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Episode 67: 10x Thinking to Get 10x Results In Land Flipping

So many entrepreneurs start their businesses with 1x and 2x thinking. 

Everyone encounters fear, discomfort, and uncertainty at the beginning – but you can’t let that keep you from taking risks and thinking outside the box.

When you start thinking and solving problems in a 10x way, every area of your business will expand.

10x thinking is the only way to build a financial legacy. It’s the only way to live out the four freedoms: money, time, relationships, and purpose.

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Today on the InFLOW podcast, Michelle shares:

  • The four pillars of a successful business.
  • The five key steps to cashing in on land.
  • Tips for progressing from 2x thinking to 10x thinking.
  • Details on a 3-day Masterclass that will start you down the road to freedom.

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Welcome to the “InFLOW Podcast.” I’m your host, Michelle Bosch. I am super excited to be with you guys today on another episode of “InFLOW.” Thank you so much to all our listeners for just listening. I sometimes record these and I wonder, oh, my goodness, is everyone listening? And then I have so many of you guys reach out and let me know that a concept, a strategy, a guest I’ve had has had a tremendous impact and has really resonated with you and that really fills my heart. So, thank you so much for actually connecting with me, reaching out, and for listening and tuning in every week.

So, in today’s episode of “InFLOW,” I wanted to talk about 10X thinking in order to get 10X results in the context of land flipping, which has been the cornerstone really of our wealth. Land flipping for us, we’ve been doing it 18 years, as many of you know, and we really use land flipping and selling land for cash and on seller financing as our cash machine to really generate huge amounts of cash profits and also be able to generate cash flow.

And then eventually our strategy has been, over the years, to continue land flipping and to continue using our land investing business as a cash machine to take those cash profits and cashflow and start rolling them into other asset classes that we like because those asset classes are more about forever cash or that longterm passive cash flow that we’re all after.

So, in the context of that, though, I want to talk to you guys about 10X thinking and 10X results. And so for many of you, that may be new to land investing and land flipping the five steps to really cashing in on land in a very simple fashion are number one, you’re finding non-wanters, a list of non-wanting sellers, people that do not want their property anymore. And so you get those lists and that would be step one.

Step two would be to go ahead and market to all of these sellers and really overwhelm yourself with deals. And you’re going to overwhelm yourself with deals in the land space because the land space is really a gap in the real estate industry that has very, very, to no competition, it’s a blue ocean pretty much strategy. And sellers here in this space have never been contacted and are ready to sell for pennies on the dollar. So that’s really step two. Number one, finding the non-wanters, you know those lists, number two is actually marketing to them.

And number three is analyzing deals once they call you back and pretty much-presenting offers is the next step. A lot of people stop at the analyzing of deals or stop at the marketing of properties. And I think it’s because they don’t understand the fundamentals, they haven’t mastered the fundamentals of selections of areas and counties and states and so on and so forth and they kind of stop there and are dabblers and really never become masters to then really progress into what I call 10X thinking of a CEO of a land flipping business.

Continuing down the road of the steps still, the next step after you’ve made an offer is to actually sell your property. So those are the five steps. It’s finding non-wanters, marketing, and overwhelming yourself with deals from these sellers that are ready to sell, analyzing your deals, making offers, getting properties on their contract. And number five is actually selling your property.

But in the context of these five simple steps, you can either think about these simple steps in a 2X kind of way, fashion, or you can be thinking about these steps in a 10X kind of way, to really get 10X results, because at the end of the day we’re all starting businesses and we’re all investing because we want to live out the four freedoms, the freedom of money, of time, relationships, and purpose and we want to build some sort of financial legacy for future generations.

And financial legacy requires 10X results, and in order to get 10X results, you need to start with 10X thinking. Another component of financial legacy is that it requires a strategic wealth strategy as well. But today, the subject of today’s episode is really to talk to you about this 10X thinking because I think once your mind is expanded, it can never really shrink back.

And what I want to propose, which Jack and I have experienced firsthand, my husband Jack and I, we’ve been flipping land, oh my God, like I said, over 18 years, been business partners and life partners happily, thank goodness that we have complementary skills and continue to do so. And we’ll probably continue to do so in the same fashion because we are all about 10X results, we’re both about grand visions, we’re both about superior strategy, we’re both about superior approaches.

And really in general, strategic growth, strategic growth from the mindset of a CEO. Any business that we start we’re always like, okay, who do we need to hire that we can model that is the best out there at the strategy that we have chosen. And how are we going to collapse time? And usually, the collapsing of time comes as a result of a superior strategy and of having the right who to model.

So, the five steps of cashing in on land can be looked at from the point of view of how can I get one deal under my belt, or how can I really create these 10X results that are actually gonna allow me to go ahead and retire from a corporate job that I hate, retire a spouse, buy my beach house, send my kids to private school, actually have the freedom to do with your day, whatever you want to do with your day because you have a business that is self-managing, that is self-led, and that doesn’t require you for every single little decision on a daily basis.

