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Episode 62: Pulled By A Larger Vision

Pain activates potential.

Sometimes it takes a challenging or painful situation to get you moving in the direction of your vision. Pain pushes you to a point where you say there has to be a better way. 

Some of us are experiencing pain and hardship right now in the midst of this global recession. What if we could use that pain to jumpstart something bigger and better for our lives?

In this episode of the podcast, Michelle shares her personal story of immigrating to the U.S. years ago. She and her husband hated their jobs and the lack of freedom that came with them, and that pain pushed them toward a larger vision.

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Today on the InFLOW podcast, Michelle:

  • Shares how to embrace challenges as opportunities.
  • Helps you head toward a bigger vision for your life.
  • Invites you to a FREE live crash course on land flipping.

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Welcome to the “InFLOW Podcast,” I’m your host, Michelle Bosch, I’m excited to be back with you guys today. And I wanted to share with you today what it feels or what it means or what it has meant for me in the past and it’s what I’m experiencing right now and that is how am I being pulled by a larger vision. Many of us know that, you know, both pain and pleasure, you know, can get you to move, can get you to take action. And I wanted to explore basically those concepts a little bit more in-depth and how I have experienced those, you know, over the course of the last 18 years as I’ve been doing land flipping, you know, investing in single-family homes and also in apartments. But I want us to go to the beginning. I know a lot of you guys know my story and my, you know, my husband’s story. We’re originally not from here. We’re immigrants from…I’m from Honduras, Jack is from Germany. And we came here to study. We got to jobs. We, you know, got, thank goodness, jobs that were willing to sponsor [inaudible 00:01:06] green cards and allowed us to, you know, become at some point U.S. citizens.

And so, we’re all cool with that. And what we experienced though after having those jobs for which we were incredibly grateful was that we hated those jobs but we couldn’t leave them because our green cards depended on those jobs. And so, we decided that we were gonna start looking for something that, some sort of a side hustle, that would allow us to experience, you know, the freedom that we all, you know, desire to experience at some point. And that freedom really has four components, the freedom of money, the freedom of time, the freedom of relationships, and the freedom of purpose. And so, we set out, you know, to look for some kind of a side hustle that would give us the freedom, that would give us the fulfillment and that most importantly would match…you know, where our paydays would match the time and energy that we’re putting. Because in those jobs even though they were like I said, the reason why we were able to be permanently in this country and eventually become U.S. citizens, we did not enjoy them.

And so, that pain of working, you know, 60-80 hour weeks, of traveling 100%, that pain kind of pushed us, you know, into looking for something else. And that something else, you know, back in that day, you know, our vision was to basically replace the income from our jobs by the time that we would have our green cards. And so, that was the vision back then, and that was a vision that was pulling us. But before we could be pulled by that vision, we had to really be pushed by the pain of not seeing each other, you know, from Monday to Friday, of having no time, you know, for anything else other than our jobs or so we thought, you know, because all of a sudden, when the vision appeared, we managed to make the time, you know, to find the time, but because we didn’t have that vision pulling us in the beginning, you know, it was…it felt like we didn’t have the time to do anything. And so, we experienced like many, you know, experienced, you know, the fact that that pain pushes you up until a point where you say, “No, there’s got to be a different way,” and that’s exactly what happened to us.

And we started, you know, kind of like visualizing, imagining what that other way would be. And that vision for us was at that point, replacing, you know, replacing our jobs, replacing the income from our jobs. Then that vision grew into, you know, retiring Jack’s dad, you know, my father-in-law. Then that vision extended to, you know, buying a nice home, then that vision extended into, oh my goodness, if I am doing, you know, 60, 150 deals a year, could we do 1,000 deals a year? And what would it take in order to do that, and then that vision, you know, expanded to investing in single families and investing in apartment buildings. And now here we are, again, and we are again looking, you know, for a bigger vision, a vision that is bigger than ourselves, where we want to be incredibly transformational, you know, to hundreds and thousands of people across the globe, with our Land Profit Generator method. And now this vision, you know, has extended beyond ourselves, beyond our family to include, you know, the entire world and include others and people that I may never meet and generations of kids, you know, where their father and mother have retired from jobs and are at home that I may never meet.

