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Episode 50: 3 Levels of Execution In Land Flipping

When you first start land flipping, you have no idea what you are doing and therefore spend a lot of your time learning and mastering all the details that go into it. Eventually, you will graduate from this level and move onto the two other “levels of execution”. In this episode, Michelle Bosch discusses this concept and explains exactly what the levels of execution are and how they will impact the way you view your business. As you become more mature and experienced, your reasons and outlook will change – and you’ll find out how in this week’s episode of InFLOW.

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What’s inside:

  • Find out about the levels of execution in land flipping
  • Discover how your thinking will change as you progress
  • Learn about The Land Profit Generator method
  • Discover your purpose for running this business

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Hi, I’m Michelle Bosch, real estate investor, mom, wife and host of “The InFLOW Podcast.” And I’m passionate about helping women invest in land and apartments. Join me each and every week for real estate investing strategies and interviews with thought leaders that will leave you inspired and ready to step into flow for inflows of cash, inflows of ease and inflows of grace in your life. Now, here on YouTube are the video versions of my podcasts. And in order for you to get my latest information, please go ahead and subscribe. And now let’s go.

Welcome to “The InFLOW Podcast.” I’m your host Michelle Bosch. How are you doing today? Excited to come back to you in 2020, Happy New Year. I’m really excited to be here with you on this first episode of InFLOW for the year of 2020. This is a year for us of setting the foundation, you know, for amazing things for amazing great work that we will continue to reap the benefits from in many years to come.

And every year, you know, we come up with my husband and I, you know, for ourselves, for our family and for our team, we come up with a theme for the year and this year our theme is why not ask why not now? And so I’m excited perhaps if you, you know, have not done something like that in the past. You know, a lot of people come up with a word for the year. We come up with a theme. Maybe that’s something that you wanna try out. But in any case let’s get to business. 2020 is upon us, so let’s go. And today I’m here to talk to you guys about three levels of execution in land flipping and you wanna call, I wanna say three levels of execution, but there are also three levels of transformation if you think about it. When you first start land flipping, you have really no idea what you’re doing, you know.

And you might have the recipe and the methodology, you know, that you might be following from someone. If you’re using ours, it would be the Land Profit Generator Methodology. But in essence, you’re really trying to master execution in order to do a flip and accomplish a result, you know, of creating a $5,000, $10,000, $15,000 spread through land flipping. And you start really on the tactical level and that’s the very first level.

The second level that you start learning and mastering is really a strategic or the strategy level. And for me, I think very few people tap into the third level, which is much more of a spiritual purpose level of execution. So those are the three levels of execution when it comes to land flipping. One is tactics, the second one is strategy and the third one is purpose. Yeah. And I wanna break down each of those for you, you know, during the course of the next, you know 10, 15, 20 minutes that we spend together here on this episode. But generally speaking, you know, there are people that… who’s spirit is sculpted by time. And then there’s people that change time. And I think the people that change times are the ones that are really living at the highest of these three levels of execution, which is the purpose, you know, the purpose level. But you need to start somewhere. Yeah. And really, the beginning and there’s no shortcut for every one of us, you know. If I start anything new right now, I need to start at the level of tactics and then move on to the level of strategy when it comes to execution and then I can possibly tap into if it’s something completely new into what my purpose, my bigger why is for doing that new project, that new thing. Yeah.

Now, I think after having gone through the tactical, the strategy, you know, I’m able to actually turn those things around and rather tap into the purpose first and then move into tactics and strategy. But let’s start at the beginning. Okay. So from a tactical level in terms of land flipping, you know, we have to learn all the capabilities that come with acquiring a piece of property, closing on a piece of property, selling that piece of property and going and doing that over and over again. And I think when I think of tactics and we, you know, we walk all our clients and all our students through this in our, you know, in our course in our land profit generator course. But we walk you through for example what type of envelope you need to use. You know, it’s a linen envelope that is gonna get you higher response rates. It’s gonna get people to open, you know, the direct mailing that you’re sending. Because remember, you know, in our method we use direct mail in order to reach motivated, non-wanting sellers that want to sell their land for 5 to 25 cents on the dollar.