And so when you are starting out your land business, you might just be thinking of that land business as I just need to get one deal under my belt. And that’s okay, we all need to start somewhere. But what I want to propose to you guys during this episode is that if you were to think about starting a business and start thinking in 10X ways versus how can I get just a couple of deals under my belt but more as in like, how can I really create financial legacy using this vehicle, that’s kind of what this is all about.

So let’s start, I think, by talking a little bit about when you are a CEO, you have to keep in consideration there’s four pillars to business. And the four pillars to business are the why, which is all about you the leader, why are you doing this? You’re really uncovering your purpose, your mission, what is your vision for your lifestyle, for your company? And what are some of those lifetime goals, foundational goals, lifetime goals, and what do you want that ultimate legacy to be, ultimate growth legacy to be, for you and for your business? And that’s really the why, that’s all about the why.

And it’s so important to think and start with the why because it all comes from the leader, you as the CEO of your company. The second pillar in a business is the who. And the who, I started alluding to it a little bit ago, is okay, who am I going to go out there and have them help me collapse time, whether in the form of a mentor or whether in the form of actual team members that are going to work for you, VAs or full-time person that is gonna help you with acquisitions, that is gonna help you with dispositions. Acquisitions meaning the purchasing of the land and disposition meaning the selling of the land.

If you want your business to really be self-led and you want to be the CEO you’re gonna want eventually to have key people, key whos, in those positions as well. And so that’s the second pillar of business. The third pillar of business is, be the one. And that’s you identifying, okay, I have found a strategy, for us, it was land flipping. We focus on that one box. It was focus on one singular activity, which was flipping land and nothing else, no flipping of houses, no flipping of multi-family, just land.

And that kind of became our strategy, our vehicle. And now we’ve developed even a superior X factor approach to land flipping that now we share with so many and have affected the lives, and really transformed the lives, of so many people. And that’s kind of like the what, what’s the strategy? What is that superior strategy? What is that X factor strategy that is really going to propel you forward to fast forward to a CEO role, even though you’re right now perhaps beginning and you’re in startup phase, you’re in your startup mode? So that’s the third pillar.

The fourth pillar is the how, how are you gonna do this? Or what kind of structure rhythms of success you’re gonna follow? What are some things that you’re going to stop doing? Because if you’re a CEO of a business, you can’t be doing everything, you can’t be involved in busy movement in activities that are not really the highest and best use of your time. And so what activities you’re gonna stop doing is when you think about this how pillar of business? What are some of the processes? What are some of the metrics that are gonna be there in place so that when you onboard a team member, okay, that’s another part of the who, actually, pillar, how will you onboard?

Do you have an onboarding blueprint? Do you have a delegation blueprint or formula to delegate? Do you have establish a process and documented that process so that when you bring someone into your business you can really begin to start to step out of that day-to-day role and have that person be groomed into a position where because they know what they’re doing and they have metrics and you’ve established a reporting model and so on, and a delegation model that that person will eventually be acting on your behalf and really bringing that part of the business that they’re responsible for forward for you as the CEO of your business? So these are some concepts that require you to think 10X.

And when you start thinking in this way, what happens is that 10X thinking kicks in, you start as if, and it’s not normal in the beginning. In the beginning, when you start it’s going to…you’re probably gonna encounter a little bit of fear, a little bit of discomfort, a little bit of uncertainty. And how many of us have not experienced that in our lives and then we do the work that needs to be done and those things are in the past and we adjust, and we are now at a new normal?

And so 10X thinking if you’ve been thinking of 2Xing results, it’s just going from 2X to 10X and really establishing for yourself a new normal, pretty much, a new normal now in the present and a new normal for the future. And so what you’ll find is that when you start thinking and solving problems in this 10X kind of way, when you’re solving problems for 10X results, when you’re putting that in your mind and percolating on, okay, if I wanted to instead of just sell one or two or three lots and have three lots that have been sold and flipped under my belt, if you start thinking, how can I do a 100 pieces of land, a 100 flips a year versus just 10 a year? When you start thinking these ways, every pillar of your business or every area of your business is going to expand.

You’re not gonna be able to solve and get those kinds of results with 2X thinking, you are with the same resources that you have right now. You’re not gonna be able to use the same type of how you’re spending your time right now, the team, or lack of thereof, that you have right now, you’re gonna have to basically think outside the box. And this outside the box thinking is what’s gonna help you solve problems that seem insurmountable right now that you’re in one time or 2X growth and they’re gonna become much, much simpler.

It’s gonna be easier to solve those because, in fact,10X requires that you have and develop a completely new skill set, that you develop a new complete set of resources. And with that or expertise and with that comes the ability to solve problems at that level. And therefore at a much smaller scale, it’ll be a piece of cake.

