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Episode 21 – Four Freedoms & False Metrics

Entrepreneurs often evaluate their success based on how much money they earn – and while this makes sense at the beginning of your journey, it is not a true metric when it comes to long term growth. In this episode, Michelle Bosch breaks down the four freedoms you should be working towards and why this will allow you to live the life of your dreams.

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What’s inside:

  • Understand why income can be a false metric for success
  • Discover the four freedoms and how you can attain them
  • Find out how Michelle and her husband Jack Bosch attained the four freedoms in their entrepreneurial journey
  • Learn how all of this relates to real estate investment

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Welcome to the Inflow Podcast! I’m your host Michelle Bosch.

Excited to spend some time together with you today to talk about False Metrics when it comes to Growth and you might be asking well what does that have to do with Real Estate Investing and Money.

So yes income and revenue are good metrics to evaluate growth in the beginning but they are also false metrics and indicators of the maturity with which you deal with your Money.

I believe that all Growth Oriented Individuals whether you are busy professional or an entrepreneur you and your family are looking for Freedom. In my experience there are 4 types of freedoms.

And I know Growth for me have best been measured by using these 4 Freedoms as metrics not Revenue, Not Income!

From my experience At the core… every human being craves 4 Freedoms these Freedoms are the Freedom of Money, Freedom of Time, Freedom of Relationships and Ultimately the Freedom of Purpose which all about the Freedom to be Yourself so fully that you can serve others and Ultimately walk this earth with Purpose and Co-create with God/ the universe the Divine or whatever you want to call it.

But if I go back to the beginning…Our first stages in life if we’re lucky and you are like most of us…are about schooling and getting an education and then we either get busy with a profession or with starting a business but in either case I think we all start our journey because we are after these 4 Freedoms either consciously or unconsciously.

When I started as an employee and later an entrepreneur my biggest motivation was definitely all about Freedom of Money …we lived paycheck to paycheck…and well life once you’re off on your own has a lot to do with financial obligations so there were a lot of bills to pay…we had payments on our house, cars, our bed, laundry, our sofa, our fridge and you might add to that student debt, cc debt etc and for many High Income earners with the flashy houses, and car, and country club memberships and exotic vacations and private school it isn’t any different…they are just running a bigger rat race if most of the Income they produce to cover these expenses is produced from active income or what we call one-time cash…(you work once, you get paid once) if you’re a doctor, a sales person or a lawyer, you work or service a client once or have the effort of selling something once and you get paid once.

And if you are a business owner…well just because you own a business it doesn’t mean that you aren’t stuck in the One-time Cash world…to the list I just mentioned you will add payroll, inventory, insurances, office rent, office supplies, equipment…basically all the typical things you need to run a business.

So for us our Land Flipping business was the vehicle that help us go after the Freedom of Money….yes we were working once and getting paid only once but we were getting paid large 5 and 6 figure profits…. And if you are a professional then it is your high paying job or practice the one producing large checks.

But once we were into this for a few years day in and day out working 80 hour weeks the next stage of our search for Freedom started… and we at that point wanted to go after freedom of Time and hired and built a team and even then unless your company is a self managing company you will still be stuck without any Freedom of Time to step away because you might be the main rain maker in your business and so your business doesn’t enjoy Freedom of Money… if Revenue and Income in your business or your practice all depends on you… You don’t have Freedom of Time because your Business doesn’t enjoy Freedom of Money to begin with…. Plus adding a team adds a lot of complexity to a business and unless you have process, culture, marketing and sales that run whether you are there or not you won’t be able to step into Freedom of Time.

This is why Success and growth comparisons at face value between two high income earners, Whether you are a business owner or high level professional really can’t be made…. because for all you know… one might just be in a large rat race in the world of one time cash while the other one might be in the world of Passive Cashflow or what we like to call Forever Cash.

But entrepreneurs are some of the most resilient and superhuman warriors I know…so if you are like me you will put in the work and figure it out. In our case we figured out how to transition from land flipping for cash to land flipping using seller financing and selling our land with the help of a team which also gave us the first tastes of the Freedom of Relationships. We could choose who wanted to work with and hire only those people…. Plus We now had notes where clients where paying monthly for their land for anywhere between 5 and 15 years.

This allowed us to only work certain hours or days of the week…and here only with people we love as family and take extended time off to visit our parents and siblings in Honduras and Germany or to go on trips and discover new worlds.

So moving on to the next stage…. once we had Freedom of Money, Time, and Relationships under our belts because Revenue didn’t depend on us exclusively but on a team that had a process for acquisition and disposition of property.. we then naturally transitioned to enjoying more fully the Freedom of Relationships.

We had the head space and time to Mastermind with other Investors playing a higher game than we were, we had the time and money to Invest in having access to skillsets of individuals with much more sophistication that we had and WE had the time, energy and bandwidth to analyze what types of properties we really needed drop and which ones we needed to focus on, what types of investments we needed to go after, what type of clients we needed to drop and which ones to focus on to start increasing our profits and keeping more of our hard earned money.

By Having the Freedom to Invest in Relationships and instead of seeing those relationships in competition with us but instead as opportunities to add Value and be transformational to them ……we had access to their Unique Genius and Capabilities and had the opportunity to Collaborate and Innovate and rest in each other’s Strengths to come to the world of Passive Cash Flow through Cash Flowing Apartments. Passive Cash Flow really is the Ultimate Level of Freedom of Money.

BTW in case you didn’t know we host every quarter the Ultimate Boardroom Mastermind for Investors looking to step into a larger game and the next level of success and upgrade your Freedom of Relationships. If you are interested in finding out more you can always contact our office at (602)-712-0182

The last Freedom and I believe the Freedom we really are all Ultimate looking for is the Freedom of Purpose…which from my experience is all about having the Freedom to be Yourself…to seek and rediscover who you truly were and are before all the stresses of not having the first 3 Freedoms came into your life. To remember what your Uniqueness is and harness that Genius that uniqueness that superpower to help others RISE together and also find their way home. This freedom is about uncovering that quality that only you embody so uniquely because of your past experiences and circumstances and realizing that this individual flavor is your gift to the whole Universe and this gift is the part of the puzzle that was always there but that YOU had been missing and had forgotten about with the stresses of daily life or trauma of past circumstances and once you find this a calmness and a softness sets in.

So to wrap things up:

So yes income and revenue are good metrics to evaluate growth in the beginning but they are also false metrics and indicators of the maturity with which you deal with your Money.

Growth isn’t just about revenue but has a lot to do with Profits and…which are what you actually get to keep once you paid all your overhea
d and employees. Growth also has a lot to do with Passive Cash FLOW and your ability to Invest in Passive Cash Flow Assets. Growth also has a lot to do with Growth of your Free Time, Growth of Joy that comes from engaging in activities that you LOVE, Growth in your spiritual evolution, Growth in your impact serving others, Growth in your ability to be in Your Genius and with that Genius Collaborate on a large Scale with other people that are also in their Genius to create innovation, game changing opportunities, improve communities, create Passive Cash Flow… which the type of Growth that I am involved in for the last several years as an Investor of Large apartment complexes.

If you are interested in being part of my Priority InFLOW Notification List and Start investing when new Investing opportunities and new Apartments Projects are available please go to and fill out the form with your contact information and I will reach out to you to get to know you and your Family’s Investing Goals and desires. I get to know each Investor personally to make sure the investment opportunities fit your needs.

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As always thank you for tuning in… it is always a pleasure to spend time together with you and look forward to spending time in the next episode of InFLOW.

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