And another of those tactics that, you know, that we share is we share for example, you know, what kind of, how to get the lists, where to get the best list. You know, how to sort those lists. Those are tactical things of you need to do those things in order to be able to flip a piece of land. And I’m just looking here at my notes to make sure that I don’t forget anything, but those would be examples of executing on a tactical level. What kind of paper to use for the mailings, what is the script, what do you need to say when a seller calls you, this is exactly the questions that you need to ask in order to get the information that you need in order to be able to present them with an offer. There’s tactical description system, the offers should be sent in a nice, bigger white envelope that needs to contain a few other things besides the contract, a letter, how to write that letter.

All of those are tactics that we have now mastered and are able to then go and start looking at land flip from a much more strategic level. But those are some of the ones, you know, what days to send your mailings is another tactic. We like sending our mailings on a Thursday or Friday so that we know by that next Tuesday of the following week, we’re getting our first basically direct mail being open and people answering to our letter and making and placing phone calls and we’re able to communicate with our potential sellers at this point. You know, they’ve all raised their hand.

And so those are really tactical things as far as how we organize, you know, our phone system and so on and so forth. And we share most of that. So that’s the first level of execution I think when it comes to land flipping is really mastering all those little details that make a difference, that improve conversions, you know, at every step, at every touch point, at every step and process of the way into making an offer and getting it accepted and then selling, you know, closing on that deal and selling that property.

Then I think then you move once you’ve mastered that and it might take you, you know, 60, 90 you know, six months, an entire year. I know of a client and she’s the one that actually prompted me to go ahead and do this episode and talk about these three levels of execution. Because she shared inside of our Facebook group just recently, I think last week that she had been executing for the first year in land flipping and she’s done phenomenal. I mean, they’ve been closing, you know, $50,000 deals you know, $15,000, $10,000, $20,000 deals. And she has been going at it from the point of view of just tactics, pretty much implementing all the tactics that, you know, they have learned. And in just getting the flips done without really putting a lot of moments of reflection into how can I be much more strategic. Now, that the first year has passed, actually her husband has been on now retired, you know, as a result of land flipping.

I know Steve just retired from his job a couple of weeks ago, two or three weeks ago, right before the holidays. And, you know, he’d put in his two weeks and that was that. And now it’s, you know, it’s Vons’s [SP] turn, you know, that’s the name of her client, it’s Nancy’s turn to be free from a job as well. But Steve was first and now she’s looking to figure out, okay, for 2020, how can I be much more strategic about my execution and my implementation? And what I mean by strategy then is not figuring out whether I should send, you know, an envelope with a window, without a window, with which type of paper which county, you know, what fields should my list contain and how can I be upload this easier to my CRM and so on and so forth. We’re not in tactics. She is now trying to master the strategy level, which means that she’s going about her year 2020 and actually planning it and mapping it out.

Strategically, she’s developing goals as far as revenue, you know, as far as how many sales she wants to have and of what, you know, dollar amount in terms of income that she wants to produce on a monthly basis basically for herself and for her family. And they’re going much more strategic about it. How is she gonna hit those goals? How many mailings is she gonna have to, you know, to send out in order to be able to get the X number of phone calls, the X number of offers and based on her, you know, acceptance rate in the areas in which she works.

She’s trying to develop now a master plan. So she’s being definitely strategic and much more, yeah, at a completely different level than, than then on a tactics then when you’re just operating out of pure tactics, which in the beginning you need. You know, if you’ve never been in business before, if you’ve never been an investor before and if you didn’t go to business school to start with strategy first and then develop tactics, it is the most natural way, you know to start. Even for us, we had gone to business school, but we had gone to business school for something completely different. So when it came to land flipping, we had to operate at the level of tactics as well, then move on to strategy and eventually move on to purpose. Yeah.