And that basically larger vision is pulling me to overcome all kinds of challenges. And so, that’s basically what I, you know, what I wanted to share with you guys that, you know, sometimes pain pushes you and then, you know, you have a vision that is bigger than that pain. And in that vision, what it involves is that that vision has potential, you know, and that potential is always bigger than the problems that you might have right now. So, if right now, you know, your problem is that you’re fearful that within the next 90 days, say, for example, you may lose your job, you know, I wanna say that it’s okay to have that problem, that it’s okay to have that challenge, you know. Because that challenge, what it’s showing you is that there’s a bigger and larger potential for you in your life, you know. And so, you need to allow, whatever, you know, that challenge that you’re facing right now might be, you need to allow your vision, you know, to pull you to take action, you know, to surround you with the support, with, you know, with the help that you need to bring that vision forward, you know, and really start waking up every morning and walking straight into the direction of that vision that you might have that is pulling you, you know.

It’s almost like that vision becomes magnetic and no matter what challenges you encounter, you know, you are able to see the potential in those challenges. And so, if you’re in the pain, you know, my…what I’m trying to say to you is don’t get stuck in the muck of the pain, you know, in the pain of unfulfilled potential, you know, of perhaps paydays not matching your efforts, of perhaps, you know, freedoms not matching, you know, what you would like to, you know, see in your life right now for you and your family. And so, walk in the direction of potential, of possibility, of a new vision. Start creating a new vision. Because if you don’t, what’s gonna happen is that, you know, I always call it like a cosmic 2 by 4. It’s gonna keep on smacking you and it’s going to continue creating pain because that pain is there for a reason.

It’s there to tell you, to kind of communicate to you a message that there is something new, that there is something other than what you’re doing right now, that needs your attention. It’s almost as if life and the universe are kind of like directing us in the right direction when we’re experiencing some sort of a pain, you know. And so, trust it when you see the pain and you recognize it, you know, and you have the inklings or glimpses of a small vision, you know, hold on tight to those small glimpses, and keep on refining them, enlarging them, expanding them. And I know that this might sound like a little woo-woo but I am also, just like I love, you know, integrating the spiritual with the material and really being an architect of visions of abundance, I’m also a hard cash mystic. And there are certain things that need to be, you know, that need to be done and certain results that need to be produced in order for there to be hard cold cash in my bank account. So, even though this might sound, you know, woo-woo when I have complement my actions with having a vision that pulls me, you know, I have been with ease, not necessarily without challenges, but with ease, have been able to engineer my next level of growth.

And we’ve been able to do that, you know, together with Jack. And I’ve always looked out, you know, for mentors, for other people that are doing what we’re trying to do, that are living the vision that I…you know, that is similar to the one that I’m having, you know. And in the beginning, you know, we didn’t invest in the mentors. We didn’t invest in the systems. And it took us three years to figure, you know, things out, you know, especially on the land flipping space. And ever since, you know, we have now the, I would say, you know, the hindsight of recognizing how we would have collapsed time by having had mentors or having had some kind of a support, whether it be in the form of systems of education, of mentorship, of whatever, that that would have collapsed our time. Now, that’s the very first thing that we look for when we’re…you know, when we start expanding our vision and start, you know, looking into what’s the next level of that vision that we have right now.

And so, I remember something also that I wanted to share is that, you know, I remember when we first started and I’m finding myself doing it again, and that’s why I wanted to definitely, you know, jump right here on this episode and share this with you guys, is that what I’m finding myself is, and that I used to do, is that I used to not just envision and visualize, you know, that vision, that new end result that I was looking for. But I used to and I’m doing it right now again, I used to talk to my vision, you know. I used to talk to my why I’m doing this. I used to talk to the possibilities. I used to talk to, you know, to the love that all of that would involve for me, for my, you know, for my husband’s life, for our family. I used to talk to prosperity, you know. I used to see prosperity everywhere. You know, I remember we had in our very first house we used to have our backyard, it was just raw desert. You know, we didn’t have the money to, you know, to put in like nice landscaping back in the day. And so, it was just raw desert. And I remember even in every grain of sand there, just dirt, I used to basically see prosperity, I used to see my vision in it, you know.

And as we started flipping land, every small piece of land, even the very first deal, which only netted us $3600 you know, I used to see, you know, possibility. I used to see prosperity. I used to see you know, that that was a stepping stone towards my bigger vision, you know. And perhaps, you know, it’ll start being the same for you when you come up with, you know, with something, with some bigger why that is bigger than yourself, you will start you know, appreciating it. And every small action that you take and every challenge that you face becomes now wrapped in that luminosity of possibility such that you start seeing challenges as filled with potential, you know. And so, what I’m saying is, you know, we’re not preparing for challenges not to come, you know, when we have a vision, but what we’re doing is we’re using them to activate potential, you know. They activate potential. But the precursor to that needs to be a vision that you have out there for yourself.