So, I hope that you guys are starting to see the picture of what I’m trying to convey here when you start thinking as the CEO of your business, of your land flipping business, versus I’m just an investor, and I’m here to flip a few pieces of land. As a matter of fact, we are having a master class to just talk in detail to really dig deep into what does it entail for you to start your business in land flipping, or continue to scale your land flipping business in this 10X kind of way with a CEO mindset where you bring in team, where you bring critical whos into your business, where you decide how are you gonna onboard them? How am I gonna delegate things out to them? What processes am I gonna delegate that are not part of your genius as the leader of the CEO or the CEO of a company or that are not the best use of your time?

You may have a strength in something, but it may not be the most critical aspect to really scale your land flipping business to get the 10X results that we need you to get in order to step away from a job in order to start buying that dream home or the beach house or retire a spouse or travel the world. Do you know what I mean? So it’s gonna require more than just, oh my God, I want to go ahead and figure out how I can flip a couple of deals? It’s gonna require these 10X type of results and the 10X type of results require the 10X thinking that I was talking about.

So, if you guys are interested, we are actually going to be teaching a free three-day masterclass on exactly this, how to become the CEO, how to also incorporate some aspects of the fact that this business is completely virtual and bring in team to help you with that, automate certain areas of your business to give you the squall and overwhelm you with the sellers and with buyers on both ends, basically, overwhelm yourself with sellers that you can buy properties from and with buyers that you can sell your properties to.

And we are super excited, we have put in quite a bit of work because it does require a different kind of framework. And we came up with something pretty, pretty amazing to really convey and deliver to you, guys, the things that we actively do right now as CEOs of our educational company and CEOs of our land flipping company, and actually CEOs of our financial legacy company which is our company that holds single-family rental portfolio and a large multifamily portfolio as well. And how do we go about still having time to enjoy with our family, having time to accelerate the growth of all those three businesses.

And it comes from this CEO perspective from being involved in CEO type of activities and really delegating, automating, onboarding, bringing team, bringing the right whos, actually getting the right mentorship. I am a 100% believer of mentorship. I have invested quite a bit of myself on mentors and the result is that we have three self-managing businesses that are continuing to grow where we have leaders in place that are self-led because we have applied this 10X thinking, these 10X strategies that we are gonna be sharing with you guys during our master class which is starting June 22nd, it’s a land profit masterclass.

If you guys want to go ahead and register, we just finished this morning working on your new homework worksheet that we’re gonna be sharing with you guys. And you can register at And if you are already in the land space, you know that if you’re using the land profit generator method, you’re already using a superior strategy. And now it’s just about using a superior approach to getting 10X results but it all starts with the 10X thinking and then moving on to 10X strategy to be able to actually have those 10X results and create the financial legacy that we all start with.

So, I hope you found this episode helpful, it was a little mini crash course on the five ways to cash in on land, which to summarize is finding non-wanters in the land space, marketing to these sellers and really that have never been contacted and that are ready to sell. It’s analyzing deals, it is number four, making offers and getting properties under contract and it’s number five, selling those properties. So those are the five steps.

The four pillars to any business that we’ve discussed are the why, the who, the what, the how. And that what and how and some of the why for sure and the who are going to be discussed and talked about and really help you guys not just understand from the point of view of mentally, but actually walking you through some of the strategies, some of the actionable steps each and every day during the masterclass, those 10X strategies, and steps that you’re gonna have to employ and you will be employing with us as we go along during this masterclass.

So I’m super thrilled, super excited about that strategy and strategic growth, that is my jam, I absolutely love that. I am a multiplier at my core but in order to multiply, you first need to simplify, you need to have a superior strategy. But the multiplying part is something that is absolutely fun for me and I can’t wait for June 22nd to start. And see you guys there. Registration again is at We start main sessions every morning on June 22nd at 10:00 AM. They’ll be about an hour in length. And we’re gonna do that Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday.

And I think we have a couple of bonus sessions as well in the afternoons just because Jack at heart is a teacher and we couldn’t really compress all of the goodness that we had for you guys into just a few morning sessions. Those are gonna be inside of the Facebook group Land Profit Master Class. But in order to get the homework and the new materials that we just developed for this, we need you to register so that we know who you are at

With that being said, thank you so much. I greatly appreciate you guys always tuning in. And leave me a review if you find the information helpful. I’m on a mission to get many, many more women involved in real estate and really have their families be transformed. If I can help a woman, if I can help a family where there’s always been a legacy of lack and of scarcity and of poverty consciousness and I can really transform and help you change that so that you can be the beginning of generational blessings and really the beginning of a new family tree when it comes to wealth and finances, that really is what makes my hairs and my arms stand up and really fires me up.

And I know that’s part of my calling and my purpose here on this earth is to really be a catalyst for growth. And like I said earlier, strategy and strategic growth is my jam, I would love to have you guys. Continue to tune in. I will do my very best to continue to give to you the best that I have right now. You’ll always be on the cutting edge when it comes to land flipping. And please leave me a review, that’s a way that I can get more people to actually tune in as well and share my message of faith, flow, and finances. Thank you so much and until the next one. See you guys then. Bye-bye.

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