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Episode 28 – Generator vs Creator of Income

In this episode, Michelle Bosch discusses the differences between generators and creators of income. In any new business you start of being the generator of income, working hard to get money and opportunities for the company. Eventually, as the business becomes profitable, you need to shift your mindset in order to propel the company forward. You’ll hear how it took burnout for Michelle to realize that she had to change how she thought about her work and how she has been able to become a creator of opportunity!

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What’s inside:

  • Discover the difference between generators and creators of income
  • Find out how you can shift your mindset to become a creator of opportunity
  • Understand how you could be burning yourself out
  • Learn how Michelle Bosch moved from being a generator to a creator

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In today’s episode I would like to share with you 2 concepts that have been invaluable as a leader in
business and in my personal life. Today I want to talk to you about the distinction between being a
Generator and a Creator in your life and business.
I made this distinction a few years back out of necessity. Not because I am so bright…but because my
physical body started giving up on me. I experienced intense burnout for the first time in 2011 and it
took almost a year and a half to recover from it and during that time I had to figure out how to continue
accomplishing my goals and bringing my dreams to reality while still healing. So it really wasn’t smarts as
you can see what brought me to the lessons I will share with you today but instead my body…my body
forced me to again be open to possibilities and to the realization that I was ready to expand my heart
not just my mind. During that year and a half every time I expanded my heart I met life with optimism
and I started recovering and gaining strength and energy physically, mentally, emotionally, and
Soooo many entrepreneurs are experiencing burnout…both male and female its almost an epidemic. As
a woman though I know that I am part of the first generation of women that have the luxury of
experiencing burnout from our careers so that is a beautiful thing in a way I guess.
So let me start at the beginning because it is probably similar to your beginning regardless of whether
you are just starting your real estate investing business or are a seasoned entrepreneur. When we all
start our businesses…day in and day out in your little start up… you are face with Complexities of
scarcity. I say complexities of scarcity because almost all the problems you are facing are the result of
not having enough money, or enough time, or enough of the right relationships, or not enough team, or
not enough distribution or enough skills, enough courage, enough will, enough discipline…you name
it…not enough of a whole lot of things…. and so you wear all hats in your business and its generally a
phase in your business where you have to say yes to many things including rolling up your sleeves,
saying yes to opportunities that perhaps you shouldn’t, to clients and customers that you shouldn’t
have, to partnerships that you shouldn’t have and doing the work and doing whatever it takes to get
your business going. When you start a business its your willingness to say yes to everything and

GENERATE RESULTS (code word here GENERATE)…so you being a GENERATOR is what brings capacity
and capability and keeps the doors open, the lights on and keeps revenue and cash coming in.

And so you continue growing… you then become profitable and continue saying yes to everything and
your plate gets full…and you don’t know any other way to be successful so you continue doing
everything and continue being a GENERATOR saying yes to everything because that’s what brought
you to your current level of success…. however what you don’t realize is that you have turned the
corner and you are no longer in the world of complexities of scarcity but complexities of abundance.
So many businesses crash and implode as a result of the leader not realizing complexities of
abundance are the next challenge of their next rise to becoming CREATORs of opportunities.
Ask me how I know this? Well, in order to experience the levels of success I had experience I only knew
how to be a GENERATOR and so that’s what I knew how to do and kept pushing through with that
strategy In spite of having a team… and the consequence was I run myself to the ground…my focus had
always been on 3 of the 4 pillars of business. There are 4 Pillars in business The Why (which has to do
with the leader and their Higher Purpose for starting a business), The Who (which is the team), The
What (Which is the product or service or solution and value you are bringing to the marketplace) and
the HOW (the strategies, processes, systems and tactics) and I can talk about these in detail and what
each entails on a future episode. Most of the high level conversations with our coaching clients and
Investors are around these 4 Pillars.
So let me continue…Big reasons Why had led us to succeed, the right What….in our case playing in the
right asset class…. such as land…. where we had virtually no competition, no hassles like you have in the
house world…. and the ability with that asset class to produce HUGE one-time cash profits and Cash flow
allowed me in the beginning and to this day to succeed.
Both my husband and I are very left brain type of people so very process oriented individuals so the right
HOW in other words the right unique process, systems, strategies and tactics had allowed us to succeed
and Team…well we did have a team and building a team allowed us to transact in large volume but my
FOCUS up until 2011 had never been truly to develop leaders in our team. The extent to what I
dedicated time in this Pillar was to recruit, train, incentivize and manage our TEAM but never to create
But when you find yourself in the stage of complexities of abundance the only way to rise to the next
level as I know now…is by becoming a CREATOR of Possibilities and Magic and you do that through the
CREATION of LEADERs in your existing team and bringing on new Team members that have the
expertise, drive, core values, and acumen of where you want to go. This will require as a business owner
that you step out of your comfort zone and have the courage and humility to bring on board people
who are smarter and better than you in all the things that you are not good at. But for those people you
bring on board…what you are not good at is THEIR GENIUS.
Leaders in your team that share your drive, vision, your purpose, your values and have Genius expertise
and skills are the ones who allow you to grow in capacity but more than anything they are the ones that
take on the challenges of the complexities of abundance. Some of the complexities of abundance are
having too many clients, too many projects, too many OPPORTUNITIES that come your way and you