So, again, we’re not preparing for challenges not to come, but we are using them to activating potential, to activate possibilities, to activate that vision, to expand the vision, to make it even better than we thought, you know, originally. And so, I think that’s something very, very important that we need to understand because a lot of us think that even if we do hire, you know, a mentor, even we do hire the support, even if we do have the accountability and the guidance, that we’re not gonna meet challenges. The moral of the story or the waking up to is the fact that yes, challenges are gonna be there. But if you have a community, you know, of people surrounding you, that are also chasing big goals, masterminding to help you, you know, to keep you accountable, to giving you the right strategies, that there’s no doubt that those challenges will become…you know, are going to actually activate potential for you. And so, we cannot, you know, have or we cannot be what…or we cannot have what we’re not willing to become vibrationally.

And when we are steering away from challenges and seeing them as no-no’s, as things that, you know, we shouldn’t have in our lives, you know, we’re really doing the opposite. But when we start seeing challenges as opportunities, basically, and as potential, you know, then in that moment, you know, you’re really transforming, you know, a fear into really you vibrating at a level, where you’re okay with that challenge because of who you’re going to become, because of what that challenge is going to open opportunities, you know. Because that challenge could represent a threshold, you know, that you’re about to cross into new possibility. And so, you don’t wanna shy away from the challenges, if anything, you wanna surround yourself with people that can help you get through those challenges quickly, but don’t think that they’re not gonna happen, you know. But it all starts at the end of the day with having a vision that pulls you. So, if you have a vision that pulls you, or if you’re looking for a vision that pulls you, what I would like to do is I would like to invite you.

We have a five-day free crash course on land flipping coming up on May 11th. We start on May 11th and it’s a week-long series of trainings live inside of our Facebook group. And you can register for that by going to, And we’re starting our Land Profit Lab on May 11th. We’re going live. It’s very interactive. You know, we’re connecting, you’re live with us, you know, every mornings at 10 a.m. Pacific Standard Time. There’s gonna be replays so even if you don’t get to watch it live, you know, you can watch it later. But the whole point of watching it live is that if you do, you know, what we promise is that every day you’re going to be taking actions and we’re gonna be helping you build a larger vision each and every day, and create momentum for you each and every day so that you can be moving towards that larger vision every single day during the course of that week to get you jump-started in the direction of a vision that you might have for yourself and your family. And so, again, that is starting on May 11th. We are discussing there how to select areas, profitable areas. We’re teaching you, you know, how to make sure that your marketing dollars are not being wasted on the wrong areas.

That you’re focusing on the right areas that buyers in this current climate and in this current economy right now are actually looking for, you know. We’re teaching you how to pivot for profits. We’ve been in a recession before and we’re teaching you how to pivot your land flipping business for profits, you know, during this Land Profit Lab. It’s kind of like our recession-proof edition. And, yeah, it’s gonna help you figure out, you know, where to get list of non-wanters, of non-wanting sellers, how to find your buyers, how to create perfect land listings, what, you know, types of properties, what three types of properties you wanna be focusing on. And all the goodies basically, all the multimillion-dollar strategies that we have used to create an 8-figure business, you know, using land flipping and $70,000 worth of passive cash flow every month from just land notes, we’re gonna be teaching you everything from A to Z during that week-long training. There’s gonna be opportunities for Q&As, for bonus Q&As for you to interact with us and also hear a little bit about, you know, how others have used these strategies to really get themselves, you know, being pulled by those visions and actually living those visions and making them come true.

Actually materializing them, not just having them visually, you know, in your imaginary eye but actually physically, you know, materialize them so that they actually represent hard cold cash in your bank account. It’s not just…it’s not woo-woo. This is all about the actual strategies, tactics, you know that we’ve used to create our business. And so I would love to have you there again, Land Profit Lab, LPG Lab, www.lpglab, we start on May 11th. The live sessions are at 10 a.m. Pacific Standard Time and I would love to have you. I hope that, you know, this message strikes a little chord there in there somewhere that it elicits and that, you know, it sparks a desire for you to start creating a larger vision, a vision that pulls you and a vision that you can start talking to and that you can start really loving and making actually come true with tiny daily steps. You know, we can get you jump-started during that Land Profit Lab with those tiny daily steps to create breakthroughs and create the momentum that you’ve been wanting, that you’ve been seeking, you know, especially now in the current situation that we are right now, you know.

We need to if you haven’t, you know, and you think and there’s a little bit of fear that your income may disappear, you know, from your current job, you know, this is the perfect side hustle for any beginning investor. It has no competition. It’s an incredibly simple method. And we can’t wait to share it with you. And so, until then, I hope to spend a little bit of time with you at the next episode of the “InFLOW Podcast,” and I hope to see you in…you know, live, on the live sessions at the Land Profit Lab. Thank you and talk to you soon.

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