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Episode 64: Short-Term Sacrifices for Long-Term Results

When you first start your business, you’re rushing around trying to figure out tactics—educating yourself, devouring free content, figuring out how to get lists of sellers and which envelopes get you the highest return rate.

But, if you want to step it up to the next level, you need to get strategic. You need to make some long-term investments guided by your vision, your North Star.

You need to make some short-term sacrifices to invest in things that will lead you to a future of freedom. Things like:

  • Technology
  • Systems
  • A team that is all in.

On today’s episode, Michelle will share from her personal experience as the CEO of a company that is peerless in the land flipping industry.

Listen Here:

Today on the InFLOW podcast, she’ll tell you how to:

  • Stop wasting your time and collapse it instead.
  • Make bold decisions in uncertain times.
  • Act on your vision instead of just talking about it

The time to make your vision of freedom come to fruition is NOW.

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If you have a vision of freedom for your time, money, relationships, and purpose, go to and set up a consultation to see if land flipping is a fit for you. If you’re committed and driven and ready to make short-term sacrifices for long-term results, then we’ll make a great team.



Hi, I’m Michelle Bosch, real estate investor, mom, wife, and host of the “InFlow” podcast, and I’m passionate about helping women invest in land and apartments. Join me each and every week for real estate investing strategies and interviews with thought leaders that will leave you inspired and ready to step into flow for inflows of cash, inflows of ease, and inflows of grace in your life. Now, here on YouTube, are the video versions of my podcasts, and in order for you to get my latest information, please go ahead and subscribe. And now, let’s go.
Welcome to this Podcast, I’m your host, Michelle Bosch. I’m excited to be with you guys here today, again, on another episode of InFlow. I have been going through an enormous amount of long-term versus short-term type of decisions lately that I thought would be important for me to share a little bit about what I think about short-term sacrifices for long-term results, and those two types of decisions. Especially when you are in the process of ‘becoming’ – and, what I’m saying about ‘becoming’ I mean a leader. Not just a leader in your business but a leader in your family.
And so, I think that without a doubt, the rise of the leader, can be seen or you can witness it happening, the moment that someone that you have been watching or maybe that’s you, the moment that you start making short-term sacrifices to get to a long-term goal, and result. It’s a long-term goal that is normally, typically, bigger than yourself, which makes you choke-up, inside. That is incredibly close to your heart. It’s that silent whisper that you have not allowed yourself to really explore and really take in boldly to make a reality.
The moment that you do start listening to that whisper, and you start making short-term sacrifices for that long-term goal, for that long-term vision, in that moment (in my opinion) you are birthing a new process. You are birthing a new category for yourself. That category, for me, is that category of Leadership.
When we all start, and I’m going to talk here specifically about the Land Business, because that is what we have been doing now since 2002, actually 2001, but really seriously since 2002. When we started, and probably you are starting right now, you are trying to figure out tactics, and you are trying to figure out how to get lists of sellers. You are trying to figure out whether you should do a ‘C’ fold (you know a ‘C’ as in Charlie) or a ‘Z’ fold, on your letters. You are trying to figure out if envelopes of ‘this’ kind will give me a higher open rate or stamps versus an actual meter. What is going to give me actual open rates. You are basically engrossed in tactics. Then you start educating yourself. You start listening to a ton of podcasts and try to get as much free content as you can. You start getting some successes – but they are not necessarily consistent and they are not necessarily ‘big money’ into the bank that are actually going to allow you to retire from your 9-5 job.
I believe that, with tactics, what happens that that because you don’t have an overlying strategy, guiding you. A ‘True North Star’, you are not consistent, so there is no frequency; there is no repetition; and therefore you don’t gain any mastery. It’s the result of simply spending you time chasing the latest and greatest, but missing the Big Picture.
Those tactical actions are short-term decisions, they are short-term successes, but no real long-term results that are bringing you much closer to that Big Vision that you have for you and your family.
At some point, you realise ‘ok, I can either continue playing around and really not honouring my time, which is in my opinion your most important and most precious resource. So, you tell yourself ‘I should be more strategic. So, the moment that you become more strategic I think you have ‘stepped up’. You are in a different point of view and have a different vantage point. There you realise that you need to start making some real strategic investments – either with Team or with Systems, technology of some sort, because you really want to have not just busy movement. Tactics are just busy movement, without that overarching strategy that I was talking about earlier.
