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Episode 14 – Structured Rhythms of Success

The principle of increased entropy is as follows: “Disorder and Chaos will increase over time” – this is a scientific principle that applies to everything in the universe. It also applies to your life as an entrepreneur. In this episode of In Flow, Michelle Bosch discusses the power of utilizing structured rhythms to overcome this chaos and how you can ensure your efficiency through consistently.

Sound complicated? It really isn’t, especially since Michelle is sharing a tool that was once only available to elite members of the Ultimate Board Room Mastermind: The High Impact Year planner (the download link is below). Listen to this episode of In Flow to discover how to set up simple procedures and rhythms to maximize your productivity.

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What’s inside:

  • Find out how scientific principles apply to your life as an entrepreneur
  • Discover how to structure your life according to rhythms
  • Learn how to implement The High Impact Year into your life
  • Understand what the 90 day cash driver is all about

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Michelle: Welcome to the InFlow Podcast. I am your host, Michelle Bosch. I see a gaping hole across society that focuses on the outer work and forgets about the inner work when what we really need is to bridge the gap between prosperity and spirituality to live a life in flow with inflows of light, inflows of cash, inflows of creativity, inflows of grace in our lives. Each week join me for powerful messages and interviews that will leave you inspired and ready to step into flow in your higher work. So now, let’s go.

Welcome to the Inflow Podcast! I’m your Host Michelle Bosch

Because we are still early on in the year I decided for today to talk about a concept that guaranteed our real estate success and success pretty much in any endeavor we have started. This is the framework that we use to Execute and Implement. It’s called Structured Rhythms of Success and this is basically a goal-setting framework. This framework has worked sooooo well that anything we have set as a goal has been accomplished every single time. And what we have found is that we have a superior advantage in executing because of it. So we actually have to be careful in choosing the right goals because we have ended up choosing goals and accomplishing them and then realizing those goals where not right for us.
So This concept requires that you be clear on what your Life Vision is for you as a person, as an entrepreneur or real estate investor so that you are Executing on that Lifetime Vision and Lifetime Goals.
First let me start with a few principles before we dive right into it.
The first principle I’d like to present to you is Principle of Increased Entropy: this Principle basically says that Disorder and chaos will increase over time/everything is falling into disorder all the time. All systems, energy, matter tend to disorganize, disintegrate and deteriorates over time…it is constant and consistent every second of the day, and you can see this principle at work in your body, relationships, house, car, business. So basically if all in your life is left alone all in your life will tend towards disorder.//
The second principle is the -Principle of Decreased Entropy: that says that you Need to continuously expend energy into your systems to decreased entropy. And this Injection of energy into your system must be rhythmic, habitual, constant, consistent, IT Must BE A LIFESTYLE
The third principle is the Principle of Continuous Energy: Our job is to impose order and invest energy thru structured rhythms. Meaning we will use our precious energy and time according to a plan, a regular, recurrence of events where you are basically doing planned repetition and repeated planning
Because UNLESS you put continued positive energy back into a system your results will always be poor…you might get things off the ground but you will never have predictable results. I know this is the case in my business for sure and even in my house…. if I don’t have a system to get the house back in order…Between my daughter and the dog my living room would always look like a bomb went off.
So in Goal setting and Goal accomplishing: the energy you put in has to be consistent or life will disorganize,
Predictable and Superior Results don’t happen in fits and starts!
Yes there will be days that you feel like shit hit the fan in every possible way but in the grand scope of things if you have a structured rhythms for success…. You will experience these setbacks as temporary because you will notice that the systems that you’ve set for yourself will pull you toward Constant forward motion in life, constant forward positive energy will come back into your life.
-Goal Setting and Executing in a Structured Rhythm is also IMMENSLY POWERFUL to Transform and Sculpt yourself into a Leader. It unlocks capability and potential and pulls you towards the things you desire, because ,you are commanding yourself to create movement in your own life, if not..I believe you are living at a fraction of your true potential.
So Now to the Practical Aspect of Structured Rhythms.
I have created several tools around this framework. These are tools we only share with the most Elite Investors part of our Ultimate Boardroom Mastermind and I’ll be sharing one of these with you today that really encompass 3 time frames or rhythms, the year and the quarter. The name of this tool is the High Impact Year Plan and it is a panoramic Strategic Planning Tool that has proven powerful to my businesses.
I like starting with the year because The year is a natural rhythm… and I say natural because it is the time it takes the earth to go on a trip around the sun…but you can start using the High Impact Year Tool to Plan any consecutive 4 quarters coming up regardless of when in the year you start using it. For the last 10 years or so my business partner and I have been very diligent at sitting down in 4th Quarter of the year that is about to end and plan the year that will begin before all the festivities of the holidays take over.
The High Impact year Plan tool helps us identify and list in own piece of paper our Crucial 1 year goals and helps us assess why they are important and if they are in alignment with our Life Vision and Lifetime Goals. If they pass the test of the WHY they are important then we proceed to reverse engineer that goal and set milestones or METRICS that we need to be hitting quarterly, monthly, and weekly to accomplish that goal and keep amazing things entering our life like InFlows of Cash, Inflows of Ease, InFlows of Unlocked Capabalities, Inflows of Confidence and Inflows of Grace blessing all that we do.
For us it is sooo important to put each goal through the ringer or distilling process of asking Why it is important because… you don’t set goals just to become a millionaire and make money…you become a millionaire for the person you become in the process. The real benefit of goals in my opinion is Who you become. And this process of Becoming is Never Ending. If money is the only reason for a goal you will always be transactional and people and the universe will feel that and achieving your goals will require a constant pushing…how do I know that because I have been there…it’s been part of my own evolution. I think the goal for all entrepreneurs even if they don’t know It yet is really to be transformational leaders that are able to create INFLOWS of Cash, Ease and Grace for themselves and for all those around them in their Journey.
So going back to the High Impact Year Plan…this is also a tool that in one snapshot helps to break down the year into quarters. Now the quarter is not a natural rhythm…it is man made but it is a formidable time frame. It helps you break down into manageable chunks monumental multi year goals that would otherwise seem overwhelming and unattainable. When a goal overwhelms you…you procrastinate like hell and never seem to get around to actually get into Inspired Action to get it done…that’s why for me breaking down goals into quarters is immensely helpful and gives me the juice to take Inspired Action and get things moving, get things flowing and get momentum started…because once you have momentum, momentum will solve a lot of problems and will make the rest of journey towards your goal much easier.

