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Episode 33: Higher Purpose, Bigger Future!

Earlier this year, Michelle Bosch had a terrifying experience on her way to an investment program. In this episode, you’ll discover the lessons that this experience taught her and how this has made her truly re-evaluate many things in her life. Find out how Michelle faced herself and found out how she wants to live her life in order to fulfill her true purpose.

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  • Learn how a terrifying experience reshaped Michelle Bosch’s outlook on life
  • Discover Michelle’s purpose in life
  • Understand how to discover your own purpose and how to work towards a bigger future

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Welcome to the “InFlow Podcast.” I am your host, Michelle Bosch. I thought I’d jump on and do a quick podcast episode for you all, and I wanted to tell you a story of something that happened to me not too long ago. About a month ago, I was on a trip out to Chicago to my 10X Ambition Program meeting, my very first meeting, and it’s a program where only seven and eight-figure CEOs are allowed to attend. They actually even check on your tax returns to make sure that you qualify to be part of the group. And so, I decided to join and I did the strategic investment of about $25,000 because I know that with one idea or one connection, you know, my money is going to be back in an instant. It has been like that in the past. Whenever I have made the commitment to invest in myself, it has paid multiple, multiple, multiple times over.

But, the curious thing, though, is that I had been part of the signature program for maybe six years, and I had already qualified to be part of the 10X Ambition Group. Maybe three years ago, but for some reason or the other, I had not taken that leap of faith and not just committed to go for it. And, I think it was just because I, for some reason, thought I wasn’t either worth it or didn’t belong there. And, in spite of all the things that I have already accomplished in my life, and it’s sometimes incredible, the batshit crazy stories that we tell ourselves. But anyways, it happens to everyone at all levels. So, on my way there, and this is what I originally wanted to share with you today, so I’m flying from Phoenix to Chicago with American Airlines, but regardless of the airline, that’s not the point, this trip started fantastic.

We take off from Phoenix, take off is beautiful. On the trip there, there’s a few occasional bumps, nothing really to worry about, but when we are about to land, all of a sudden we realize that the captain aborts the first landing attempt into O’Hare, and we hear this incredibly horrible noise that you shouldn’t be hearing when you’re about to land an airplane. And so, he goes ahead and lifts the plane back up, and we circle around the airport and he attempts a second landing. And after attempting that second landing and aborting it as well, you know, everyone’s like wondering, “What the heck is going on?” And he finally, you know, the captain finally goes ahead and announces on the speakerphone and he says that we are having some problems with our landing gear, and that we are waiting for ground personnel to go ahead and prepare for us on the ground for when we land, they can meet us at the runway.

Needless to say, that’s not something you want to hear when you’re on an airplane, that the landing gear is possibly not working or not engaged or not coming out. That is the worst possible news that you can get. And so, well, I guess that the engines have gone is also just as horrible, anyways. And so, it was an incredibly huge reset moment for me, that experience, when we’re there and we don’t know if we’re going to be able to land. And that’s why I wanted to jump on here and share with you because, you can imagine the tension on that airplane, and I have been on some serious turbulent flights, you know, in the middle of typhoons all across the world, really, because we travel, you know, almost everywhere in our lifetime. And we’ve had tour board landings because of strong winds in the past, but nothing really compares to this landing in Chicago when you know that everything outside in terms of weather is fine but it’s actually the mechanical, the machine is not working.

And so you could feel the tension, the panic, the despair, the horror inside of that aircraft. You could drop a needle and you could hear it. Everyone was completely silent, and it was pretty surreal. And, I know for myself that I was also feeling the exact same way, feeling panic-stricken. And right after the feeling of panic, people say, you know, that before they’re about to lose their life in some way, shape or form they start seeing their life or their past experiences and have like a little run through, like flashbacks of their lives. Well, let me tell you that that’s exactly what happened to me as well. I started looking at what I had done in my life.

The places that I have travel, the beautiful family that I had created, the amazing company team, the impact that I had done, you know, in the world. All the beautiful people that I had met and touched in some way, shape, or another. And, in that moment, you know, I felt immense gratitude. I was like, okay, I’ve had the things that I wanted to have. I’ve done the things that I wanted to do. I’m really at peace if this is my time. And the people that flashed through my mind and in those moments were people that have been heroes to me in my life, that have believed in me, that have held me up to a higher standard always, and contributed in one way or the other to my ability to create a bigger future for myself and for others. But right after that thought of, okay, I’m at peace, there was this glimpse or this sliver, I would say, of faith and hope.