So on that strategic level, she is now, figuring out how she’s gonna outsource most of her mailings. I think she has done that actually from the beginning, from the get-go. But if you are not there yet and you’ve been, you know, licking and stamping and doing all of your mailings in-house, there’s so only so much you can get done. And so you need to be strategic about your time and how you’re gonna spend your time. Because you know, when you start, sometimes you value much more money than time, but at some point in order for you to grow and really break through, you need to be operating at a strategic level and your time will be a much more value then, you know, then outsourcing and spending some money into outsourcing, for example, mailings.

And so that would be an example. Another example would be, you know, investing in a software, you know at the beginning you’re doing it tactically. You’re using, you know, paper, manila folders to organize all your closings and all your properties and records and spreadsheets and so on and so forth. And that will only get you so far. But if you really want to do this seriously, if you don’t wanna just dabble, but actually create a business that you know, puts your family first, and that gives you the freedom of money and time and relationships and purpose, you know. You are gonna have to make some strategic decisions and some of those strategic decisions will be around team that will be around technology. You know, software, CRM.

We have our own proprietary software called the Investment Dominator that is basically designed to completely scale your business while still putting, you know, your family first. That is gonna free you up from a lot of the mundane tactical activities so that you can really be strategic about your time and where you’re dedicating your effort and headspace. You’re not gonna be any more at some point when you’re in the strategy level, you’re not trying to figure out, “Oh my gosh, how do I get my print job for these 2000 mailings to happen?” You’re not feeding the printer, you’re not thinking about, you know, running to the store or ordering on Amazon to get paper and so on and so forth. You’re operating at a completely different level when you’re at a strategy level. Yeah.

And so those are some of the examples. Another example of being strategic is for example, on the selling side when you have acquired your property and now you’re trying to sell it, you know, you’re gonna be very strategic about capturing buyers information, buyers emails, buyer phone numbers so that you can start developing a buyers list within your, you know, the counties and the areas that you are operating in. When you are being tactical about the sales side of the land flipping business, you’re really operating from the point of view of placing Craigslist, you know, ads, Facebook Marketplace ads, all kinds of ads everywhere. And you are hopefully either receiving those calls yourself. You know, if you’re still in the tactical level, if not, you figured out a way to capture those phone numbers to capture that email address so you can start creating a buyers list and start nurturing a relationship with buyers. Whether they buy from you right now or in the future and you know, three, four, five, six weeks from now, six months from now, a year from now, or even repeat buyers, you know. Or if they’re gonna refer to other people, their friends and family you’re gonna be much more strategic about how to do that, how to capture, you know, referrals from your buyers, how to capture their phone numbers or email addresses and so on and so forth.

And you are going to also probably when you’re being strategic, you know, executing on the land flipping from a strategic level, you’re gonna probably also start creating, you know, your own unique process. We have a process that is 100% a proven format that if you follow to a T, you know you’re gonna get success 100% of the time. If you’re investing in the right areas in the right counties, of course, and so on and so forth. However, you know, with time as you kind of like move from the level of tactics and your implementation and execution to the level of strategy, you know, there’s gonna be little nuances of how you personally do business, you know, in terms of like for example, creating specific processes for your VA’s that help you, you know, either with servicing of the inbound calls or you’re gonna start testing, maybe using broadcasting technology, you know, to send a broadcast to, I don’t know, a hundred thousands of people that you’ve sent offers in the past and that maybe didn’t respond so that you can get them to accept either a second offer or respond and so on and so forth.

Also using that kind of a technology to text new promos or when you have a new feature property in your on your websites itself for your buyers list. Those are all things, processes, unique processes that are unique to how you particularly do business that you’re gonna start developing so that you can really take a step back and start handing off and delegating a lot of the pieces of the land flipping business so that you’re not always involved on, you know, on the tactics and on the tactical level.

So I think that’s, you probably get a good idea now the difference between being tactical, you know, and being strategic. But just to give you, throw in on a different example there, you know, you will also be strategic. Probably, you know, once you’ve mastered the tactics, you will also be strategic about not just the areas that you pick, but how you’re going to sell your land.