can’t handle or….. OPPORTUNITIES that could exist don’t materialize because you are too busy and tired
to be Creative and CREATE and Innovate. Leaders in your team allow you to iterate in many zeros when
it comes to business growth.

I know that for me the shift from Generator to Creator meant that I would no longer be the mind that
does the work exclusively but the mind that guides the work===on our the educational business I focus
on strategic guidance and let my team LEAD and on our Investing business I focus on asset management
and ensuring strategic predictable growth while letting my team LEAD and for my team to LEAD…I must
be on an ongoing mission to create LEADERS.
The Creator Energy that I and Jack have been cultivating for some years now…IS what helps us to
experience economic prosperity and brings more inflows of Cash whether in the form of one time Cash
or Passive Cash Flow with Ease and Grace without pushing ourselves to exhaustion because we are
tapping into the Genius and expertise of others…. but it definitely required a very important
ingredient…it required faith…it requiredthat we have faith in others and faith in the unknown
opportunities out there and when they show up trust others around us and in our path to help us take
inspired action.
So you as the leader of your family and your business have the JOB of identifying and figuring out when
you are at that point where you need to step out of your comfort zone of being a Generator and shift to
becoming a Creator of Possibilities in your business and in your life.

This single shift has allowed us to create a Culture in our Investing and Educational businesses that is
unrivaled, it allows us to dominate in our industries and first and foremost Create the right environment
to keep pushing the boundaries of what is possible in bringing our Mission of unlocking the 4Cs of
wealth for families now and into the future. Those 4C’s of Wealth are— courage, confidence, capability
and cash flow.
I strongly believe that FOR Leaders whether in the real estate or any industry for that matter… the
biggest puzzle to solve and fit together and merge is this idea of moving from being a GENERATOR which
is mainly a result of using almost exclusively your left brain to becoming a CREATOR which requires
cultivation of your right brain and expanding your heart and faith in others and really merging or
marrying these two tendencies to help us all as a society get to our NEXT RISE.
Maybe you are listening right now and realize that you have always been playing in Generator Mode in a
Job that you hate or in your business and its time to either stop exchanging hours for dollars on a
carrousel that takes you no where…. and start cultivating being in CREATOR Mode…of course I will
advocate for real estate because that is what I do and love…. so if you’re ready to learn something new
and start learning about Land for example…please go to my website to and
learn about our Land Profit Generator System. You can also join our free FB group called Land Profit
Generator Real Estate Investing Group. Land is an asset class that I know for sure will push the

boundaries of what is possible for you and your family…so stay openminded and openhearted always
and check it out.
We have a live event coming up around the corner August 2-4 th in Dallas in case you want to jump
start the shift from Generator Mode to Creator Mode by investing in Land. We almost sold out but if
you are interested there is still time…call us at 602-712-0182
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It was great spending time with you today. I Look forward to sharing some time together on a future
episode…until the next one.

Michelle: I hope this episode left you feeling inspired and ready to get inflows of cash, inflows of light, and inflows of faith in your life. I welcome your reviews on iTunes. Please leave me a review and help me create an amazing community of women inflow. Thank you as always for sharing your voice by going to, and joining the conversation about this show. And while you’re there, grab a copy of my “Ten Commandments to Living a Life Inflow.” You can also follow me on Facebook at Michelle Bosch, and on Instagram @michelleboschofficial. Thank you very much, and until the next one.

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