And that thought that came into my mind was, “God, I know you’ve brought me this far and I know you’re not gonna leave me alone right now. And I know that you have a bigger future for me.” And so, it was an incredible reset point. You always, you know, will be tested when you are about to grow when you’re about to 10X or grow 2 times or 3 times, any kind of growth, it’s almost like as if life will test you. And, for me, that experience was an incredible reset point. And I’m right now on a mission. We have been on a mission since I got back from Chicago, Jack and I, my husband, on creating a framework of how we’re gonna live our life from now on.

And, we’ve always been not just about higher income but about higher purpose. But, I’m filled now with much more conviction, clarity. I would say actually radical conviction about the type of people that I want to associate with, the people who, like me, believe in creating bigger futures for themselves and for others. I think that this past experience plus the meeting the following day, which was, by the way, incredible, amazing, the type of people there, the ideas that I got, the connections I made, the mindsets, it all contributed, I think, for this resolve right now to really clean up house and start going for big, bold, audacious things in my life. And not because I want bigger or because bigger is better, but because we we want not just bigger things, but we want to have a bigger and a higher purpose. We want to be living this higher purpose day in and day out because I realized that your life can be gone in an instant and there is no time for anything else.

We walk this earth almost as if we are going to be here forever, but we’re not. We’re here for a short period of time and we’re here to make the most of it. And that’s what we’ve been doing. And all across my team members, our three different companies, our coaches, we have presented the following question, and I want to present that to you because as I was being grateful for all the people that have touched my life in those moments of panic, of not knowing whether the aircraft was going to be able to land or not, most of those people that I went back to, that came to my mind are people that have been incredible heroes, you know, in my life.

And why they have been incredible heroes, well, because they embody, they live mindsets of growth, of faith, of people that are growth-oriented, that believed in me and that helped me live what I’m living right now, the dream that I’m living right now because I’m definitely living the dream. And so, this is what we’re doing, you know. We’re going to be only working in allowing people in our lives that have such growth mindsets because, like I said, there’s no time for anything else. And it’s been a process of clarifying for ourselves who we are, who we truly are, so that we can find ourselves in others, you know, in these people that are also have our mindsets. Other people that also want bigger futures for themselves that believe in whole life leadership and growth in general. And know that their futures are going to be bigger than anything that has happened to them in their past, that they’re bigger than anything that has happened, and it’s been a beautiful experience in the aftermath.

It’s been also difficult. There’s people that are not going to be coming along with us to the next big rise. They’re not going to be riding this wave with us. So, I know it sounds harsh, but if they don’t share our mindsets, why bring those people along or try to have them be part of it, you know? And so, I just want to leave you with this. The time is now. Are there people in your surroundings that are not heroes to you, and instead of fueling your flames, you know, they’re extinguishing them? And if there’s some of those, try to figure out who you really are. What do you really stand for and what you’re looking for is you in others. We all share those same sparks. And so, I want to also add, if you are wondering if the $25,000 investment was worth it, and the investment is actually for a year, for 4 meetings, 4 quarterly meetings.

And within one meeting, actually halfway through the first meeting, I had already made a connection that can possibly turn into $1 million win in the multi-family space. And also, as a result of that meeting, we have been able to steer our companies in a new direction. And, since then, from that just tiny adjustment of clarifying who do we want to be a hero to and who are heroes to me, we’ve been able to generate an additional $300,000 to our bottom line. So, I would say that investing in yourself always pays off. So, don’t listen and don’t believe the crazy stories that sometimes your mind tells you when you’re confused, when you’re sometimes paralyzed by fear and you’re about to step into that next big rise in your life.

And, I hope you enjoyed this episode. If you liked this episode, please go ahead and leave me a five-star review. And yeah, I’d love to get a written review if possible, if you guys have the time. It’s wonderful to be able to get those because that allows me to be higher on those charts and being able to be found more easily and be able to share my message with many more women out there. So, thank you so much. And I hope to share some time with you all in the next episode of “InFlow.” Thank you very much. Bye bye.

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