There’s gonna be land that you’re gonna identify as prime land. And we teach you that in our course and in our program of what type of land to go for so that you can, that would be prime land for you to wholesale for cash and what type of land you wanna start selling using seller financing. Because remember we sell our land and we flip our land, not just, you know, by wholesaling but also by offering seller financing. And what that means is somebody gives you a down payment and then they continue making monthly payments. You know, for 5, 10, 15 years, you know, some, it’s a property that you maybe buy for 5,000 or 2,000 or whatever, 2,000, let’s say an example, an easy example. You sell for 15,000, they give you a few, a $3,000 down payment and then for the next 5 to 10 years, they’re gonna give you $200 every month with interest and so on and so forth.

And you’re able to create passive residual cashflow with land as well, which is I guess considered a myth, you know, around real estate circles, but you can actually do it. So you’re gonna be much more strategic about which of those pieces of land you’re gonna be…afford to sell doing seller financing and which ones you’re gonna do for cash so that you can continue to have cash in your pocket to continue doing business, to continue operating, to continue sending mailings to continue increasing your inventory of land or doing double closings. If you’re doing double closings, you won’t even need to worry about that because no money is coming out of pocket, you know, from you as well.

And so that’s another, you know strategic I think ability that we’re able to collapse for a lot of our clients is from the get go we want you to start trying double closing so that you don’t have to come up with the money when purchasing a land and flipping it, you know, that same day or within weeks to somebody else. And so everything about strategy in my opinion is about simplifying the process and all your tactics so that you can really multiply. It’s simplifying to multiplying, it’s creating systems, it’s creating processes, being very intentional, very perk, you know, very driven from the point of view of a goal of what you wanna create and really reverse engineering so that your activities match those goals and the results that you wanna accomplish. And that’s what executing at a strategic level is all about.

And I think the third level is a level that you seldom see not just in the real estate industry operating out there in business in general. And I think that is where we need to start all moving towards if we wanna become enlightened societies and enlightened business owners is moving towards the level of purpose. That level of execution where you’re really tapping into something spiritual, something bigger than you, where you’re really, you know, questioning and asking yourself, “Why am I here on this earth? Why am I here, you know, at this particular point in time?” I know my husband and I are here in this particular point in time to raise the wealth and prosperity consciousness of the planet. And I know that’s bold and that takes even, you know, for me it takes balls to say, but that’s what I’m here for.

And when I tap into that and I am operating and executing from that level, you know, of really tapping into purpose, spiritual purpose, I am able to make things happen that on a tactical and strategic level would feel like pushing, like force, like resistance always meeting me. But when I’m at that level, at the level of operating in an execution, you know, and executing from a purpose-driven level, it’s almost like the universe conspires in your favor and all of a sudden the playing field is tilted in your favor, you know, when it, when it comes to, you know, your competitors, you in the marketplace offering a value and offering a service that creates real results. And it’s a completely different ballgame when you tap into that and you all of a sudden then, you know, deal with your vendors at the mailing house or deal with, you know, setting up your phone or talking and communicating with your sellers from this perspective, from this new level of execution.

I have had sellers that have said to us, you know, “We received one or two other offers specifically in a few counties, you know, in Southeast and the South Eastern USA where there’s a little bit of more people in activity doing there. But normally, we seldom come into any competition whatsoever or anyone else doing business where we’re doing business. But in those few instances where we have, because of how we are operating, where it’s incredibly values-driven and purpose- driven, they have chosen to work with us, with our company, over anyone else because of how we communicated with the seller.”

So when you tap into a spiritual purpose, you know, you are no longer thinking about, “Oh my gosh, how can I get this person’s property for cheap?” Yes, you will get it for cheap because it’s gonna, you know, our process is gonna work. If you implement on the tactical and strategic level, it’s gonna work. But things will become easier and easier and easier when you start operating and executing, you know, from a much more purpose-driven level of execution. And so in creating your offers, you know, you’re tapping into this. In creating your systems, in communicating with your team, you’re tapping into purpose. And everyone is really, you know, that is aligned with your vision, with your purpose is really helping you in conspiring to help you make that happen and really manifest and make a reality.

