t extend seller financing.

When you start extending seller financing to sell your pieces of land, meaning somebody gives you a down payment on a property that say you paid $1000 for, and that they continue paying $19,000 because you sold it for 20 grand and they continue paying those $19,000 over a period of say, 5, 10 years. That’s when real, I think entrepreneurial freedom starts to kick in and really passive cash flow what we like to call forever cash is really becoming a real thing in your life. That you do not have to, you know, wake up every morning and, you know, figure out where’s the next county where you’re gonna send mailings to, or who’s gonna answer right now, texts or phone calls from potential buyers in order to flip for cash this is one piece of property.

There’s nothing wrong with that. It’s a great, amazing beginning. And it’s gonna give you, you know, the beginning freedom of money, but it’s not gonna give you the freedom of time for the long-run, in my opinion, to go out there and live out your purpose. So, anyone that is only teaching you the beginning, in my opinion, or just pieces of it versus a complete, you know, from A to Z transformation, is really, in my opinion, you know, doing a disservice. Because we all want not just the, you know, the cash flow and the cash profits, but we also want an amazing quality of life. You know, we want a rich life that has and that enjoys those four freedoms: freedom of money, freedom of time, freedom of relationships, and freedom of purpose.

And so, you know, you want to, you know, in the beginning, yes, go ahead and flip you know, like there’s no tomorrow. But eventually, you want to start evolving into really becoming a CEO of your land business. And it’s really, really treating your land flipping as a business, you know. In the market right now, there’s very little tools out there when it comes to automation to actually developing leaders in the land investing space and really helping you build out a team when it comes to your land business and/or flipping, you know, real estate in general. I mean, everyone is focused on just teaching you how to flip that one piece of land or flipping, you know, that first house or whatever, but nobody is out there really giving it the full spectrum of that evolution about that transformation.

And what I’m here to say is that that’s wonderful. If you want to start, go ahead and start, you know, we have an amazing method for you to start. But I want you to start thinking long-term, that that is not going to be the end game. That the end game really is about you being, you know, eventually out of that land business and that land business being a self-managing business that can really work without you. Because if you keep on flipping, you know, just flipping, flipping, flipping, flipping, you know, there will come a time where you perhaps may run out of gas, may run out of energy, or, you know, you get sick, God forbid, or something happens to you and then that cash flow from the land flipping for cash stops if you have not started to develop a passive income stream from land notes as well, you know. And from land notes and from having systems and team that can really help you take care of the acquisition, which is not a fancy word for saying for purchasing the properties, and disposition, which is another fancy word for saying the sale of your properties, yeah.

So, we want you to start thinking in terms of not just, you know, flipping for cash, but start to think about flipping for, you know, using the seller financing, using terms, and start thinking about leadership development. Start thinking about how do I combine, you know, my leadership development, automation and systems with the passive cash flow and, you know, possibly bringing in team that can help me really step out of my business and the business can continue to consistently either flip for cash or flip on terms. Yeah.

So, that’s, I think the main key, the main shift that I wanted to really, you know, bring forth to you guys so that, you know, you can start, you know, evaluating that, start having you know, conversations, if you have a business partner, if your business partner is you know, your spouse, or start having that kind of thinking, you know, that kind of long-term thinking that is going to really give you the entrepreneurial freedom that I know a lot of you are looking for.

So, you know, if you focus on this kind of thinking, I would say, you know, anywhere between just say 20% to 30% of the time that you spend right now in investing and really taking a step back to reflect, “Okay, why do I need to do in terms of investing in systems and leadership and team building,” you’re gonna start making some progress. And the natural path is for most of us to, you know, if we don’t know something to go out there and start looking for training, for education. But, in my opinion, the most effective and efficient way to go about this is to go out there and actually look for people that are already doing this that can be role models, that can help you collapse time. And this is kinda how our Land Profit Coaching Program has evolved.