You realise that ‘I need to be doing the right action, at the right time, for the right reasons.” So, you start investing in yourself and you start investing in Team and it’s a result of you not wanting to squander your time, anymore – which as I said is one of your most precious resources.
That might mean that you are going to start making some short-term sacrifices in terms of how you are going to go about conducting your day-to-day activities within your business – for example your land flipping business. You are going to start making those investments in the form of Team and Systems. And what I mean by Team is not just about having a Vas and people that are half-way there, that are not really 100% all-in in your success. There is nothing wrong with starting with VA, but it you really want to experience freedom of time, money, relationships and purpose with the Land Business, you are going to want to have people that are ‘all-in’ on you – not just in your staff. People that are actually helping you work your business, inside the business, but people that are outside of the business in the form of coaches and mentors. People that are there, who have walked the walk, who are walking the walk. That can help you fuel your fire and have the experience and the knowledge to help you say ‘this is where you are at and this is where you want to go – this is the vision that you want to have as a leader of your family. And there is this bridge – and this is how you are going to cross this bridge. You know what each of the steps of that bridge involves, and instead of being this HUGE bridge – that person knows how to /collapse time for you. So that you can have that bridge shortened – and really help you cross that bridge form where you re at right now to where you want to go.
I posted, just a few days ago, how over the last 45-60 days, Jack and I have gone through an amazing and incredible upraise in our Leadership. We have upgraded our Vision. Our vision is not just creating 1000 millionaires, but really creating a legacy of prosperity for the unborn. A legacy of prosperity for the women. A legacy of prosperity for families. An army of Team that is hear, and partners and clients, and coaches that are going to Succeed us, so that we can really go out there and really make that vision of 1000 millionaires a reality. And for them to take the baton beyond and above that, and help up to get there further and faster.
I wrote that post because this is exactly what we have been going through right now. We have come to the conclusion that this is what is deep, closely held in our hearts. And that we need help – we need help to make the decisions that are going to involve short-term sacrifices for amazing long-term results.
It has required of us that we be hiring people – left and right – in all the areas where our team seemed like we had put bandages on and had duct-taped our team to really bring in first-class, A-Players that are 100% committed and 100% all-in to the vision that we have for our business. It’s not been easy. It’s been short-term sacrifices for long-term view.
Why are we willing to do that, and be so bold and so courageous while everyone else is shitting in their pants and retracting and contracting – and letting people go? Especially in the economic environment that we are in right now? That is because we know that we have a PROVEN model. A solid proven model that has been good to us. Not just in the 2008 recession, it has been good to us in boom times. It has been good to us even right now during the pandemic. We have been selling land like hotcakes. Our clients and students that are in our programmes have been selling land like hotcakes. We know from our experience were we have to pivot in order to continue being on top in the land flipping industry.
That is why we decisions that we need to make these bold moves. We know that we are the premier incubator of land flipping businesses on the planet. We are the Harvard of Land flipping. We know that we are peerless in our industry and in real estate in term of a superior asset class that can produce profits and cash flow, no matter what is happening. It allows you to create your own economy. We have a system and we are in the process of improving our infrastructure in terms of Teams and technology to really be able to support that growth. That is why we are making bold moves – because we know that we are peerless in our industry.
You should be making bold moves too – if you are listening to this right now, and you have been dabbling in your land flipping business. If you are serious, as you tell yourself or you tell others that you are, you should also be making bold moves. You should also be making that vision of freedom and possibility really come to fruition by not just talking about it and saying it but by ACTING on it.
Actions are what breaths possibility into our future.
Actions that are always taking into consideration that long-term vision. If you fall for short-term gratification, and decisions that are only based on short-term quick wins and results, it will be like crack cocaine. It will get you to a little bit of success, but eventually you will burn down and you are going to die because you have no overall strategy, so that you can really be with your time and your money and your effort and your energy. And making it happen for you and your family – no matter what industry you are in. If you are not in the real estate space and you are listening to this, its time to stop piece-mealing. Get your shit together and stop wasting your time.