So when using this tool….we identify what are Big Rocks for each quarter of the year that we need to work on so that we can always be working towards accomplishing the yearly goal. For each of the big rocks in a particular quarter we assess their revenue, profit, cost and impact as well who can help us either gain capabilities to achieve that goal or to whom in our team and network we need to delegate that goal. I think so many people forget that accomplishing any goals involves people or what I like to call the WHO….whether it be a mentor, a coach, a business relationship, a team member, a partner, a community of like-minded people, a joint venture with someone…all of these WHO’s could bring tremendous ease in accomplishing goals because they will take care of the WHAT and the HOW. This another reason to be discerning with who you hang out and surround yourself…get involved in communities whether online or in person that can help you achieve your goals. As a side note I am incredibly humbled every day by the Land Profit Generator Community on Facebook for all their generosity with time and knowledge to help everyone succeed and leave no one behind.

So Now continuing with the High Impact Year Plan tool….because I am a business owner with a background in Finance and part of my role is to make sure my team never has to worry about CASH FLOW… I always tie a 90 CASH DRIVER to every quarter when doing Strategic planning for the year. You might be thinking well what is this? Well, All businesses need to pay bills, need to pay contractors, employees… working capital, the fancy term for Cash Flow needed for operations in essence is what keeps a business open …and even if you operate out of your house you need to pay a mortgage, rent, utilities, transportation etc which are all obligations that can only be paid with HARD CASH.
So this 90 Cash Driver needs to be a product, service, event, relationship, channel that you understand really well, with which you can have predictable, consistent results….meaning you know its potential to create cash and liquidity for your business. In our Land Business, these are either 40 acre parcels that we know we can predictable sell quickly for spreads of $15K-$20K to our buyers list or online, or 2-5 Acre parcels or infill lots in specific subdivisions of the country.
What I said earlier is that what I like best about this Tool is how Visual it is and how in one sheet I have a panoramic view of my year sharing this Plan with our Team and reminding them of it meaning keeping it at the forefront of every week will magically get you and everyone else magically pulling together towards these goals. The Target is clear and even if as a company you take detours or unexpected things happen during a month or a quarter..this is the roadmap that gets you back on track.
So I think for purposes of keeping this episode not too long I will go ahead and stop here and possibly continue this conversation on another episode where I can discuss a couple other Tools for Massive Execution Results called the 90-Day Focus PLAN which is a close look at your Current Quarter or 12 weeks as well as the Weekly Rhythm for Leaders. I promise I will do an episode on those as well. For now since we are still towards the begininning of the year I wanted to share the High Impact Year Planning Tool. If you would like to download a copy of the High Impact Year Plan…Please go to

So just to wrap things up remember if we are aware of our Genius but also our weaknesses and we want to Execute on dreams and Goals we need to Create Systems for ourselves that create consistent inspired ACTION so THAT Every single day, week, month, quarter and year great things are coming into our life. Otherwise your dreams and Goals are nothing but nice wishes. You Need consistent Inspired action towards the attainment of the results that you are looking for in your Passive Investing, in your Active Real Estate wholesaling Business, in your health, in your relationships with yourself, in your relationships with others and in your relationship with GOD.

Michelle: I hope this episode left you feeling inspired and ready to get inflows of cash, inflows of light, and inflows of faith in your life. I welcome your reviews on iTunes. Please leave me a review and help me create an amazing community of women in flow. Thank you as always for sharing your voice by going to and joining the conversation about this show. And while you’re there, grab a copy of my “Ten Commandments to Living a Life InFlow.” You can also follow me on Facebook at Michelle Bosch and on Instagram at michelleboschofficial. Thank you very much, and until the next one.

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