You know, the goals that you’ve set at the level of strategy of execution. You know, when you’re tapping into a much more purpose, spiritual-driven you know, level of execution. And so I just wanted to leave you with that. That those are the three levels. They’re incredibly, you know, critical that, you know, that we ascend in our capabilities and in our level of integrating each of these levels and operating out of these levels. And I believe that what is the next level of how people will be doing business, you know, and from 2020 on. And those are the people who and the investors are gonna see, you know, with tremendous ease and real you know… It’s going to rain success when you operate from this perspective.

And in dealing with buyers, for example, if you’re tapping into this, your past the tactics and the strategy of, “How can I sell the property?” When you tap into this, you’re really asking them their why’s. Why do they wanna buy this piece of land from you? And you really wanna understand their humanity, their goals of things that move their hearts and touch their hearts and how you’re going to be bringing value by presenting them with this opportunity that you, that have to for them to buy land from you, to make whatever dreams come true, whether it be financial dreams, things of a home of retirement and so on and so forth of hunting. There’s so many reasons why people wanna buy, you know, wanna buy land. But the moment that you tap into this next level of execution, your acquisition will improve, will get better, will get easier. Your, you know, your disposition, which is the selling of the land will get easier. Everything in my opinion just has gotten easier the moment that we have tapped into this third level of execution and implementation, which is much more of a purpose-driven, spiritual-driven level.

So I think that’s what I have for you today. I also wanted to invite you guys to join us. We are actually having a free workshop inside of our Facebook group, the Land Profit Generator Real Estate Investing Group. So if you have not joined that community, it’s an amazing community of over 6,000 investors. Everyone, incredibly generous with their time, with their knowledge, helping each other really stay, you know, on purpose, stay focused on getting, you know, ourselves to success when it comes to land flipping. That group again and Profit Generator Real Estate Investing Group. If you haven’t joined, join us.

We are actually hosting February 3rd, beginning of February 3rd that Monday. We are hosting a five or yeah, a five-day free workshop. We call it the land profit lab and you can go to, and you can register to get the homework to get all set up and ready to go for February. And you’ll get homework. You’ll probably be asked to join the Facebook group at that time. Go ahead and do it right there in the moment. Don’t leave it for later. You’re gonna forget. So go ahead and say, you know, join the Facebook group there. If you wanna get any reminders, you know, you’ll have an opportunity to choose there to get reminders. So be on the live sessions with Jack and myself for five days where we’re going to be completely unpacking all the details on those, you know, tactics and strategy level and purpose-driven level of how to go about land flipping from A to Z.

Basically, we’re gonna be pouring all our heart and allow the into that and giving you all the details on how you can do that as well so that 2020 can really be a difference where a time, you know, in your life when you can say, “Wow, you know, time was kind of like you know, getting at me from every direction. And it was changing me and sometimes not necessarily for the better, but 2020 was the year where everything changed, where I actually as a person change time and change the financial trajectory of my family and of many generations to come.” That’s what we want this land profit lab at to be about for many families, for all the families that we are able to touch during that week. So come on over and join us.

And if you guys have any questions, you can post your questions here down below. You can also post questions inside of the Facebook group, myself, my team, my husband, everyone, you know that is working in doing the land flipping that is in the trenches doing land flipping is inside of that group. It can help you answer any questions before then. And until then, then I’m looking forward to seeing you guys there. Super excited about the lab coming up.

And remember the three levels of execution, tactics, strategy and purpose and we all should be moving and striving forward, you know, to operating out of the third level. I believe that that is the level where grace meets us, where ease meets us, where everything that we have been looking for, you know, kind of meets us with ease because we’re really tapping into something bigger than ourselves. So thank you so much and I look forward to spending some quality time with you guys and being together in the same space in the next episode of ”InFLOW.” Thank you very much. And until the next one. Bye.

I hope this episode left you feeling inspired and ready to get inflows of cash, inflows of light, and inflows of faith in your life. I welcome your reviews on iTunes. Please leave me a review and help me create an amazing community of women in flow. Thank you as always, for sharing your voice by going to and joining the conversation about this show. And while you’re there, grab a copy of my ”10 Commandments to Living a Life inFlow.” You can also follow me on Facebook at @michellebosch and an Instagram @michelleboschofficial. Thank you very much. And until the next one.

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