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Episode 30 – Cash Flow vs Earned Income

Are you putting your hard-earned money to work? In this episode, Michelle Bosch discusses the differences between earned income and cash flow. Most people work regular jobs because society has told us that this is a safe path in life. You’ll discover why this might not be the case and how you can continue doing the work you love while setting yourself up for a life of passive cash flow that continues to come in month after month! There are many options and it can be quite overwhelming but never fear, Michelle is hear to explain what has worked for her in her years of being an entrepreneur!

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What’s inside:

  • Discover the difference between earned income and cash flow
  • Find out how you can transform your income into cash flow
  • Learn about the different ways that you can earn passive income
  • Understand why cash flow can provide ultimate financial security

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There is a difference between creating and generating. Generation happens when your creation can predictable and reliably produce a specific result…like in real estate you first need to create the opportunity by actively looking/ generating leads and finding a income generating property and then positioning that property to generate one-time, temp or forever cash
—Creation is an entirely completely different story…creating is about walking away from what is proven…getting out of your comfort and having the ability to create meaning and substance out of the power of not knowing
Faith= hierarchy of reliability—Experience, Scripture, God/the Unknown
Authenticity/GENIUS/CHRISTED SELF when you are being the You that you feel you should be- We live in a society that downplays original thoughts, in a society to place other peoples thoughts and feelings ahead of yours./ world downplays the value of authenticity, better to feel and think what others are thinking/ sacrificing your own sense of self and brilliance/ sacrificing your christed self
When you know something is true for you and you that you know it doesn’t matter if others agree or not…inner signal, spiritual GPS how many agree or disagree is irrelevant==not from a place of screw you world just from place of being cool with you. Be a contrarian, brave the wilderness, its ok

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