You know, we started with just wanting to help people get themselves, you know, free from a job or retire their spouses, or have the freedom to travel, to do, you know, whatever they wanted, to start ministries, to send their kids to private school. And now, really our Land Profit Coaching Program has really evolved into not just that, which is amazing transformation in itself, but that would be shortsighted, you know, in terms of only helping you create growth and cash profits and not really help you, you know, start shifting and having that long-term view into creating an end game, you know, using land as a cornerstone for your financial wealth strategy, you know, in the future. When you no longer want to do actively the land flipping, you know, when you’re getting older, if you’re getting older, and that can only come from making, you know, strategic decisions when it comes to systems for automation, team that is gonna come and help you and your own leadership development.

And when I talk about that, you know, leadership development is something that is much more of a long-term goal. You will see immediate results, immediate ROI on it, but a lot of those, you know, results or rewards will take a little bit of time. It’s not something that can be done in four to six weeks. Getting to a deal can be done in four to six weeks, you know, creating a six-figure boom can be done in like six months you know. This is not a problem, one quarter you can do that. We have clients that are successfully doing $100,000 in the first quarter of 2020 you know, and in the middle of a pandemic. But that is a great, great beginning, but that should not be the end goal, you know.

And so, when it comes to leadership development, if I go back to, you know, this long-term thinking, you know, you have to understand that, yes, that’s a great way to start, but that the version of the person that is right now listening to this is not the same person that will actually be enjoying the entrepreneurial freedom that comes from having automation, team, leadership development, you know, a year from now, for example. If we just start extending, you know, our timeline of where we see, we start thinking about less than weeks or quarters and more extending it, you know, to a year or two or three, you know.

It’s gonna take time, it’s gonna take time for you to grow into that role and that’s why for us, you know, when we started our Land Profit Coaching Program and really redesigning it to give, you know, people that 360-degree support that we needed to not just create the success stories of big cash profits and big checks, but the success stories of true entrepreneurial freedom that we needed to incorporate, you know, these other pieces as well.

So, I know that we actually just…you know, we just finished a master class where we talked about, you know, a lot of these concepts and how you need to start again, being strategic about not just your thinking, but the actions that you take in order to start basically building this self-managing land investing business that can work with or without you.

And I think the three steps is, you know, you first want to start getting consistent profits. You want to start getting consistent profits from cash flips. You know, you want to have consistent, you know, deals that are coming in, that you’re putting under contract, and you want consistent deals that you’re selling. And those come from, you know, not just training and getting education, but actually implementation, implementation support and automation, and really having a team behind you that can help you get there very, very quickly. So, that’s the first step.

The second step is, you know, again, having systems, starting to think about how can I come in and have people join me in my land flipping venture, you know, in my land flipping enterprise and help me. Those are in the form of VAs that can help you with a lot of the research, that can help you with a lot of the comparable analysis, and that can eventually be trained to even make offers for you. In the beginning, I wouldn’t recommend that you get rid of that. That’s a key piece that you want to understand and master really well. And if you ever delegate it, you need to spend the time in training that person over a period of time, you know, especially if you’re going into new areas.

But also delegating, you know, and bringing in VAs or staff that is going to help you on the disposition side, that is gonna help you, you know, create listings that is going to be fielding calls for you so that those cash flips are starting to happen, whether you’re there or not. And that means, you know, that person is also going to have to be compensated for those accordingly so that they really, you know, come in there with a mentality of owner and the intention of an owner, like you are coming to it, you know, right now, if you’re the one that is actively doing all the flips.

And the third step, you know, is really, again, developing, you know, this team that is gonna help you become…where you are going to actually help them become land profit warriors and really help you serve, you know, your sellers, serve your buyers, and keep, you know, your land flipping machine, your cash machine going and that are selling not just on cash, you know, on a cash format, but also selling on terms, offering seller financing so that you can start creating that residual cash flow that really at the end of the day is king.

Passive cash is king, that holy grail of passive cash flow does exist. We have been experiencing that for, you know, almost 18, 19 years now from our land notes, and it is possible for you to have as well. And that’s pretty much you know, our goal right now is to help others get out of the rat race, get you going with the land flips quickly, but also start evolving, you know, your leadership, evolving, you know, your systems and evolving your outlook, your mindset so that you can start thinking about developing a team, a team that can produce not just cash profits, but also cash flow.