You could have guidance, support and systems, if you just are willing to make short-term sacrifices and invest. IU just invested $45,000 dollars into a coach, and I am investing in Team. I am investing, along with Jack, in technology. We have a superior and I would say unique ability within our company when it comes to technology, and that is because when it comes to technology because we have team members who have that as their own unique ability as well. We are looking to expand that beyond what we have had so far.
It’s time for you to not just … And that is what I came to a realisation of with Jack over the last week, is that it’s time for us to not just talk about this Vision, which is already well on its way. We have plenty of people in our hall of fame that have already made millions, just from land flipping. If that vision is going to include that legacy of prosperity for the unborn, for families for generations of women, and families and we are going to bring into our company and into our ecosystem, the people that are going to develop into the Leaders that are going to bring this beyond and above what we have done and what we continue to do. At some point, Jack and I are not going to be around. We walk around this earth like we are going to be here forever, but we are not here forever. So, what we have realised is that the time is now. The time is NOW. And the time is NOW for you as well.
Don’t just talk about your future. Take the actions. Take the action long-term road, take the long-term view on every decision that you make right now. Like I said, sometimes that involves some short-term sacrifices. Be willing to set a new standard of excellence for you and your family, for those around you. You deserve it. You are worth that reinvention. It’s a reinvention, a rebirth and resurrection. Being birthed from the ashes of whatever past actions you have taken up until this point – and thanking that past. From that moment on, really giving rise – or coming from the ashes like a phoenix and reinvesting yourself. That comes to us so easily when we have guidance, when we have support and we have set for ourselves that structure of support that we can have access to, that we can have accountability with and that can give us 360 degree support. This kind of methodical decision making, which we have done in the past, and we if know that whenever you devote yourself like that to that level of investment, it yourself. In banking in yourself – that there is no stopping you. You are really on your way to becoming an unstoppable leader and really bringing that vision to a reality.
You know that your family deserves it. I know that many family across the world deserve what we have to offer. You must know that deep down in your heart as well. Always choose long-term versus short-term. That should always be the outlook if you are in a space where you are ready to step up in your leadership. What ever happened in the past – it’s about really taking responsibility because my parents did this or that or I don’t have this or that. Its time to take responsibility and I hope that this message doesn’t come across as scolding or preaching. This helps me to give myself this kind of self-talk. For the most part – we are brutal with ourselves when our ‘itty bitty shitty committee’ takes over. We need to shut that thing off and rather have our leader step up and have a microphone and do the self-talk. I figured why not give you guys the same kind of self-talk that I give myself during this time.
If you liked this episode and you have not yet joined our Facebook group, I highly encourage you to do so. We do an amazing community of over 10,000 land flippers – it’s called the Land Profit Generator, and they are REALLY land profit generators. You will see people posting real stories ‘ I just got me first deal’ or ‘I did X amount of dollars in cash flow.’ We just had Courtney, one of our clients and coaches (because she is wanting to bless others now with this business) she just posted that she got a buyer within days and now I have a huge list of buyers for that same area and I’m going back in there and I’m harvesting that area. If you would like to join us, come on over, join us
If you are ready to really step up in your leadership and really create for yourself that accessibility, accountability, 360 degree support. If you are willing to have that long-term view for you and your family. You want to have somebody to collapse the time to success and walks that walk and get some real breakthroughs in your bank account in three to six months, go ahead to and set up a consultation. See if it’s a fit for your – and its not for everyone – that level of commitment and devotion and really obsessed and die-hard about your vision for you and for your family. You have to want it and you must want help! You need to want to be held to that higher level of leadership. I hope that I am able to light a fire, inspire you through this episode and breathe possibility into that bigger future that you deserve. I look forward to spending time you guys in the next episode of InFlow. Thank you so much and talk to you soon.

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