Systems that can help you, you know, automate a lot of the things that you might be working on right now that are absolutely busy movement that are not profit-producing activities. And I want you guys to realize that you know, that that takes time. That the person that is listening to this right now, you’re just beginning of you just did your first flip or your first two flips, or your first 10 flips, or your first 20 flips. And you’re in it, you know, every day, day in and day out that it’s something that takes time.

But we need to start making strategic decisions and strategic moves today, you know, in order to be able to reap the fruits of that entrepreneurial freedom that I’m talking about. And some of it, you know, we already get the first taste, you know, when we start flipping, you know, during the first three, four, five, six months of starting this business. But I’m talking really long-term sustainable you know, cash flow and team that can support you so that you can…and systems that can support you so that you can really focus on you know, like I said, the profit-producing activities and that can really give you that freedom to live a rich life where you can go out there and travel, you know, two, three months of the year and your business continue having, you know, sales, and producing revenue and cash profits and cash flow, whether you’re there or not.

And then perhaps at some point, you know, you decide that you want to start evolve and continuing forward to other asset classes, such as apartments. That’s exactly what happened to us. You know, we continue flipping land, we continue flipping land for cash and for cash flow, and then we’re transitioning some of those cash profits and cash flow into another asset class you know, that we can hold long-term, that can really be what we call forever cash. And that can, you know, be a true generational wealth legacy, you know, for our daughter Sophia. And that’s what we want for you guys as well for your family, you know, for your existing children, you know, to be able to stand on the shoulders of your confidence and really the financial legacy that you’ve created and built and build upon it, you know.

And so, that kind of long-term thinking is kind of like what we’re thinking of, you know, whenever I say long-term. But that doesn’t mean that you don’t start seeing results right away. You know, you can see results like massive quantum leaps in three months, in six months, in a year, you just need to you know, realize that there’s this next level of scope or there’s next level of evolution that you need to start thinking about when it comes to land flipping and really creating cash confidence that can come from land.

So, with that, I hope that I was able to get you guys, you know, with your wheels turning. If you guys wanna attend the next master class, I believe you can go to and get on the waiting list for that. Or if you would like to book a consult, you know, with one of our team members inside of our Land Profit Generator Group, you can do that as well. You can go also to,, and book a session and see if this is a fit.

If you’re ready, you know, to start stepping into that leadership development, you know, that is going to give you the entrepreneurial freedom I think that at the end of the day is gonna bring that richness to your life. We would love to help you because that’s what our Land Profit Coaching Program is all about is not just about getting you started, you know, if you’re at that point. We’re gonna get you to success in creating really quantum leaps in your income in no time. But then we’re gonna shift our focus to really giving you a complete transformational experience and helping you develop yourself as a leader of a company that is thinking truly, you know, from a systems, automation, delegation, team, staff that is going to be there to help you really enjoy you know, the freedom that you started your business most likely for.

So, with that said, thank you so much for tuning in to another episode of “InFLOW.” I’m always excited to, you know, hear inside of the group. So many of you reach out saying that, you know, you enjoy these episodes. So, thank you so much from the bottom of my heart. I know that you know, I’m not just talking to myself here on the microphone, so thank you very much.

And as always, remember, there’s not just inflows of cash that we should be after, but also inflows of ease and inflows of grace. And that comes with support, 360 degree support from people that, you know, in modeling people that have already done what you’re trying to accomplish, and that are helping you develop, you know, that leadership so that you can start thinking about not just having a land flipping business, but really, truly having a self-managing land flipping company that can consistently produce results for you whether you’re there or not. So, with that, thank you so much and until the next one. Bye-bye.

I hope this episode left you feeling inspired and ready to get inflows of cash, inflows of light, and inflows of faith in your life. I welcome your reviews on iTunes. Please leave me a review and help me create an amazing community of women inflow. Thank you as always for sharing your voice by going to and joining the conversation about this show. And while you’re there, grab a copy of my “10 Commandments to Living a Life In Flow.” You can also follow me on Facebook at Michelle Bosch and in Instagram @michelleboschofficial. Thank you very much. And until the next one.

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